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    Edward Roberts, Max Roberts
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    Edward Roberts comes from a middle class family of four in downtown Los Santos. While growing up, he and his brother Max had a passion for law enforcement, particularly organized crime task forces. He did well in school, but had a quiet persona, and did not attempt to make many friends. However, this was not for no reason. Edward began being manipulative and dishonest to others around him. He lacked emotion towards his own family, and was narcissistic and guiltless. Others and himself began noticing he was a good liar and that he could talk his way out of confrontations. When he was 19, Edward was involved in a self defense altercation. However, after taking control over his attacker he proceeded to brutally assault the man until he was clinging onto his life. He held nothing back, but knew if he were to kill the man it would only cause more legal trouble. After the assault, he was diagnosed with APD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) leaning towards the psychopath side rather than sociopath. Mentally he could no longer become friends with others that were different then him. He saw most people as being unorganized and a waste of time. He left his family and went off to live on his own, he would work in solitude often dreaming out his future life. And during a cold fall night living with no purpose in his life, it hit him. He remembered his passion as a child to join law enforcement, but to him, that was too easy. He decided to follow the opposite route, criminal activity, and he could use his current mental state to his advantage with lying and cheating his way through his targets. He would be cold hearted and would have no second thoughts of pulling the trigger if things came down to it. This was the start of Edward’s high level psychopathic criminal lifestyle.

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  1. I think that having one phone number per character is pretty unrealistic. You should have the option to purchase a new phone with a different number if needed. This could be used to conduct gun sales without having every cop in the city who has your number stored in their contacts call you asking why you want to buy guns lmao. You would also be able to throw away or pass phones with valuable information stored on them to other players as well. This could also provide some better cop RP by instead of sending screenshots of your call history or past texts during warrants you could pass them the
  2. Truman

    Tattoo Scuff

    When getting a tattoo your shirt is not removed so you cannot see what you are getting. I believe the clothing numbers were moved up with the new clothes.
  3. Truman

    Car going in insurance after head pop

    This would be great if it can be done properly. I have paid wayyyy to much due to game crashes for insurance.
  4. Truman

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    Personally, I don't mind either of them, BUT TS has some huge benefits such as talking when tabbed out. I also experienced less bugs with TS. Every so often while using mumble I would have to turn my voice chat on and off. It's extremely inconvenient while in a active shootout or RP situation while talking is extremely important. There is no way to tell if someone can hear you or not. I also thought of TS being a gateway into the server, it forced people to get their mics working before doing anything else. We have so many people joining the server punching people out without even saying
  5. Truman

    Discord Ban

    Head over to the ban appeal section and fill out a ban appeal with the correct format.
  6. It doesn't really make sense to me why felons are unable to purchase parachutes. It would be nice to have them available to purchase at hardware stores instead of ammunition. Thanks for reading.
  7. Truman


  8. Truman

    New Job: Dispatch operator

    I think it would be pretty cool to have a player run dispatch for 911 calls. If a operator is on duty, instead of people texting 911 they would be able to talk to an actual person instead of hoping someone texts them back on "dispatch." Thanks for reading!
  9. Truman

    Phone does not send voice.

    I believe it's caps lock for phones/radios.
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