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  1. valerie_v

    Trucking Guidelines

    As I know the government is aware, truckers can be pretty irresponsible at times. I've mostly seen this addressed in the form of "don't drive recklessly," but it's more than that. I think we need some more specific guidelines. There are things I've told people IC, and things I've seen but wasn't sure how to address in an in-character fashion: Foreword: A lot of peoples' concern, when grinding trucking, is that "time is money," but they don't realize that damaged truck engines can catch fire and cause the truck to explode when they keep driving on that damaged engine, or that sufficient damage will instantly end a route, requiring repair. They think that they, for sure, can avoid collisions while driving 90 through a volatile city, not even slowing down for lights, and then act surprised when it happens anyway. Additionally, collision with a semi, especially at high speed, and especially with the mass added by hauling a trailer, can be instantly fatal to occupants of other vehicles. Vehicular manslaughter is against the law, and ignoring that it has happened, while perhaps seemingly sensible when the collision is with a local who just spawned five feet in front of the truck out of nowhere, probably constitutes FailRP as well as powergaming -- nobody had time to get your plate if you hit and run, so you stand no chance of being charged with a crime if you flee the scene of a player collision; consequences are, therefore, IMPOSSIBLE, which is unrealistic. - Use a 40-50MPH cruise control setting in the city, especially when not yet hauling a load, and only open it up on the freeway (or if escaping from violence; fleeing from law enforcement should NOT be undertaken in a semi). This will reduce collisions, whether experienced by you or perceived by others only due to lag, and make the experience more immersive for everyone. - Use a 5-15MPH cruise control setting when engaged in a parking, hitching, or drop-off maneuver, or on spiral ramps. (For parking, this should honestly apply to all vehicles, but trucks especially.) - Not stopping completely and waiting out the entire duration of a red light is not necessarily reckless OOC, though it is illegal IC, and doing so, and getting caught or getting into a collision, will cost you time eventually, whether through engine damage or losing your trailer. At the very least, as a matter of OOC responsibility, please come to an almost-complete-stop at red lights and check traffic in all directions before proceeding through. - Avoid in-town driving where a freeway route is available. This decreases your interaction with traffic and likelihood of VDMing people by accident, as well as the likelihood that your engine will accrue route-ending damage. - If your truck is damaged to the point of becoming inoperable, call for a tow and have the vehicle removed so that it does not present a traffic hazard. At the very least, drive it off the road, or push it if the engine is completely dead. - If your trailer disconnects, use the back end of your truck to push it out of the way of other drivers. Following these guidelines is not only in a given trucker's best interest, but that of all other citizens as well. I hope that some of these guidelines will make it into law, even if just soft-law, and that people will follow them.
  2. valerie_v

    Welfare buff, more interactive jobs

    Even giving truckers access to CB radio -- its own frequency, separate from others -- and maybe access to an EMS scanner (listen-only) might improve immersion and make at least one job more interactive. Truckers could also hold each other to account for their mistakes and bad driving that way.
  3. Returned my truck, got a new one, "trucking route ended!" instantly upon even spawning the truck -- I wasn't even in it. Tested again, same thing happened. Relogging.
  4. Now a "trucking route ended!" without taking any damage to the truck.
  5. Every NPC or NPC vehicle rendered costs local hardware and network performance and causes lag. A lot of times, when something gets weird, it's because someone else's NPCs are syncing to my client, due to the original p2p nature of GTA5O. If there were some way to force all clients connected to the server to have the lowest population density setting, we could still have NPCs, but at a lower performance and network usage cost.
  6. Another load lost while sitting still, out of traffic.
  7. valerie_v

    My radio turns itself off.

    Good to know it's not just me.
  8. valerie_v

    Server reset removed my weed plants?

    Additionally, the items in my stash were all wrong. I went out and back in and the storage is normal, but the plants are still gone.
  9. valerie_v

    Server reset removed my weed plants?

    Would it be possible to have my plants returned to my storage, rather than a refund of the monetary value? Because the loading/unloading is this risk I'd rather not repeat.
  10. I had 31 plants in my house, and they are just gone. Not dead, but missing. No reason to think I've been raided. I only planted them about 8 hours ago (however long it just took me to sleep), and pretty sure I don't have any warrants, haven't been caught selling. I know interiors are instanced; were my plants removed because they were showing up in the wrong instance or something? Am I allowed to even plant in here? Because I thought I was.
  11. valerie_v

    Fuel and Repair Prices

    For something as routine as refueling and engine repair, the prices sure are rather high. For engine repair, it might be a matter of trying to incentivize mechanic interaction, but the repair price for a lightly-orange engine is about as high as the security deposit on a semi, or half-ish of the insurance claim on personal vehicle, so if no mechanics are available, it's pretty bad. But for fuel, I can't see the justification of prices being that high. I know it's an infrequent reoccurring expense, but at the price, if it comes up unexpectedly, it might be money that's not on-hand.
  12. valerie_v

    Inventory weights?

    Eh, "it weighs three" is one of those things where we kinda need a unit attached. Sure, we don't need to carry a lot of handguns or cell phones, but so far, I've got four different permits, which, for some reason, are 2 units each, taking up a pretty significant chunk. And it's hard to carry much weed, for some reason. Lots of things like that.
  13. valerie_v

    My radio turns itself off.

    My radio always turns itself off when I have the engine running but I'm not moving. The problem is that this takes less than the duration of a typical red light, so I'm guaranteed to experience this quite frequently. This happens in any vehicle, so far, and only while I am in it; if I set the radio to /loud and get out, it never turns itself off.
  14. Every now and then, I lose a trailer on my truck while sitting at a red light. I hear no collisions and see no one behind or beside me when it happens, and do not have the trailer in an awkward position. Usually, if this happens, it happens at the same time my radio turns itself off (not sure why that happens either). I have also lost loads while repairing my truck at a mechanic. In either case, the trailer stays connected, but the run is scrapped. There must be some kind of monitor script seeing if the trailer is in a good state and connected to the truck, but due to lag or something else happening, maybe said script should check two or three times over a longer period before terminating the run?
  15. valerie_v

    Inventory weights?

    Just spitballing. Max stack of 5 at 2 pounds per use might be much more balanced.
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