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  1. xBakeEm

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    Spawning where you left off will create so many opportunities and remove A lot of issues we’re having. If someone crashes whilst they’r being arrested, the officers can wait for Him to come back and finish the rp instead of writing a warrant and having to stop the RP. everything can be abused. The way it works now can be abused. I think this comes down to just adding a button that says ‘last location’
  2. xBakeEm

    BCSO Canine hotkeys

    You are 100% misunderstanding how canine works. Attack nearest player is just the name of the function and is only used for its intended purpose, attacking a person who is running or putting up a fight. K9 is in no way shape or form to be used to powergame
  3. xBakeEm

    Roleplay Common Terms

    Tsunami Server restart (Every 6h) Terrorist Hacker/Modder - "A terrorist attacked me and blew up my car" Brain / Brain issue Computer / Computer issue. Multiple interpretations for this one: "Go into your brain and set it to low" - Go into settings and change it to low "My brain has issues" - My computer has issues Taking a nap / Taking a flight Taking a nap or taking a flight basically means exiting the server. If someone is going to take a "Quick nap" they are going to rejoin the server Government website / Email Anything that
  4. xBakeEm

    BCSO Canine hotkeys

    As of now, the K9 is operated by a /k9 UI. This UI works well when you just want to sniff some people or vehicles, but when you are actively looking for a suspect and don't want to get shot at the same time, you have to choose between controlling your dog, or handeling your gun. A really nice adition would be to give K9 certified officers a couple of hotkeys for example: ALT + o = Follow/Stay ALT + n = Attack nearest player ALT + s = Search nearest player
  5. xBakeEm

    BCSO Canine FPIU livery

    As a K9 certified officer, I would like some way to indicate to others (Besides having a dog, which I cannot get inside my car without it dying) to show that I have a canine in my vehicle. Some sort of livery that the FPIU would be able to have that just says "K9 unit" or just simply "K9" as an extra on it would be a really nice addon.
  6. xBakeEm

    Removing people from vehicle

    This also goes for placing where sometimes you place them in a complete different vehicle
  7. xBakeEm

    Voices keep cutting out & Mouth not moving

    Very cool! Thank you.
  8. xBakeEm

    Voices keep cutting out & Mouth not moving

    I am using version 1.5.0 and it was always working perfect
  9. Hello Myself and many others are experiencing issues with the current updated Tokovoip. We cannot see our mouth moving, our voices keep cutting out and 9/10 times we're talking they don't even hear us in game.
  10. xBakeEm

    Person with a knife calls

    I feel like person with a knife calls should be called in by actual players as for example: If you buy a switch blade from the black market, we get a "Person with a knife" call. It would be so much more fun for the RP if they were called in as a 911 call, not a *local* call
  11. xBakeEm

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Server sounds super loud

    Dear reader, I am a LEO in the city and have had multiple occasions where the panic button blows out my ear drums. I have turned my game sound all the way down to 1 bar left , and its still super super loud. This also goes for the seatbelt click. I have found no way to turn this down but to turn my overall sounds down which will also turn down my teamspeak to a leven where I cannot understand what anyone is saying. How can I fix this?
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