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  1. you cant rlly have the best of both worlds.... it makes more sense to only be able to access the inventory from the trunk or the inside because thats where it is realistically and if its going to be like that then it should be like that for everyone even if it make grinding sand and hunting more tedious..... idk
  2. Stray

    only owning 1 business at a time

    i like how the payouts reflect the stores activity as it encourages the importants of location and the RP you bring to a store...... although the dealership is more passive income and same with bennys and more popular loactions but if u buy the yellowjack lets say and its dead as usual then why not host events and things while u are there. this not only will increase your profits but also spread the RP out of only downtown which will in turn make more outter areas more popular meaning more spread of which stores are bought and money made off them. its not the limit that will help its more the
  3. Stray

    only owning 1 business at a time

    ---------- i mean then thats unfortunate isnt it.... but that wont help this issue with over 5k members in the server at a time and almost always full after the NA restart it is still slim u will get ur store even with a limit per player............
  4. Stray

    only owning 1 business at a time

    if you own the land then its on you to speak to the correct people to get exclusive access to that store i know it is possible because that was the idea with franks liquor.........
  5. Stray

    only owning 1 business at a time

    i mean people who are complaining are saying you want the RP then why dont u go for the ones that arent as popular and get the RP.........oh ye....... they also want the money and are butthurt they dont get it ........ its ok
  6. Stray

    only owning 1 business at a time

    personally i dont see how owning stores brings any RP anyway............... so having the current system doest "kill the rp" because the rp isnt there, the point of owning a store is the side hustle as an owner u dont stand there and say "welcome to Robs Liquor on san andreas avenue how may i help you" there is no benefit to owning the store except the money. I think that if u care so much about the store then u should be there to get it. Just because someone is faster than u at getting it doesnt mean that it is an issue..... just be there or be square. even if they buy multiple stores that j
  7. Stray


    --- yes i agree the rule needs to be there too but this way its more enforceable by not giving them the opportunity to change it yk
  8. Stray


    why not just make it automated innit. u plug the charges in and off they go for the set amount of time obviously making the times for charges reduced then bam no salty ppl can decide weather u stare at a wall for hours on end just coz they r mad u shot them... idk would be ez and then u dont have to change the way ppl think (although its necessary)
  9. Stray

    Amendment to the rules

    i am two sided about this. The reason being is that moneygrind RP is quite popular and adding this rule would make it difficult for those regulars who fly in real quick to buy all the stores over and over and fly out and want to RP in this way. however adding this rule will make it even for everyone which i do also like
  10. Stray

    Add more criminals jobs / heist

    ----------- yes have items u can ONLY get from a bank or jewelry robbery that u need to hit a bigger robbery like humane labs or the yacht. this will give people more insentive to get away by making better plans or makin plans to pass off that good item to someone else etc etc etc
  11. Stray

    LSIA Refueling Station

    i definitely agree with the spot that you indicated for a new spot
  12. Stray

    LSIA Refueling Station

    the refueling is infront of the hanger next to where that plane is. Behind the plane if u look at it the way you are facing in the screenshot
  13. Stray

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    launcher works fine now it has been fixed up! And @Souly im almost 87% sure that civ radios are implementable with teamspeak as cop radios are so civ radios must be. Also with TS police and ems radios are labelled which makes it nice and i agree talkin while on the map is a BIG +
  14. Stray

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    --------- with the launcher everything was made so simple one click would open and connect u to FiveM and Teamspeak - also speaking while tabbed out makes it 100000% easier for cops especially as when they need to look at 10-codes or jail calculator they dont need to worry abt tabbing back in just to speak then go back to the other tab. Also in general its nice to not have to always think abt not being able to be tabbed - like when u are doing things all at once its easy to forget u cant tab out and it just becomes a pain
  15. Stray

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    not sure if it is just me who thinks this way but i feel like having teamspeak implemented again would be so good - apart from the travises who will blast music through their soundboards i dont see other downsides. The setup isnt crazy complicated but speaking while alt-tabbed is a huge plus. plus i feel like radio was better with TS and the options for settings was much more in depth and tweakable. Thought id put this here to get some other oppinions and maybe a reimplementation, :))
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