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    Pablo Escovar
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    Pablo was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1986. His parents were of low income and so they lived in an area of the city that was known at that time to be controlled by the Casal Ventoso cartel, a very dangerous and influential organization that mainly dealt with drugs and people trafficking. From very young Pablo had been recruited to help out with chores for the cartel and he grew up doing this and rising through the ranks because of his efficiency on doing what he was told and his easygoing attitude. In the meantime he got married within the cartel and had a baby girl, this caused Pablo to question whether he really wanted to continue living such a dangerous life now that he had more to live for than to die for. He expressed these feelings to his boss, expecting comprehension and gratitude for his service thus far, but he only got disapproval and anger. Later that night Pablo arrived home to a broken down door and his wife and kid both executed on the floor of his kitchen... blind with rage he picked up his revolver and headed back to his boss's villa, shooting dead the boss himself and both his bodyguards. Knowing he'd be chased down if he stayed, Pablo then called a friend he knew could get him to America unnoticed by the cartel, for Pablo had heard of the American Dream and he wanted a piece of it, he wanted a new life free of crime and violence, and that was his mindset when he first stepped on the city of Los Santos.

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