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    Delano Omega
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    Delano Omega: Fled Sweden and travelled to paleto at young age. Worked his way up to a Mafia Boss before leaving. Currently doing business of many sorts, legal and illegal.

    Anthony Spitfire: Grew up doing small crimes to get food for the day. Currently president of Highwaymen MC.

    Tommy Tootbrush: Fought in Nam, Richest man in the world, Dictator of 5 countries, 11 kids but the wife took them ;((

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  1. Delano

    Current Cars & Dream Cars

    This my current car, Audi TT 17'. Dream car would be the 16' Audi RS6 (or anything with the 4.0L TFSI 💦) and maybe a nice 83' countach?
  2. stop viewing me now.

    1. Boonk Olee

      Boonk Olee

      pokigng me too like some bulluy

  3. Delano

    Then & Now

    ay square up why you talk shit huh
  4. Ey fuck you man, poking my ass.

  5. Delano

    The Silliest Server Swede

    apple pie tastes like dookie
  6. Delano

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Tornado 6 Model: Muscle (Classic in Dealership) Issue: Its a drag racing car so i think it should be fast in a straight line with an alright top speed but bad turning.
  7. Delano

    Handling File For Cars

    That is not the Coquette neither is it a sportscar. Supposed to be Overflod Tyrant in the super class.
  8. Delano

    OG fight night 6.PNG

    good times
  9. Delano

    Friday Fight Club!!

    delanoooo omega fight
  10. Delano

    Friday Fight Club

    Delano Omega - Figher
  11. Delano

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Pegassi Vacca Model: Super Issue: Way too slow, dont remember the exact speed but mine is maxed and still slow.
  12. 20181215230617_1.thumb.jpg.a1a2a636857aae5a000a369f0e4dbda9.jpg

    1. TheFoxInWinter


      Is that, our prison uniform?

    2. Delano


      lmao yeah took the photo right after i escaped ;))


  13. DELANO OMEGA BACKSTORY Delano was born in Gothenburg hospital on the 28th of june, 1999. Growing up alongside his two married parents and his older brother on a fancy island a bit outside Gothenburg. Growing up he had a lot of friends and good contact with relatives. The Omega family were happy and wealthy and Delano had a bright future of a “normal” life in front of him. Soon after he turned 15 he got into the young Swedish drinking and party life. This lifestyle attracted Delano as he likes doing thing he is not supposed to. He loved the rush of being “bad”. Since most young swedes do this it was nothing out of the ordinary, even though his parents didn't know. The date is may and Delano just turned 17. Delano and his best friend Tom Rose was at a party when they met a local gang leader of one of the smaller gothenburg drug gangs. Again Delano was very keen to start working with the gang, Tom not as much. The best friends split up and broke contact not very long after. Delanos efficiency and passion made him very profitable for the gang and he made them a lot of money. One summer night in August, Delano is told to transport a big load of marijuana that arrived from Latvia to the docks of Gothenburg on a shady boat. He had done similar work before and it was nothing out of the ordinary. He delivers the packages to the gangs warehouse without any problem. The time is 4AM and Delano is all alone in the warehouse. Suddenly he hears a door being kicked in, he runs through the backdoor and climbs up on a roof of a neighbor warehouse to watch. Peeking through the roof windows Delano spots the “piketen” which is the swedish SWAT equivalent. Same morning a few hours forward, Delano gets a phone call from the gang leader saying that they are going to kill him. They think Delano snitched and got the whole warehouse full of drugs seized, millions of dollars lost. He stays at his girlfriend's apartment and gets to know that his own apartment had been raided by the gang as well as his family's home where the older brother and his parents are. Delano know that he messed up, he would never betray his gang but he knows that there is no point in returning. Same situation with his family, he did not dare to return because he know that his parents will be disappointed since they are a fancy family. Instead of staying in sweden being chased by piketet, gang and family he makes his way to Paleto Bay, where his adventures continue.
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