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  1. Stray

    Dealership bug (Go-Kart)

    I had this issue and i did /help and was told to make the refund request
  2. Stray

    A quick suggestion regarding the economy

    I think these should 100% be implemented but without the getting caught and losing money. The punishment of getting caught should be the jail time and fine. And rather than losing money if u get caught u should pay a little to start it (like cocaine selling) then you make money back plus some profit. I also +1 to Travis' idea.
  3. Stray

    Get rid of the trees

    IMO the map looks way better without trees especially near the prison where it looks like a wasteland which looks quite cool. i think that if we fix the hitboxes and remove like 60-70% of the trees it would look way better.
  4. Stray

    Pillbox Whisper Function

    i can see this being a good opportunity for pillbox security of some kind.
  5. Stray


    This is more quality of life but when doing /impound for it automatically do the "/me calls state tow" with it, saving us from having to do "/me calls state tow" then "/impound".
  6. Stray

    cop repairs

    as someone who is equally active on both cop and crim i respect that crims chase for fun it is so easy to get away with any robbery for them but most stay for the chase for fun. its not always about winning and most crims in chases are only in the chase in the first place coz they werent only focussed on winning. As cops we should respect that and entertain the chase without using an unfair advantage.
  7. Stray

    cop repairs

    I completely agree with this suggestion 100%. this is an area where realism has to be balanced with rp. it can also be argued that if a crash is that bad that it totals a car them the occupants are SURELY injured and will need to go to hospital because irl you can't just /bandage. As a cop I see This and I quite frankly feel bad for crims. At the end of the day we r all here to have fun and have a good chase and if you crash ur patrol car then maybe cop chase rp isn't for you. *shrugs* it can be argued both ways but as a cop and a crim I +1 this
  8. Stray


    i see this as the opposite to being abused tbh - the way it currently is can be abused far more. The impounds can have the same system as garages but only show the cars that are impounded so they can be put all over the map heres some possible locations: Sandy chopshop/mechanic area , paleto pd , LS mechanic area. Also cop side if someone is driving on a suspended the point of the being suspended is for them not to drive. this way it will make it a lil harder for them to just pick up a car and drive again or it will force them to be creative to not get caught if they dont want to deal with the
  9. Stray


    This might be an unpopular opinion but I think that if a car gets impounded they should have to be picked up from an impound lot instead of the garage. this will be inconvenient but it will add way more realism. the lots can be the mechanic spots.
  10. Stray

    Remove the casino & add illegal gambling

    ^^^^^ this should be 10000% a thing
  11. Stray

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    warrants dont get issued straight away. a chance is given maybe +-10min for people to make it back to mrpd after a pop. The police account for this. If people are really interested in the rp then getting a bike from legion to mrpd isn't a big deal but adding this will just open a two way street. it will make it just a lil easier for head-pops but open an large opportunity for power gaming. thats just how I see it. I feel like iv said enough anyway and points just keep getting repeated so unless im @'d then ima step off this topic lul
  12. Stray

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    i honestly agree with emma. we should ad more locations or be able to spawn in at any garage or smth like that rather than be able to spawn back where we left off. the only reason ppl will use that is to powergame or for headpops like i said. rather we should have a couple more spawn spots for everyone which will end up closer to where they may have popped or smth the such. ofc there are alot of things ppl will abuse but why add another one???
  13. Stray

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    the reason I bring that it could and 99% will be abused is that the ways this can be abused outnumber the ways it will actually benefit and be of use which from the above comments is only the fact that head-pops are more seamless and easily recoverable which imo isn't a good enough reason to provide ppl with the chance of abusing this mechanic and we must also take into account how hard it will be to implement and how demanding it could be server side.
  14. Stray

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    i agree that we shouldnt shut it down completely but instead look at it in a way where it minimises the possibility to abuse. The issue is that they way this can be abused is very powerful and can and a larger advantage than any other thing ive seen added to the server imo. ( besides meta). it just needs to be approached from a different angle. i liked the idea of adding more spots ^
  15. Stray

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    im not sure if I like this tbh. part of me thinks this is good but also I can't imagine spawning in and having to rp out the fact that I just appeared out of no where but on the other hand I do think it is helpful if u pop in a random spot. It could be abused in ways like running from cops where they tacflight then come back and keep going about there day but idk.
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