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    Raymond Reddington - Raymond Reddington attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating at the top of his class at the age of 24, and was being groomed for admiral when he disappeared while coming home to visit his family for Christmas in 1990. Four years later he resurfaced, selling classified documents to the enemy, and was charged with treason in absentia. Over the next 20 years he built a syndicate of contacts: spies, thieves, smugglers, drug traffickers, cartel leaders, people smugglers, human traffickers, arms traffickers, mercenaries, and assassins. He became known as “the Concierge of Crime” due to his ability to arrange deals in the black market.

    Lucifer Morningstar - Extremely handsome, muscular, charming and supremely confident. He dedicated his life to the emergency services. He has learned skills from his active job, the EMS, and will learn even more skills from his second job, a (soon-to-be) SASP Trooper.

    Russell Bufalino - He is confident and loves anything that has to with law, his dream is to become a Judge before he dies.

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  1. Winttrs

    More restaurants

    Don’t forget about a sandy shores restaurant! +1
  2. Winttrs

    More hairstyles for male

    These hairstyles with all colors would be good!
  3. Winttrs

    More hairstyles for male

    Right now I feel a bit limited with my choice of the male hairstyles. If we could have all the hairstyles from GTA Online, that would be nice. I look forward seeing the "Close shave" and "Buzzcut" hairstyle. This is just an idea, so let me know if this could be worked out! Thank you!
  4. I would like the option for a 3rd torso option in the clothing store. Right now I can only have a shirt and vest. But when it's cold weather or when it's raining, I would like a jacket or a trenchcoat to fit my suit. Something like this picture below. If this gets added, we can put on 3 piece suits. Jackets for other clothing sets can also do of course. This is just an idea, so let me know if this could be worked out!
  5. Winttrs


    Any civilian can go to a store to buy notes. You would go in your inventory and click on the note icon to type something in it. The person can drop that note at any place. This is just an idea, so let me know if this could be worked out!
  6. Winttrs

    Radio Communication for all

    Could there be an option for civilians to communicate in distance with a radio? So any civilian can go to a store a buy a radio so they can communicate. You type in any number from 0 to 999 and for example 2 people put 72.4 and they can radio each other. This is just an idea, so let me know if this could be worked out!
  7. I wanted this implemented so criminals have more options to disappear, if anyone has another idea that support that. Feel free to put in the suggestions!
  8. I have thought about this suggestion for a little while now, so here it goes. I think that criminals are way too easy to identify. For example, the MDT, with the MDT you can see everything about that person just by typing in the SSN, name ect. Don't get me wrong this is realistic and fair. But should criminals have a chance to stay more hidden and in the dark. Some people don't want everything to be public or have someone know a person's history. Think about fake IDs, fake firearm permits and fake driver licenses. This gives the opportunity for a criminal to hide his real iden
  9. Winttrs

    Expungement Request | Tommy Gunn

    This is the signed affidavit, Your Honour: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gubPXDm4Yqpve4z58BeGw7fn7nTtpGZw1RrQYEbvfOo/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Current Name: Marti the Boii New Name: Marti D Garcon Arrests/Warrants: None Photo ID: Reason for change: Name not realistic
  11. Name: Tommy Gunn Date of Birth: 1995-06-02 Photo ID: ID Last arrest: 2020-06-11 [No Active Warrants] Community Service: Tommy Gunn is willing to help at Pillbox Medical for 30 minutes: 1. Helping doctors move patients from waiting room 2. Admissions to surgery and ward 3. Ensuring no civilian cars are parked at Pillbox red zone Mr. Gunn has had no arrests since his last incident in mid June. He understands the seriousness of the charges he faced and knows he made poor decisions in the past. Having served time and reflecting for several week
  12. Winttrs

    CLASSY Attire for Ladies

    To show my appreciation, +1
  13. Winttrs

    Monthly Comedy Nights

    I checked on Discord, and there has not been a Comedy night since June, 2018. I think it would be fun to do monthly comedy nights again at a local bar with your friends and the community. Maybe around a time when the city is full. People would have to sign in to be on stage and other people could just show up to have a few laughs, there could also be prizes for the funniest comedians. This is just a idea to get the community together. Thanks for reading, Winttrs
  14. Winttrs

    Bounty hunter job

    Well, technically Bounty hunters work for the state and only go about bounties. @Kian
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