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    Tommy Martin is a criminal born in New York. He was a drug addict up until his Mother found out he was doing drugs, he was placed in rehab and learned a lot from other peoples stories and such, he then one day decided to leave home and never come back, back in New York his family is still looking for him but Tommy Martin is now in Los Santos so they won't be able to find him. Tommy enjoys cars more than a lot of people may think. He used to race a lot, he has been caught twice for illegal street racing and served about 4 years in prison due to this racing. Tommy has never liked any of the cops in any town he has visited, he's always had an attitude with them. Tommy is now in Los Santos looking for a group of friends to help him out in his criminal ways.

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  1. itsdudd


    Somehow irl chickens CAN survive with no head lmaoo but once it's after that it shouldn't be able to get out
  2. itsdudd

    Bank App on Phone

    They are saying if YOU are at a BANK robbery and you finish the bank you could deposit it in that same bank and share it to friends
  3. itsdudd

    Underground Hospital

    Agreed, around 4k to revive someone while they're downed would be amazing. This would further so much Crim RP.
  4. Pulling out a gun or not putting your hands up and running away when guns are to your head really kills rp. Sometimes letting people take you hostage or kidnap you will further the rp whether you have a gun out or not, think more about the rp than shooting 4 people in the face when its a 1v4 because realistically you would not try to shootout 4 people, you do it knowing that your just gonna get shot, go to pillbox and be alive again.
  5. itsdudd

    Underground Hospital

    I think what you mean is a crim doctor
  6. itsdudd

    Construction Workers

    Yes I was talking about this
  7. itsdudd

    Construction Workers

    I've been told by a lot of people that there are never construction workers in the city and was thinking there should be a set of new ones. No idea how this would come together but we need construction workers.
  8. itsdudd

    Cop Sirens when they aren't even on

    @Kladdkakan damn
  9. itsdudd

    Cop Sirens when they aren't even on

    @Kladdkakan it impacts rp a lot and needs to be fixed
  10. I have been dealing with this bug for about a week. Basically when you're a certain distance from a cop it makes you hear sirens somehow, this has impacted my rp because I always think cops are coming after me or I instantly know when they are even if they don't have sirens on. https://clips.twitch.tv/FantasticAcceptableFrogDogFace
  11. itsdudd

    Group Messages

    @ManBun would love to have radios in USA but I assume they don't want it in the server
  12. itsdudd

    Group Messages

    I've also never seen this in a server so having that uniqueness to it would be amazing
  13. itsdudd

    Group Messages

    Would love to see if there was a way to add group chats or messages into our phones. This would make it easier for gangs to communicate and update their members on a certain situation or even just have a friend group having a group chat. Don't know how hard it is to code and get into USA but would be interested in if this was possible.
  14. itsdudd

    Race App

    @Jacob Martinez doesn't mean there can't be a new racing scene
  15. itsdudd

    Race App

    Another thing I would like to add is it would be cool if not everyone immediately had the app and instead they had to go and get it from someone and they would somehow "download it" to their phone
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