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  1. Kitai

    Ratio Rule

    Hello, A lot of these replies seem to be biased, yet no one is looking for a solution or a balanced solution. The fact that staff know this is gonna be a popular post just seems to show that they are aware that many people are unhappy about this rule change. There's always ways to avoid that by adding a pole system, even though I respect what staff are trying to do with the server by attempting to make it more realistic, not everything can work out the way it is intended to be and is always going to be abused in an unrealistic manner. Big changes like rule 15(B) should be something that is dis
  2. Kitai

    Gang Fights

    I agree, it is starting to feel like a warzone lobby especially with the on sight which is not that bad considering haft the time you can already get a sense of when a shootout is about to happen which is realistic, but then you got people who like to camp on roofs with muskets and snipe you the moment you spawn in or when you're driving. Makes no sense to take away revolvers which was a one hit and still have muskets which people abuse at any given time, the amount of times I've been sniped with a musket while picking up bodies, walking out the clothing store and driving are too many, nobody
  3. Kitai


    i agree, your character does not feel the same without its really messed up hair.
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