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  1. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    Mrs. Queen accepts the plea.
  2. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    Your Honor, can you give a ruling on the motions? Thank you
  3. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    You’re telling me Mrs. Queen has control over the people who you have evidence against? You have no evidence to show that she is apart of some sort of as you’re playing it some terrorist organization. The usage of a bandana isn’t sufficient evidence to show that she is apart of some organization. (How can a Bandana, a one purchase-able in any clothing store be marked to a certain group, if it had custom logo or was made by a custom person. It would be a different story) Even if she was apart of some “ Family “ Vadim Kalashnikov houses should’ve been searched you had enough evidence for him. You had nothing to go off of from Mrs. Queen. Mrs. Queen case does not have sufficient evidence to articulate a search warrant being signed off. The only direct evidence you have for Mrs. Queen would be the hearsay statements in the affidavit. Vadim also directly didn’t say he was hiding weapons in any of the people’s houses you’re accusing. Remember it isn’t about what you think, it is about what you can prove. Vadim’s properties should’ve been searched if he openly admitted to trafficking weapons. Also in the affidavit for the search warrant there is no video evidence of the confessions. In court you should have video recordings of confessions or questioning, since it is allowed. Motion to throw out evidence regarding to questioning with Vadim and Mrs. Queen with hearsay on the basis of they’re should’ve been recording of the interrogations and we cannot openly prove what they’re claiming is true.
  4. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    Motion to dismiss case with prejudice. The evidence for the warrant does not show anything other than hearsay. There is no evidence other then notes written down by an ADA. In these notes he forgot the name of a person crucial to the case, because it was made up. In attempts to bring down Mrs. Queen reputation. There is no evidence within the request that would articulate probable cause. Meaning the search warrant is invalid the search was illegal. With this motion to dismiss I also request $100,000 for lawyer fees and the unreasonable search and seizures of her and her properties.
  5. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    Also subpoenaing the testimony from the current witnesses. Also requesting the police reports to be logged in as evidence for the case.
  6. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    Your Honor, after reviewing the given penal codes. There is no way my client should be going for over 100 months. The maximum amount of time she can be booked in the jail would be for 20 months with her charges. There is no reason she should be getting 11 years for these charges when the max is 20 months. This is a request to drop her time down to 20 months.
  7. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    I will also be subpoenaing the evidence for the warrant to search her properties.
  8. Luke

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    My Client Paris Queen - will be invoking her sixth amendment right. Right to a fair trial, and a speedy trial.
  9. Name: Josh King Employee Number: CO-270 Certification requested: Patrol Vehicle & Weapon Training Reason for Request: I would like to be able to drive a vehicle, to patrol around the area of the prison, and would like to be able to be more mobile while on-duty. I would also like to be firearm trained for a couple of reasons. I have heard multiple things out of the prison, that people have been throwing illegal contraband. And people will not take my taser seriously. In the training we also went over Prison breaks with helicopters, and I would like to be able to show the correct force of somebody illegally entering the person by aircraft Available Times: Anytime
  10. Luke

    Luke NewMaker v. SASP

    I'll sit in for the case need a District Attorney or somebody from the state to represent.
  11. Luke

    R.I.P JACK Please leave your fond memories here

  12. @Viktoria Can I ask what # your hair is? I know for the male peds if the hair is over 50 it will continually spawn you in bald.
  13. Luke

    Adventures of Tanny / Larry / Garry

    AND IT WAS? I'm still your dad boy.
  14. Luke

    Adventures of Tanny / Larry / Garry

    Which one am I LMFAO?
  15. Luke

    Adventures of Tanny / Larry / Garry

    This looks like bolton taking the photo.