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    Aidan Biden, Aidan Clinton, Aidan Pelosi
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    Aidan Biden's story is that he was born on July 30, 1944 to a upper middle class family in the higher end side of The City of Los Santos to Philip and Sarah Biden. Aidan Biden had a nice childhood. He went to the local high school and was one of the more popular people in school. He was a talented swimmer and even got a scholarship from the Los Santos State college. Aidan pursued a degree in business and accounting and got hired for an upcoming chain of banks, Fleeca Bank. Aidan quickly rose through the ranks in the company and soon became a vice president in the company for east coast marketing. On September 6, 1970 Aidan Biden was approached by a coworker who asked him to meet him behind the building after work. The coworker asked Aidan if he wanted to become massively rich. Aidan told him that he would like that very much. The co worker explained to him a plan to embezzle money from the company that he told Aidan would be "foolproof". Aidan agreed to help. This agreement sent Aidan down a road of crime. Over the years Aidan had to not only use his knowledge of how the business is run but, he also had to learn how to be a real criminal. Over the coming years Aidan learned how to rob and steal and commit other crimes effectively. During this time he developed his family he got married and had a child he named Penelope. Penelope also got married and had 2 kids of her own: Khaleesi, and Lauren. Sadly on January 18, 2013 Aidan Biden was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Aidan then went through the many symptoms of the disease. Aidan would commit crimes like he would when he was younger when he experienced symptoms. He would rob banks and commit all sorts of crimes.

    Aidan Clinton was born on July 30, 1988 to Mary and Steven Clinton. Aidan Clinton grew up in Boston Massachusetts and always had a passion for medicine and helping others. When Aidan graduated high school he decided to go to Boston College and pursue a field in medicine. When Aidan Clinton graduated college with his medical license in phycology and knowledge of human medicine. He in decided that he wanted to move to Los Santos because of their sunny and warm weather. However Aidan learned that the main use of hospitals and medicine in Los Santos was for plastic surgery he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in the EMS department of Los Santos...  

    Aidan Pelosi was born on July 30, 1992 to Christina and Kenneth Pelosi. Aidan's father was a correctional officer as well. As a child Aidan's father would take him to the prison on tours many times. Aidan enjoyed the trips and soon began to want to want to be a correctional officer when he grew up. He learned the in's and out's of the prison, learning how the prison would run. Tragically Aidan's father was killed in a prison riot on November 19, 2003. However this tragedy only motivated Aidan more in his dream job of correctional officer.

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  1. @Kodak I will need your client's steam id
  2. Aidan Biden

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    Case dismissed without prejudice
  3. Keep slaying lads

    1. goblinlord


      this blessed me. thank u father aidan. i love ur church.

    2. Aidan Biden

      Aidan Biden

      Thank you my loyal parishioners #Preach Preach Preach 

  4. Aidan Biden

    Petition For The Disbarment of Jackson Drucci

    Under Review of the DOJ
  5. Aidan Biden

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    The Department of Corrections was found guilty on a clerical error which caused him to be charged with PC 211(a) instead of (b) he was awarded $2,500.00 USD for punitive damages and the charge of PC 211(a) is to be expunged from his record. On the charge of the SASP & DOC sentencing him to an extra 10 months the Department of Corrections was found not guilty. CASE DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE ~Judge Clinton
  6. Aidan Biden


    I am the 1k message on the Lounge area of the website
  7. Aidan Biden

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    Evidence accepted
  8. Aidan Biden

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    This case will be moved to Sunday at the same time
  9. Aidan Biden


    Question mark.
  10. Aidan Biden

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    Case is set for 6pm EST on Wednesday
  11. Aidan Biden

    Date of Birth change request for William Queen

    DOB Change Approved Get in contact with a census bureau member for the change
  12. Aidan Biden

    The people Versus Dan Lopez

    Under review of the DOJ
  13. Aidan Biden

    Introductions come say Hi

  14. Aidan Biden

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    This docket will not turn into an argument!... thank you for your time @nyasuu... @Kodak I need yourself and your client's times
  15. Aidan Biden

    Name Change request for Ruger Jhonson