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    Lillith Lucifer: A clean slate ... or is it?
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  1. I walk, I talk, I smile and I wave.
    I stand and wait, I stalk what I crave.

    From the cradle to the grave.



  2. Rocket

    Mia's Playlist

  3. Today's Gaming Session Brought to you by Lillith Lucifer.
    Quote of the day: "She was born from an Alien race with a hatchet and a Juggalette face."


  4. #Jaggalos

    "Hokus Pokus"


    1. agony2point0
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      /me grins and sings

      "Call me a pshyco-skitzo-freak and I'll call you ... by your name."

  5. Stop, don't stop ...

    Just remember where you are

    Oldtimer, Old Car, Classic, Automotive

  6. What I am to you, depends on how you are to me.

    "She woke up in a place that was neither here nor there. A place so far removed from reality yet she tasted the ashes of many lives in her mouth - she savoured the taste as she listened to the distressed demons standing inside the brightly-lit hallways of her mind.
    From behind closed doors, she heard the angels begging for more darkness. It made her smile. 
    A spider crawled from her eyes and stretched along her cheek. Her hand lifted to caress it and her blue eyes gazed at her surroundings.
    She thought before she stood up, scraped her name into a star on the concrete floor with a fingernail ....
    Lillith M. Lucifer 

     ... At your service, she muttered, spitting the dust off her soul from her tongue; inhaling a new scent of life into her heart."

    Lillith Logo.png

  7. Ain't that summing?

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      yeah every time unfortunately

    3. Rocket


      Gottit, thank you so much for the helps ❤️

    4. Mandalor
  8. 10/05/2019

    Dear Diary,

    Today I set out for Los Santos. I leave behind our family home in Europe to chase demons and ghosts in my past.


    I am ending this as the last page in my diary, and thus, to recap::


    Mother died under suspicious circumstances shortly after her best friend was killed by her husband.


    My stepfather left to go back to Los Santos - and I am following him because I want answers. (At least that is what I tell myself)


    Bell Thorn - Bell Mulder

    Was a good women who went through a lot with my father. She was ostrasized because of her job as an EMS and lived in poverty in Sandyshores during a messy divorce. My mother was dedicated to her work - even when she worked at  Humane Labs with my father.


    But my mother kept many secrets ... Secrets I feel is important if I ever want to know what happened to her after Mia's death - and perhaps a few more about Mia's life.


    Miabelle Storm - Stanbridge.

    I was only little, when Miabelle (my Godmother) would show up to babysit for days on end. Mia was like a mother to me and my babysister; she was a rolemodel. I watched her study for her laywer exam and fight for the DOC where she took up a job. Sometimes my mother would spend hours on the phone catching up, and relating stories of Mia's adventures to us. She truly was our Mamma_Mia even after she met her Tony.


    Tony Stanbridge

    When Mia married Tony, (criminal who became a judge of Los Santos), we couldn't make it to the wedding but I remember so well how beautiful she was and how happy my mother was for them. We made a scrapbook of the wedding pictures, and Mom told me about everyone there. She knew them all because of her job - The same place she met Dr. Fox Mulder.


    Fox Mulder

    When my mother met Fox Mulder, I wasn't sure about their union. In fact, he was a strange sort. My mother told me about his 'non-proposal' and how he practically assumed she will marry him. Which she did; although sometimes I didn't quite understand why. But Fox Mulder did one good thing for our family - He brought us back together. He brought my mother home to us! Not only that, he (somehow) put my father in a fearful possition after which 'Daddy-Dear' left us alone.

    My babysister and I learned to love Fox - he was a genuinely caring person, a great Doctor and a father figure when we needed it most.


    But both our Mothers died and my babysister took the news badly. She set out to Los Santos to confront John Smith - Mia's closest friend and confidant (besides our mother) and confront Fox about our mother Bell's death and why he left us.


    I've not seen my sister, nor my stepfather in nearly a year ... I am no closer to answers than before and I miss my sister.


    It is time I take a leaf from the books of two women who raised me well.


    My name is


    [the page in the diary is torn. Several pages appears to be ripped out which leaves no trace of the author's name.The diary lays open on a desk in Humane Labs, several pages ripped up along with pictures of people, places and dates.]




  9. Rocket

    Questions about houses

    @BagOBrix Only certain houses has interiors. Many (if not all) homes that is currently feasible for RP, Storage, Garage Storage etc - has circles for players to buy. This gives you unlimited storage access for just about everything (Money & weapons included) in the house, as well as the garage. Some houses has interiors (the main properties of chracters such as Frankie's Aunt's house) but not all them. What you see is what you get. Hope this helps |Rocket
  10. The

    Dragon Head

    always takes

    The Red Pole's








  11. So you thought you knew ... But did you know?


  12. Triad, a China-based criminal organization, secret association or club, was a branch of the secret Hung Society. The society was fragmented, and one group (known as the Triad and the Ching Gang) became a criminal organization. After the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, secret societies in mainland China were suppressed in campaigns ordered by Mao Zedong. Most Chinese secret societies, including the triads and some of the remaining Ching Gang, relocated to British-controlled Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and overseas countries (particularly the US) and competed with the Tong and other Chinese secret societies. Gradually, Chinese secret societies turned to drugs and extortion for income.

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "triad" is a translation of the Chinese term San Ho Hui (or Triple Union Society), referring to the union of heaven, earth and humanity. Another theory posits that the word "triad" was coined by British authorities in colonial Hong Kong as a reference to the triads' use of triangular imagery It has been speculated that triad organizations took after, or were originally part of, revolutionary movements such as the White Lotus, the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions and the Heaven and Earth Society.

    The generic use of the word "triads" for all Chinese criminal organizations is imprecise; triad groups are geographically, ethnically, culturally and structurally unique. "Triads" are traditional organized-crime groups originating from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Criminal organizations operating in, or originating from, mainland China are "mainland Chinese criminal groups" or "black societies". After years of repression, only some elements of triad groups are involved with illegal activities. Triads in Hong Kong are less involved with "traditional" criminal activity and are becoming associated with white-collar crime; traditional initiation ceremonies rarely take place to avoid official attention.

    Triads are also active in other regions with significant overseas-Chinese populations: Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. They are often involved in migrant smuggling.

    Shanty and Mishra (2007) estimate that the annual profit from narcotics is $200 billion, and annual revenues from human trafficking into Europe and the United States are believed to amount to $3.5 billion.


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