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  1. Luke Wolter

    Failed RP of 3 Cops

    I couldnt find the player report forum beaver
  2. Luke Wolter

    Failed RP of 3 Cops

    Fail RP we walk into a bank with guns we see 2 police officers and we tell them clearly hands in the air we shout and after that normally they cant open fire without saying anything plus they had no cover if we wanted we couldve just killed them right away but no, they didnt say a word they opened fire and incapacitated us. I know that opening fire right away is FailRP and they just shot right away no questions asked no hands in the air, and the worst part is when i asked them if they knew that they had failed rp in the OOC chat they just said that they didnt know if they failed. After that their friend came in they didnt call him so idk how he just came in and he just wrote that they had the right to choose between life and death. Cops involved: Jal Halsted and Ravin Max Lucky and Zeus Harvey And they left us infornt of the hospital just cuffed....
  3. Luke Wolter

    Lost Customisations and upgrades

    A new Massacro was bought By Aleks Snow we went into the LS Customs fully pgraded it and cusmised it but his game crashed and when he joined again the car was stock but the upgraded car stays still in the ls customs like a ghost he lost 85K on it please helps us
  4. Luke Wolter

    Friday Fight Club!!

    Luke Wolter- FIghter