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  1. Dell Dekker

    Weed Plants Growth Issues?

    Hi, A couple of weeks ago I asked in the discord if there had been a change to the way weed plants grow as I had hundreds of plants die due to not being fed/watered, I was told IC that you didnt need to do this and had grown 100s of plants this way. Whilst I wasn't very happy that the plants had died, I always thought it was too easy to just plant them, wait 7 days, then harvest fully grown plants and by sheer coincidence that weed I had actually been feeding/watering a smaller batch to test if there was any benefit to feeding/watering them as I thought it would maybe give more buds per plant if they were not thirsty/hungry. That particular week the only plants to survive were the ones I had fed/watered and I was able to record how quickly the plants would get hungry/thirsty and created a rough schedule for feeding/watering based on that. The next week I followed that same schedule and it appeared to be working, however due to the issues with red eyes and dossing etc a lot of the plants died early (even though they werent thirsty/hungry) and I spoke to an admin at the time and came to the conclusion that it wasnt a lack of feeding/watering that was the issue but the rollback/server restarts was probably to blame. This past week however I have had another 100+ plants die and the reason I think it is a bug is due to the way/time that they have died. I have a schedule/weed docs set up (sad I know) that confirm the date planted, which dates they should be fed and watered, which dates they should be checked on and which dates/time they should be harvested. ( I can share this if needed but I am reluctant to post it here as it has info/screenshots of all of our planting areas). To give you an example I planted 90 plants on Friday 7th August at 6pm (45) and 10pm (45) and then another 90 on Saturday 8th August at 1am (45) and 4am (45), the idea being that as they are spaced out throughout the day we would have enough time to harvest and store them before the next batch is ready. Yesterday was the day set for their first feed/watering and when I went to the plants that were planted earliest (the most grown) they were at the stage before fully grown and were thirsty and hunry (yellow/yellow). Me and a friend spent the time driving around in a mule to feed and water the plants before moving onto the next batch. This is where we noticed an issue as the plants that were due to be harvested at 10pm were still at the infant stage and were very thirsty and hungry (red and yellow) and I couldnt work this out as surely the earlier batch should have been hungrier or thirstier than those, as they had been planted/growing longer, but we fed and watered them anyway and moved onto the next batch. When we arrived at the next batch of plants, which were due a day later than the ones first planted ( A day later as in a calendar day but in hours it was 7hrs and 10hrs later) they were all dead at infant stage. In addition to this plants that had been fed/watered the day before than werent due to be fed/watered again before harvesting all died, despite them being not thirsty/full less than 24hours earlier. At the time I noticed this I did /help in the hope that admin would come and see this or speak to me about it, but was told to post my concerns in here. I started to remove the dead plants but then felt it might be beneficial to leave them in place so if anyone wants me to get screenshots or show them the plants I am more than happy to. Is there a bug with weed planting or is it something I am doing wrong?
  2. Dell Dekker

    chicken factory

    I have had this happen a lot, especially when you remove the chickens head, I just always assumed that's where the old famous saying came from... "Running around like a headless chicken"
  3. Its finally happening, my cousin Scotty has been accepted for training and is moving to the city! Cant wait to see him again! Wx

  4. Dell Dekker

    Crafting Weapons

    I think this is a very good idea! Could maybe even be done in a way similar to the Mechanic in that you have to level up before being able to access other weapons? Tier 1 - Shiv, Club Tier 2 - Barbed Wire Bat, Musket Pistol (single fire pistol etc) Tier 3 - Knife, Pistol, Rifle Tier 4 - etc etc Just a thought...
  5. Dell Dekker

    comet accelaration

    Me and a couple of others also had this issue.
  6. Dell Dekker

    Car wont reverse or go faster then 36mph

    I am not sure if someone has already posted it but me and a few others had issues with Comets (specifically Comet 3s) as it was taking a good 10-15secs for it to start accelerating properly, although even in saying that, it was still very slow.
  7. Dell Dekker

    Introductions come say Hi

    Welcome to the crazy world of RP man! I am sure you're friend will keep you right, but if you are looking for someone to chat to, hang around burger shot and I might bump into you.
  8. Dell Dekker

    Appreciation Thread

    Hey! Not sure if this is the right place for this but wanted to give huge props to a few people after one particular interaction tonight! I was having a pretty shitty day/night, spiritually and in the city, and a drive in the car turned into one of the funniest things I have seen... Thanks for making my nights folks: @Barry Edmonson @Pickle Rick Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Cheers Willie and Micky (The drunk guy in the car)
  9. Dell Dekker

    Help from an admin/mod?

    Hi there, Is there any way I can speak to an admin/mod on TS or in the City? I am having recurring issues with items disappearing from my vehicles inventories. Me and 2 friends have today spent 3-4 hours harvesting and processing weed between 2 vehicles, a mule and camper van, which we filled with buds and then headed to the processing barn/factory. 2 of us went in a processed whilst another kept watch and as we were about 3/4's of the way through the buds came back out to store the processed weed and take more buds, however the enitre inventory has disappeared, the buds, processed weed, my scissors and food. The van was locked at all times and I kept the keys, so that if the lockout was attacked he could try and fight our way out without them obtaining the keys. My 2 friends are going to post here to confirm this and there were 2-3 other people processing throughout the afternoon that can as well. I am just concerned as this is the 3rd time this has happened to me now, once when the van was full of meat and fur, a second time when I had around 100 processed weed and now a third time where we had over 200 processed weed. The only screenshot I have is of the van being empty at the processing station (below - pic 1) however it was suggested in game that I go to the garage and store the vehicle then pull it out again to see if that helped but as you can see, even the 18 weed I had in my hands, that I stored in the vehicle again, has even disappeared? This is the 3rd time I have posted for a refund in very similar conditions and I would really appreciate being able to speak to someone about it to explain this in more detail. Thanks Willie
  10. Dell Dekker

    ttrunking job

  11. Dell Dekker

    ttrunking job

    I think the admins/mods will probably know about this by now but the image below might help explain it a bit more...
  12. Willies Wheels on hire all day at the haulage depot! Pulling those big rigs around is surprisingly therapeutic! ❤️

  13. Dell Dekker

    Stuck as a man

    Hi there, As Biggie said above, any clothes store will allow to amend yourself in the City (look for the shirt icon on your GPS). Whether you want a new trim, new clothes, or to set yourself in which ever way you identify, the city has it all available. See you in the city soon
  14. Dell Dekker

    Trucking Job

    I've been doing it most of the day and it works well, just the odd time it seems to glitch etc. I am really enjoying it so far.
  15. Dell Dekker

    Trucking Job

    Also this is what you get sometimes when you turn up to collect your load.... Paid another £1k to get a truck and have nothing to collect as its blown up...
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