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Chase J

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  1. Chase J

    /steal or equivalent

    You can already do /rob and /search when they are tied up. I would much rather get the ID's of people not dropping their weapons when down, and have staff deal with them. People like that should be warned a few times, and if they keep doing it they do not belong in this server. Just my opinion.
  2. Chase J

    The longest thread on USARRP

    like this comment or you're lame
  3. Chase J


  4. Chase J

    Casino DLC tattoos

    Is it possible to include the new DLC tattoos that are available in regular GTA online? I am not sure how the process works, but some of the tattoos are very nice. Included in the DLC are more face tattoos and colorful tattoos. Attached is a video showing some of them off, as well as a reddit post with opinions from other people in the GTA community.
  5. Fun times with the homies


    20210403171031_1 car.jpg

    20210410234241_1 terry.jpg

  6. Chase J

    Job Pay Raises

    Yeah I think it's dumb. I have 700 repairs as a mechanic, and still get paid the same as someone with 0....
  7. I've been trying to buy a business, and it was supposed to be up for sale yesterday. I have been checking on it every hour or so and it still is unable to be purchased. If there was a date and time in city, or in discord; it would make purchasing so much easier. Currently, just having a date in discord really does not help as much as it should.
  8. Title explains it all. I think dead weed plants should remove upon server restart. I have found numerous abandoned farms with dozens of dead plants, and they have been there for awhile. It could potentially help server performance and allow new growers to use good plots of land without being discouraged by having to clean up someone else's mess.
  9. Chase J

    The longest thread on USARRP

  10. Chase J

    S7 Crips!

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