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  1. Eclipse

    Police Armory

    Can we please get the option to select attachments for our weapons from the police armory. And also LET BCSO GRAB WEAPONS AND STUFF FROM OUR ARMORIES
  2. Eclipse

    Store robbery

    It would be very useful to add a rule that stops people robbing the store 30 minutes before or after the restart. Because after the restart there's like 2 cops that have just got on duty not even got anything ready and someone's already robbing stores. And before its stupid just before because if you shoot someone or get shot the second you get back into the server you need to run to PillBox before you bleed out.
  3. Eclipse

    Paleto Bank

    Just bumping this as it needs to be addressed.
  4. Eclipse

    Paleto Bank

    Yeah and have both the doors locked like the large bank on Alta Street would make it a little better.
  5. Eclipse

    Paleto Bank

    The Paleto Bank needs to be harder to rob or you need to close it or at least add cameras to it. Myself and fellow officers have heard people saying "lets rob the Paleto bank as its easy money" this just ruins the RP. Please think about it as its starting to get stupid no one can rob banks that want to rp because everyone robs the Paleto bank.
  6. Eclipse

    Jail time

    I completely agree with rewarding people that do "GOOD" rp but most of the people that get reductions aren't doing good RP. I don't want to rp as a hard ass that's not my style but its getting to the point lately with people not understanding how to actually rp most of the times.
  7. Eclipse

    Jail time

    Alright so i've seen this for a while now and its starting to get stupid af. Criminals commit crime and do stupid stuff in front of LEOs and they know they're going to get a max of 30 months if no COs are on or max of 60 if there is some on and most officers give a reduced sentence for nothing they don't help with anything and the criminals still get a reduced sentence. We need to start only giving a reduction to people that help the officers or don't resist. Since people know they're going to get a reduction they just commit every crime possible. We need the max jail time like the old days 120 without command staff aurth and higher if we get aurthorization. Its getting very stupid i know a lot of people may not agree but if you do the crime you pay the time. Ain't no one getting a reduction IRL for resisting and not helping with an investigation or anything else.
  8. Eclipse

    Paleto Bank

    Please for the love of god make it harder to rob the Paleto Bay bank or make it longer as people just seem to rob it because no cops can respond in time. And they're making a lot of money because of it people don't seem to want to rp they just wanna rob it.
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