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    Fluff McStuff in his former City, began as the owner of AmmuNation, a small local chain of Licensing and Sales of Firearms, Ammo & Personal Protection related items.

    While working with all walks of life in his City, from wholesome fearing citizens to the hardest of criminals, he formed solid relationships with all walks of life and was a vital connection between Customers and those looking for services and those that provided them, a social middleman of sorts.

    After some time, while working closely with The F.I.B. & The LSPD due to Weapon Licensing Investigations, in addition to being called upon in Court for "Expert Testimony". He was later approached to join the ranks of The F.I.B. as an Special Investigation Agent. Shortly after joining The F.I.B. The City had a major scandal involving its Chief of Police and several ranking Officers below whom were ultimately Convicted and relieved of their duty. He was assigned to be the Acting Chief, update the outdated and lacking in detail S.O.P. & Criminal Code of such an unsupervised, unruly and unorganized leadership. The New Mayor and Fluff would be working close together to achieve a respectable department, trained and staffed with the finest the City has to offer moving forward.

    While being 110% committed to his new career assignment and being under immense levels of stress. He had not realized how distant he had been with his close wife and love of his life of 30+ years. He had recalled hearing her make mentions of a few Doctors appointments recently, but just could not focus on it due to the overwhelmingly difficult situations life has thrown at him these past couple years. One day in particular, he received a phone call from his wife, asking him to come home at his earliest opportunity to which he responded with, "As soon as I can Honey".

    Just so happens, on this day, The Mayor had been overly demanding which lead to an even later work night than usual. Upon walking in the front door, his Wife asked him to come sit by her side and that they needed to have a talk. He immediately began to apologize for his recent neglect and emotional distance recently due to this new career & Acting Chief role of rebuilding the entirety of The LSPD. She slowly raised her finger to his lips, lightly "Shushing" him saying she completely understands and knows he loves her endlessly with all of his heart and that this is not what this is about.

    What she proceeded to tell him, was the recent Doctor visits had been about the discovery of an unusual growth on her lung, and after a small surgical procedure, a biopsy was performed along with a whole host of Imaging scans and tests. Ultimately she had reached the point of asking him to come home and sit with her. This is the moment when she told him she had been diagnosed with "Stage 4 Lung Cancer", shortly followed by "and only had weeks left to live". His entire world ground to a halt in an instant with a fear and hurt he had never experienced before in his entire life.

    The next morning he awoke early, called the Mayor to arrange a meeting. Immediately walked in and placed his F.I.B. badge on the table and said he had bigger issues at home to deal with. He told The Mayor the story and The Mayor accepted his resignation. Also offering that anytime in the future he desires to return, He would keep his Badge in his desk whenever he is ready to return.

    In the following weeks after the funeral, a distraught Fluff just didn't know where he belonged, what could fill the massive void of his lost love. But the one thing he did know was, he could no longer live under the roof his wife and him shared all those years. There were simply to many reminders at ever glance of a life now shattered by loss, constant reminders of the pain he was trying so hard to repress.

    Finally, one morning after only sleeping a few short hours he slowly got out of bed, quickly grab a few precious items, pictures and packed a suitcase with only the essentials. He drove straight to the nearest airport without any idea where he was to fly out to, but anywhere had to be better than where he was now! He looked up on the giant departure screen at the entrance of the airport departure level and he saw the next flight was leaving in less than an hour. It just so happens that flight was going to Los Santos.... He approached the counter and purchased with cash, a one way ticket. While waiting to board his flight, he phoned his attorney and ordered him to arrange to have all his assets sold/auctioned off and the proceeds forwarded to a new address he would provide at a later time. That 4 hour flight was the best sleep he had in months.

    A new start, in a whole new City, with no idea what to do, what's in store or what the future may hold for him. (to be continued)

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  1. Another truck driver and myself were talking at the truck depot about how it would be cool and functional to have some sort of CB/Radio channel #19 type open line of communications with one another in the City. This has the potential to increase the realtime RP with other drivers, share information, safety concerns (warn other drivers of truck hijacks/robberies and area's of concern) and also to share knowledge about the city (where to find/buy things etc etc). With the added benefit of helping to grow connections or help build a circle of friends in the process. Thoughts? Anyone else support
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