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    Denis Burada, Rivaldo Ferrari Carjack, Luke Clarke
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    Denis Burada
    DoB: 29/09/1999
    Born in a small town in Romania, Denis grew up with his grandparents after his parents died in a car crash when he was 2 y.o. Raised by his grandparents, Denis didn't care about school, failing almost every subject he was doing. Time passed, and at the age of 14, Denis enroled in his first ever gang. He started being known in his town for his graffiti's as well as being a good drug dealer. At the age of 16, he started beefing with other gangs, coming home with black eyes,bruises, and once even stabbed. At the age of 20, after not even his grandparents could make him more calm, they told him that he needs to move out, and they suggested a place where once his father was. LS, a place full of criminals, drug dealers, and plenty of things to do. His plan was to become on of the most known criminals in the city, among the other criminals, cops, and the baby mama's. His goal was huge, but never impossible to achive.
    Rivaldo: A very nice person, especially with the ladies, that likes to steal anything possible, even the cash register at BS. He will try to rob you with either a knife, or a gun, most of the times with the knife. He has a few tricks up his sleeve, and will always be easy for him to pickpocket you. Otherwise, he is a very nice guy.

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  1. Khajit

    Gang Fights

    +1 Totally agree with this, I also think it is not realistic for a "gang" to use a musket, which is basically a very old war weapon.
  2. nom nom

  3. This is the BUGS section. Make a player report against him, not a BUG topic https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/17-report-a-player/ That's the link so you can use it. Make sure u are using the template when reporting a person
  4. It's pretty straight forward, if someone just got arrested, for either a long time, or is in for the 9's, or doesn't want to server their time now, and wants to play on a different character, they have to re-log. However, getting a place where you can /swap in the prison would be better and easier to change to a different character, other then having to re-log.
  5. I will be self representing - Denis Burada
  6. Khajit

    Remake of some of the rules

    So i have been part of this comunity for some time now, not as long as others, but still saw the RP get better or worse. However, ever since January/February, the RP started to go down, and it was mainly GP. Now my suggestion is to remove/add the following rules: (Add)1) Do NOT rob people that do legal jobs, this including people that do mechanic jobs, truckers, sand, meat, or any other legal jobs. In my opinion this is just scummy, and grinding 2-3h just to be camped at selling spots to be robbed makes people not wanna come back. 2) Remove the drive-by rule. This in my opinion is ju
  7. I will be self representing - Denis Burada
  8. Khajit

    Bring back evening restart

    Ever since we got rid of the evening restart, there's been a lot of problems, such as inventory taking a long time to load, cars not being stored, and not being able to get cars out. Also modders that spawn stuff. Usually with the evening restart, all that stuff would go away.
  9. Khajit

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    yea, +1, love the idea
  10. Khajit

    PillBox GSW from falling

    Happens to me like 1 in 3 times, and it 100% happens if you were checked in before, got out, and got tackled/fell
  11. Khajit

    PillBox GSW from falling

    Has happend multiple times, If you get tackled, ot if you jump and trip, and fall, like in the video, you get a GSW. This has happend for the past 2 weeks. FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ USARRP.NET 2021-04-17 18-01-43_Trim.mp4
  12. Khajit

    Custom Vehicles

    +1. Would love it if we only had a limited ammount available, so that the whole server doesn't get them, and get the same incident as with the BMW's. At first they were unique, now everyone has at least one.
  13. Khajit

    The longest thread on USARRP

  14. This has happend to me and many other such as @Bainsey many times. While trying to shoot, it just kicks you out of the car, and it makes you vulnerable especially if you are in a shootout. Clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/CulturedFurtivePoultryBloodTrail-sji8AcTVSw-jBgoc
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