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  1. z3ned

    Whitelisted Gangs

    Hopefully all these suggestions bring some change!
  2. z3ned

    weed grow time

    2-4 weeks veg, 6-9 weeks flower. 1-2 weeks dry. Then 1 week processing. Realism.
  3. z3ned

    Weed Processing

    @Countryif you want a "weed problem" add powder mold or mites. If not addressed your whole crop dies. Realism
  4. z3ned

    Gang Gang

    @Mackenzie Houston <3 back in paleto when I first created the crips if anyone I let into my whitelisted gang did something wrong it fell back on me. It caused me to be harder on anyone I recruited because if they fucked up I was in trouble. Now you can recruit ppl who spawn in with no risk of it being on your gang.
  5. z3ned


    Fake plates would be cool. Maybe the ability to remove or cover our plates.
  6. z3ned

    Prison RP

    We all want the same things. We want better interactions from each other. We all have to step it up, but I still feel the ball is more in CO'S court to get this started. You guys have all the control and power. Nothing starts without you guys taking more chances. Criminals that abuse the chances you give should be treated differently during their next incarceration.
  7. z3ned

    Prison RP

    As a cop or co your rp is basically fed to you. You get pings to rp situations that nobody has called you into gun, knife, hammer and flashlights being brandished. You get a cuff mechanic that cant be stopped or broken, doesnt even need to be announced. A taser that had the zap extended... yeah it's hard to be a cop but you literally risk nothing while working <besides your life> but expect us to risk everything to "rp" with the risk that you might taser me and quick cuff me in the same motion. Even in jail if we escape you know exactly who we are and we will be hit with even worst fine and time if caught...or even our homes raided.. our rp is risk cop rp is what? Criminal catching with no risk.
  8. z3ned

    Prison RP

    What kind rp do you guys expect to really be getting from criminals though? Criminals will never like co's unless they do something different. Nobody is willing to take risks on the legal side. When the new jail was released we had full time sentences which gave CO's real time to learn how each inmate is. Rawlo is never easy on any of the cops, even the ones he respects. You guys want ppl to respect CO's but have done nothing to earn respect. Some cops know I'll fight but once you taser me twice the rules dictate we have to give up. The cops that operate like that and give criminals the proper chance to give up or fight again are the ones that get better rp from almost all the criminals. Idk who used to be the main co's but they need to come back. They were fearless, and if you fucked them up on their watch they made life hell for you in jail. 120 months turned into 240 real quick.
  9. z3ned

    Prison RP

    Also the co's are adopting the quick cuff method of dealing with ppl. Dont know why we have the 2 taser rule if cops jump on you while on the ground convulsing from the taser. I'm okay with cops doing it now. The last officer who did that to me killed himself.
  10. z3ned

    Prison RP

    @KianG you might be right. I haven't gone to jail in a little while. I miss real jail sentences also. 120 -240 months. But those were only cool back in the day because the cop's were soo much fun. Like paying a co to put me in a cell with the enemy. Or actually taking the co's gun and keys opening all the cells and forcing the police to raid the jail
  11. z3ned

    Prison RP

    I like this idea. Also add mandatory CO work. They bring food to your cell instead of taking you to the chow hall. They feel the need to always have 2:1 ratio even in the cells where we cannot escape. Or they sit outside of the jail when ppl have 30 month + sentences. Force the CO's to do their jobs plz
  12. z3ned

    Safe Zones

    Uhhh what happen to clothing stores are safe zones?
  13. z3ned

    Mods should be more strict on bad RP

    Make gangs whitelist only like back in the days. 3 strikes of clear rule breaks takes away your whitelist for a certain amount of time. And since you are no longer whitelisted your gang activity would be haulted until reinstated. @TheFawnXwhat do you think?
  14. z3ned

    Mods should be more strict on bad RP

    He's not wrong
  15. z3ned

    Bike-Block 500


    Down cuz!
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