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Jason Hendrix

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    Jason Hendrix, Brent Maywood
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    Jason Hendrix grew up in an inter-city of the USA, has lived a rough life, losing his parents when he was 15 due to gang violence that plagued his city, all the while trying to grow up and make a name for himself in this world. He's lived on friends' couches, hotels, and the streets, learning the hard ways and things life can throw at you. Jason realized he had to move, had to get away from the city that had haunted him every night since the day it took his parents and he has traveled a long way to this city, a new beginning, a place where he doesn't have to be haunted by the troubles and tribulations of his past, a place where he can hopefully call home.

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  1. A wide view of the creature underwater 


  2. Crazy sea creature 😨


  3. Underwater adventures w/ @Bella Morte💖


  4. That island view @Bella Morte 😎


  5. GTR riding out in Grapeseed 🤘


  6. Was a great night out fishing w/ @Bella Morte


    1. Bella Morte

      Bella Morte

      @Jason HendrixIndeed, Was a huge blast!

  7. ><> UnKnown🤘


  8. Jason Hendrix

    2nd restart

    I think this would help a little with some of the scuffed events the city has been having with a second restart. +1
  9. Unknown photo dump 🤘






  10. Underwater vibes



  11. Mixing on the island.


  12. Jason Hendrix

    Allow mechanic upgrades on motorcycles

    They are saying the place where you are able to install the upgrade on the bike is rather small, with cars you have more of an area or hitbox if you will, for the upgrade to be applied, but for motorcycles that hitbox is rather small. P.S: Please fix not being able to add cosmetic upgrades on the Chimera tri-motorcycle
  13. I got this taken care of, appreciate you guys.
  14. My properties were put up for sale and one of them has already been bought. One trailer and one House on Fudge Ln. A little notice would've been nice so I could get my things in order but I guess it has come to a ticket
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