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  1. Eclipse


  2. Eclipse


    Please can we get consistant ammo into the server so we need to purchase it at the gun store so we don't just drop our guns to get more ammo because that can/is being abused so much right now. It would make the gun rp a lot better and happen less often because you need to purchase it/carry it in your pockets i would also suggest adding it so police can rearm at their police armory with it. Make it so ammo can be bought by anyone including felons or if not at the gun store at the black market for a SLIGHTY higher price.
  3. Eclipse


    Yeah unfortunately the current system already gets abused by people staying in one spot on the hunting grounds since they 100% spawn there. Also if you didn't know you can skin every animal now or just all birds you hit lol. And you still get meat and fur from them same with coyotes.
  4. Eclipse


    Hopefully they decide to balance realism with roleplay here and allow them to work at burgershot.
  5. Eclipse


    Indeed it does cut in. Hopefully it will get changed soon!
  6. Eclipse


    Also adding onto this. Any SUSPENDED or REVOKED licenses should be removed from your inventory as they just take up space for no reason and people can tell if they don't have a drivers license or firearms permit anymore.
  7. Eclipse

    robbing cop guns

    If people steal class 2 and 3 firearms from cops it would mean every cop carrying rifles and smgs and that's just stupid honestly we don't need all cops carrying rifles.
  8. Eclipse

    robbing cop guns

    Yeah unfortunately its not going to happen as it will get abused and the server owner set it out for that reason.
  9. Eclipse


    Pillbox is the only safezone that will ever exist on the server. Sometimes its not a safezone when people shoot people there lol but GP i mean RP am i right?
  10. Eclipse

    robbing cop guns

    Alright i 100% get what you're saying about robbing cops guns but like someone said its a rule for a reason. The reason is because the auto MK2 rifle costs $500 for police officers and if you could rob them then that's abuse of the police armory. This is the whole reason for the rule you can take any pistol that isn't a combat pistol from police officers if you'd really like.
  11. Eclipse


    All your licenses should weight 0 as you need to keep them on you and you can't drop them or put them in vehicles/houses. Doing a job that requires inventory space and having all your license's means you'll be losing out on things and its not very good when you have only 100 weight for your inventoy.
  12. Eclipse


    So for burgershot myself and others actually liked it when felons could work at burgershot it brought a lot of RP and a new legit way for criminals to earn a bit of money without being arrested for it. This may also help with the issue of the gangs shooting each other there because before they used to work in the back of burgershot making money and not getting arrested so that was something for them to do. Now unfortunately since they have nothing to do they hangout in the parking lot and the get the people that shoot them. I'd personally like to see felons working back at burgershot and others do too! i love giving felons 10-15k just for a few burgers because they make the rp so much better with stuff like "yeah i gave up on crime and started working here for money" just the little things like that and seeing them wash the tables is fun and amazing to see everyone getting along at burgershot for once.
  13. Eclipse


    The server/econ wipe means EVERYONE will have EVERTHING reset. And it does happen and will happen at some point in the future as it always does.
  14. Eclipse


    It would be nice to see more items from hunting. Like if you hunt a bird you can get feathers that you can sell with the fur and different types of fur/meat that will earn different amounts of money. Like if you hunt a bird you wouldn't get the same amount of meat as a deer or another animal. It would be fun to see different types of meat and other types of fur to ehance the hunting experience and roleplay.
  15. Eclipse

    Whitelisted system for gangs

    Hey all! So as the title says we kinda need some rules set out for gangs and only whitelisted gangs can be around in the server. Meaning the leader applies for the gang to be a thing within the server as currently you have everyone making a gang and doing useless shootouts at places for no reason like burgershot. Civs go there to grab food so do LEO's and EMS it shouldn't be a place two gangs are fighting because someone is wearing one mask and the other isn't. We did have this system back in the server a LONG time ago when we didn't have enough staff on at all times of the day/night and now we do i'd like to see this return as hopefully the rules regarding whitelisted gangs will force the leaders to get rid of trouble makers and follow server rules. This will also hopefully force correct roleplay instead of gun play because right now some gangs are just gunplay over roleplay but don't get me wrong i'm not trying to stop gunplay completely because i understand it can be fun sometimes when its in the correct scenario but all the time is just a little ridiculous. I get that it will be a little extra work for the staff but it should help keep the server as realistic as possible hence the name "USA REALISM ROLEPLAY" as IRL you don't see gang members shooting everyone at a restaurant 24 hours of the day.
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