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  1. Would allow people to use there businesses in new ways. I'm sure the community if given this feature back could create some different RP opportunities.
  2. z3ned

    money and fines

    The real reason it gets taken from your house is police needed to feel like they "win /did " something to you besides your time in jail. It makes for bad lazy rp but w.e I'm sure it will get fixed.... BWHAHAHA
  3. z3ned

    money and fines

    @jamie plenty of ppl out here in major debt and are still driving nice cars. If you don't have things in your name they cant take shit from you lol. Unrealistic that you know where I live even though I didnt pay for my house or put it ij my name but you still know somehow.. power gaming but its okay because police.
  4. z3ned

    robbing cop guns

    @Brayden S I dont think thats true. Criminals are way more careful with the class 2's and up because of the 100% chance of being raided. If officers lose a weapon to the crips im sure you guys will do everything in your power to start raiding EVERYONE. Now if we still had the old "BOMB" housing system I wouldnt even care about the fact that we cant take officers weapons, because we could actually operate in a more secretive way. Being able to not have a home and just live with a friend made our RP different. Now you have to jump thru all kinds of hoops to use your better weapons. Which is fine
  5. z3ned

    robbing cop guns

    +1 Being able to take weapons from police officers should be allowed. We as criminals/civilians can lose our weapons in a multitude of ways. The chances of police officers losing their weapons is significantly lower, so its not that unfair. I know you guys are worried about "abuse" or "gp>rp" which happens now already. Anything can be abused. Some of us are abusing ourselves with how much time we spend on our PC's lol. Also if officers lose weapons they cost almost nothing to replace. As a new player who wants to have a ak47 you need to be willing to throw 100k @ it. You could lose it by a
  6. z3ned

    The People v. Rawlo Johnson

    Missed it default judgment accepted
  7. z3ned

    The People v. Rawlo Johnson

    Not showing up
  8. @Jamie is right. Its about the landing. Most of you guys cant drive cars so just stay away from the motorcycle jumps.
  9. Its like the combat stance when shooting. A lot of ppl didn't know about that. Some ppl learned it then the police started doing it. WACK! I like to keep things low key for that reason. Also @Jamie bet I i can out jump you on the motorcycle any time!
  10. You could figure it out on your own like I did. Practice practice practice. Ask @Frank i think that's the rights frank. He's one of the few people I've shown these techniques to and he fell in love his motorcycle even more.
  11. Ask rawlo IC about this and he will sell you the secret to motorcycle jumps. Swear to God! If you all knew the secret you would delete this soo fast lol.
  12. z3ned

    2v1 ratio of kidnapping, killing, etc

    Makes ppl feel like they have no chance when that many ppl roll up. We were able to do this for a long time and it lead to a lot of reports of "not valuing life" or "fail rp" because ppl refused to deal with large encounters. Also 4 ppl yelling @ you at the same time gets hectic.
  13. Just because a police officer feels you are being shitlord doesn't give him the right to power game. Someone breaking rules doesn't allow for more rule breaks. When in doubt rp it out, not powergame it out.
  14. I'm 100% guilty of this. I can't stand some of the cops so instead of taking it out on just them I take it out on all the police. My way of being "fair" doesn't make it right though.
  15. "CRIP TACKLE CRIP TACKLE" works as intended for me.
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