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  1. +1 I agree. Firearms permits should only pertain to firearms and no melee weapons.
  2. Jax Ryder

    Update Mechanic information

    When you go on duty as a Mechanic, the information in the skybox should be updated stating that the repair kit is in the glove box. It currently states that it must be purchased at a hardware store, which could be confusing to new Mechanics. Just an idea. 😁
  3. Jax Ryder


    +1 to this, 100%.
  4. Jax Ryder

    Monthly Comedy Nights

    +1 I think this is an awesome idea!
  5. Jax Ryder


    Can you be more specific @Macek775?
  6. Jax Ryder

    RP Appreciation Chat on Discord

    How could this be abused? Just curious.
  7. Jax Ryder

    Shooting from parked cars

    I am personally not a fan of being able to shoot from vehicles at all. The capability was completely removed in the last two cities I was in, and I thought it reduced the amount of random shootings. I could see it being useful in a RP scenario; however like other in-game aspects like dragging/carrying/etc, it is occasionally abused by some people. What about removing the driver from being able to shoot, so that the passengers have to? I know it doesn't rectify the problem completely, but it would maybe help a little, while keeping the capability in-game. I don't even know if that's even possible as I'm not a Dev whatsoever. Maybe also add a draw animation while in the vehicle so it isn't instant?
  8. I understand why repair kits can only be used by mechanics; however I do agree that someone should be able to repair their "dead" vehicle inside a repair shop, especially after going through the hassle of pushing it so far. At least have the option to repair it if there are no Mechanics on duty at the time.
  9. Jax Ryder

    Emote Keybinds

    +1 Sometimes you want to react to a situation in a certain way, but either mistype the emote command, or take too long doing so........then the opportunity has passed. I like this idea a lot as I'm a keybind and macro ho.
  10. Jax Ryder

    Bounty hunter job

    I'm down for this idea, as long as the right people are doing the job, and no abuse is happening.
  11. Jax Ryder

    RP Appreciation Chat on Discord

    +1 I saw this in another Discord a while back and completely forgot about it. It was a very positive addition to the community and I think it would be great here.
  12. Jax Ryder

    Firearm License

    Is this your first time buying one? Did you have one that was previously suspended?
  13. Jax Ryder

    Radios on Semi Routes

    +1 to this idea. It would be nice to communicate to others if there is a route blocked (due to a police scene, accident, etc), so that other Truckers could take an alternate route. Also for safety/security reasons (ask for another Trucker to call 911 on their behalf, or meet them for fuel, etc).
  14. Jax Ryder

    Quantity of Grenade Objects

    +1 I agree with this as well.
  15. Jax Ryder

    Ambulance spawning outside unused hostpial

    Yeah they're pretty much everywhere.....lol I personally like seeing them around. Makes it more realistic imo. (unless they are taking up resources, which I have no idea)
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