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    Erkovic Lars: Erkovic Lars was the only child in his family his parents divorced when he was 11 and very quickly got over that fact. Erkovic is from a small town in Sweden called Örebro. Ever since Erkovic was seven he wanted to become a garbage collector but that soon changed for when he became thirteen he wanted to become an officer, at this time Erkovic started to read about police work about the training what you need to be able to do and what is good to think about. Now he is 27 he was a deputy in Sweden for 4 years but moved to the US because he sees a better future here in the US than Sweden. In the beginning, he was seeking a job at the SASP, after some time he got accepted and did the interview and got accepted, he started out as a cadet but shortly after got promoted to Trooper and after some time proving himself he got promoted to Senior Trooper and shortly after became a probationary sergeant. He has interviewed and trained a couple of people and got his FTO tag as well as his helicopter permit. He after some time got promoted to a sergeant.

    Dan Lopez: Dan was born 1989-03-19 in Sweden in Stockholm, his mother was from Spain while his dad was a Swede. Dan lived in the so-called ghetto and got involved in a lot of criminal activity and both sold and did drugs and was drunk driving. But Dan went and studied law for about 5 years but got kicked out because he smoked weed in class and sold it to his classmates. His dad soon got concerned and made Dan live under very strict rules and lived in those strict rules for eight years but he realized that he could ask his friends for a loan to get him a ticket to America to start his own life. Dan’s plan was to just delete every single contact with his family and friends in Sweden and just start fresh, but he stopped drinking as well as doing drugs but never stopped to sell them.

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  1. Lars

    Refund Request

    @Mitchell Spubkin If this is a refund it should be put here https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/72-refund-requests/.
  2. Thank you for your reply. 


  3. -Photo identification | https://gyazo.com/f7a325c12f9e3f125c4e246149d2b57a -At least 2 weeks clean if getting arrested | https://gyazo.com/0487f243402451aef0c65d1886b7eb4b -No outstanding warrants [Insert Picture] | You can check the MDT for proof for no outstanding warrants -Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community | Ollie has provided services by selling door to door and donated the money he earned from the job he donated to orphans so they could have Christmas gifts. (STEAM COMMUNITY LINK) https://steamcommunity.com/id/walking-talking-stephen-hawking/ Luke Raymond and Dave Raymond
  4. -Photo identification | -At least 2 weeks clean if getting arrested | -No outstanding warrants | No warrant are outstanding you can look up her name in the MDT for proof. -Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community | She cleaned the Mission Row Police Station with one of the troopers Melba Huckleberry. Melba can witness and back this statement up. (Steam Community Link) | https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198149774850/ Luke Raymond and Dave Raymond
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  5. Lars

    Friday Fight Club

    Bald Cop - SASP Standby
  6. Lars

    Friday Fight Club!!

    Erkovic Lars - Fighter
  7. Lars

    Vadim Kalasknikov V SASP

    Plaintiff: Vadim Kalashnikov Defendant: Steve Mcgarrett I: Claims My client was shot at the Pillbox hospital by another trooper shot him by the name Johnny Rhodes. He was then sent into the hospital and got medical treatment Vadim got out of the hospital, he was then held at gunpoint by Steve McGarrett my client then got arrested and put into the car without seatbelt, they read him his Miranda rights and told them to tweet out for a lawyer to which they failed to tweet out to one. They got to the cells and he requested the officers again to tweet out for a lawyer. My client then wanted Steve to do a gun residue test on him, Steve did a test on him and just went back to his computer and was completely quiet even tho Vadim asked what it came back too. He then told the other officer Johnny Rhodes to do one on him and he said it came back to “No gun residue detected”. At this point, my client asked what he was even getting charged with and Steve said the charges in penal code my client asked why and what they meant. Steve then explained for my client that it was attempted murder and Vadim then asked when and why he then said that he had shot at Steve then shot at Steve and Johnny. My client then asked how the fourth person could be there in that case to which the officer responded with “Don’t worry about it”. Steve also said that my client has no right to defend himself because he is not a lawyer and won't be changing anything since Vadim wasn’t a lawyer. II: Relief- My client is seeking compensation for the charges that were falsely put on him during this arrest which will be $91.500 for the charges that are false and would like $408.500 for the time he spent in prison that were put on him. In total my client is seeking $500.000 for the compensation for the fine and for the jail time that he should not have had. III: Representation- Luke Raymond. IV: Evidence- We would like the arresting officers to provide us with the police report of the arrest and also want their statements.
  8. Lars

    Friday Fight Club

    Bald cop - Fighter and when I lose SASP
  9. Lars

    Friday Fight Club

    Erkovic Lars - Fighter / SASP On Standby (Baldcop)
  10. Lars

    Christmas 2018

    Nah but I got a 1 kilogram of peanuts and some clothing dab
  11. Lars


  12. Lars

    Christmas 2018

    Pepsi Max
  13. Lars

    Casino Nerfs

    My opinion is that it should get nerfed because of people that are in debt can just sit there and get of debt, it is a fun idea of course but it should get nerfed a lot.