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Black Canary

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    Thorne Barlow, Marina "Madd Moxxi" Cavaretta
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    Dating far back into the 1800, a family of witches had been amidst the people within the settling of what is now Los Santos. Having the Matriarch accused of witchcraft and hung in the spreading witch trials and a few of their own, they had to move and adapt to their new lives piece by piece, finally fixating on the region and creating roots. Being led by the descendants of the late High Priestess, they rebuilt their coven peacefully within the settlement and achieving enlightenment within themselves. Now present day, the latest descendant of their core beginnings has resurfaced in Los Santos and is opening her doors and arms to those who wish to lift the stigma and remove the taboo of their practice.

    Thorne moved back to Los Santos after having lived in North Yankton fore a few years. After finding out about her family history and finding her spirituality upon moving, she decided to come back to her roots and reestablish what was once a family endowment and become an example to counter what Hollywood has made into the form of a 'stigmatic joke' or stereotypical veil around witches or the practice of witchcraft. After spending the time up north, Thorne had been studying what she could gather of her family and the practices they had adopted during the times of the trials. She worked on numerous studies involving various practices and paths before settling on following what her former family's practice was. After years of time alone to gain her ground and molded her own way of the practice, she came back to Los Santos to further expand her understanding and develop a better community of like minded people to continue what her ancestors worked so hard to do.

    Conflict isn't a first course of action for Thorne unless needed. Within the practice she chose to follow, harm upon others is only at a last resort, if at all. She usually sticks to herself unless seen with her friends, or 'Coven mates', out together.

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  1. Black Canary

    Server Rule for Vanilla Unicorn being 18+.

    Even if they don't engage in anything, a minor being there IRL would get people arrested and the club shut down. So I don't agree with the idea of it being 'up to the minors' because at that age, we all did shady things to get around being a minor, and they're already playing a mature video game to begin with, so it doesn't makes sense either way to not have SOME sort of back up plan to ensure everyone's safety OOC and IC. Whether it be up to the Owner and Employees to come up with a system with the aid of Staff guidance to ensure this is done correctly and safely for all members or the simpli
  2. Black Canary

    Bring back custom cars

    I mean, we're already talking about removing the casino right? So that's one issue. Another would be maybe limiting the custom cars to Whitlisted members or maybe come up with a system for the select group of people to be able to try out a rep system where if they're trusted enough they have the access to the custom cars. As in by rep system, I mean a select group of people that you know who won't abuse the privileges and have been a upstanding member.
  3. Black Canary

    Website Club Bug

    I made a club and tried inviting a few people, but the invites lead to a 404 error code and no one can see the club. I had the original one set on private but sent direct invites to the people. I tried remaking it with new settings and no luck. If someone could possibly guide me through in case I did something wrong on my end or if it's a website issue?
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