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  1. Luke

    Rodrigo Black v. BCSO

    Plaintiff: Rodrigo Black Defendant: BCSO Statement of Claim: On Friday 3/13/2020, Mr. Rodrigo Black’s estate was illegally broken into by the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. The warrant that was signed by Honorable Judge Shaw signed the warrant under no context of ANY probable cause. Saying this I and my client are calling for the resignation of Blake Shaw under the pretense of him having a direct issue with my client or potential other citizens in the state of San Andreas to further his connections with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office to perform illegal search and seizures for the department his related brother or cousin is currently leading. This is a clear cut decision for the following reasons: There was no valid search warrant for the estate of Mr. Rodrigo Black. Mr. Black's criminal record is minimal - with nothing constituting a search warrant of his estate. There is no evidence to conclude that he committed or was planning a crime worthy of an invasive search of his home. The basic principles of conducting a search with a search warrant were not met. Consent was not given or even asked for. There was nothing in Plain View - as the items were inside my client's estate. There were no Exigent Circumstances involving Mr. Black that would justify a search warrant to be requested. This is not a case of Hot Pursuit, and my client's vehicle was not even searched (Automobile Exception), meaning that this entire "operation" was a botched and abrasive illegal attempt to ruin my client's experience in the city. As per the exclusionary rule, any fines or prison time that were accrued by Mr. Black or his tenants must be compensated for. Illegally obtained weapons or money that were obtained during the raid must be forfeit from use in a court of law. Compensation Request: I am asking for my client the following: All seized items to be returned. (Legal and Illegal - as the acquisition of these items was performed in a way that does not reflect the integrity of the department) Understanding that the items seized were potentially listed as illegal in the court of law. We are asking the court for compensation rather than all of the items returned back. List of seized items to be compensated for Weed Buds = 1241 (1241 * 350) = $434,350 Packaged Weed = 181 (181 * 350) = $63,350 2 Scratched Pistols = (2 * 2,500) = $5,000 4 Switchblades = (4 * 1,500) = $6,000 Total Amount in dollars for items illegally taken: $508,700 Fiscal Compensation: Total Amount of Fiscal Compensation Requested: $50,000 - Breach of Police Misconduct Provision - $25,000 - Compensation for clear violation of the constitution's fourth amendment - $12,500 - Compensation for indirect libel and slander of my client's name and reputation - $12,500 Total Amount of Compensation (Seized Item worth and Fiscal Compensation) $558,700 Evidence Gathered: Operation Report https://docs.google.com/document/d/104JafalGeyUvSfM4pXoZYW-0otPqcmQfzB4XpJVfh7U/edit?usp=sharing Warrant Request https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3IoNyQ39yg0XYuNfgDvBny3Ju9SGPfP3KgUGFd_A0k/edit?usp=sharing Warrant https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BNH7Af_UVzoCOBsFMTTCu3UUdR6767rdELSDkylQSqA/edit?usp=sharing
  2. To: San Andreas Superior Court Client name: Rodrigo Black I would like to subpoena any and all documents related to my clients latest search and seizure of his property. Thanks, Lorenzo Jr. Gambino Attorney at Law
  3. Luke

    The People v. Vito Fain

    I've already pleaded to no-contest to these charges. I will agree upon that.
  4. Luke

    The People v. Vito Fain

    I've already stated I, Vito Fain will not be accepting any of the crazy deals that the DA's Office purpose. You got a continuance because you have zero evidence. You even said " We need more time to prepare " Right after you got the continuance. I'm not going to plea so I can get out of this hell hole, you're trying to force my hand and it will not work.
  5. Luke

    The People v. Vito Fain

    Any update on the case? Does the DA's Office need further time to convict an innocent person? We must have very different views on a " Speedy-trial " " A maximum of three days due to the defense wanting a speedy trial. " It has been turned into about 2 weeks now.
  6. Luke

    The People v. Vito Fain

    A maximum of 3 days, then it is moved to an additional however many days so the prosecution can still not be ready for this trial. I’ve sat in this jail cell easily over 100 months and I still have not been convicted of “ my crimes “ I find this to be ridiculous at this point. Sincerely, Vito Fain
  7. Luke

    Bring back Cash for Cars

    have the ability to pay with cash or debit!! K thx
  8. Luke

    The People v. Vito Fain

    I Vito Fain, am waiving my right to an Attorney. I will use my right to defend myself
  9. Luke

    Terry Jenkins Appeal

    I've contacted Mr. Jenkins he said he would be dropping the case The District Attorney's office is fine with this result and will be closing its investigation on this matter. ADA Carr
  10. Luke

    Monrove v BCSO

    The subpoena requests for both of the items have been accepted
  11. Luke

    Monrove v BCSO

    Case accepted Lavell
  12. Luke

    Name Change Request - Chris P. Bacon

    Accepted Judge Lavell
  13. Luke

    Lopez V. BCSO

    Case Accepted
  14. Luke

    APPEAL - Nade v DOJ: San Andreas

    Accepted and dealt with Judge Lavell
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