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  1. Quinn

    POST Your In real life Age here .

    24! I'll be 25 this year
  2. Quinn

    Server Admins

    I'm also curious about this. Is there a reason the people who ambushed him weren't banned for RDM? Doesn't this technically count as RDM since there was no roleplay involved?
  3. Quinn

    *OPEN DISCUSSION* Using the term "Government"

    Considering this is a realistic roleplay server, I think talking about the Government is totally acceptable.
  4. Quinn


    It's true. If everyone is recording now, don't mention it. If people are gonna fuck up and break the rules, then so be it. We shouldn't be warning people to be mindful of rules just because we're recording. Everyone on the server is whitelisted, they should know the rules, what is and isn't acceptable. I have been guilty of stating "I have a bodycam" in game as well. Having some insight to how others perceive this has made me reconsider bring it up at all. It does ruin the roleplay. It feels like a threat and frankly, it kind of is.
  5. Quinn


    I agree that these reports are getting WAY out of hand, something has to be done about it. I'm not sure what, but I don't think banning OBS is the answer. Perhaps something like civilians can't say they have bodycams. However it's realistic to vlog your daily life these days. I don't know, something creative.
  6. Quinn


    I personally use OBS to record fun RP scenarios I would like to remember, situations where my FiveM crashes and I need to make a refund request or in case I (or people around me) are falsely reported. There are some of us out there who do not abuse the use of OBS (bodycams).
  7. Quinn

    New models

    These are already being tested.
  8. Kira Bug Peaches Cocoa Pips
  9. #NoFilter!!


    1. Zoe



    2. LazyWoodz


      @Zoe your comment reminded me of this gif lmao 


  10. ready to succ

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