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    Jamie Burns (BCSO)
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    Jamie Burns

    Jamie grew up in a place he just about remembers although can't place a name on the location. He remembers that he had a brother and a sister that he lived with along with his parents Mother and Farther. At the age of 12 there was a accident and at this time his family was ripped from him and he was left alone in a large world with just him self to fend for and fight for.

    He found himself fostered with new parents shortly after this although he found it hard to accept his new surroundings he did settle in the end and carried on his school life until he successfully finished out his education. At the age of 16 he left home and went and to start travelling the world he visited many different places and stopped at many different sights. He managed to see 7 wonders of the world. He learnt to have compassion for people and all of the travelling helped him further with accepting the loss of his loved ones at such a young age.

    At the age of 22 he came across a small town by the name of Paleto Bay he was not sure about this desert type country town in the United States Of America but he was running low on income at this point and needed to find himself some work to do in order to carry on living the lifestyle he had become used to where he could just pick up and leave when ever he wanted.

    To start with Jamie found himself walking the streets looking for things to do. He noticed that the EMS department seemed to be low on members so he spoke to a tall man who was eating a Taco by the name of Logan Ryder (Fire Chief) Jamie offered his time and services and was quickly trained and took part in many different duties from helping a man he meet on many medical calls named Blackie Chan to Blood drives to help keep the blood bank filled for the citizens. He progressed up and through the ranks fairly quickly started to feel accepted and liked the place he found was starting to feel like this is a place he should call home. Finally Jamie managed to progress all the way up the long ladder in the Fire Department to the new dizzy heights of Fire Chief. It was at this time that he also took on some moon light shifts as a Deputy this sadly was some what of a turning point for Jamie the work load became too much and he slowly started showing signs of mental illness. It was at this time Jamie stepped down from all his positions and took a 2 month break travelling again he climbed mountains and swam in sea's even walked part of the coast of England.

    After Jamie's break away he came back to the city and quickly felt at home again. He approached the local sheriffs office about becoming just a regular Deputy again ready to protect and serve as he always had done in this town. Again his drive and determination seen him climb up the ladder of the sheriffs office to his current position within the BCSO as captain. Jamie actively tries to keep the department corruption free although it seems a near on impossible task.

    Lets see where the rest of Jamie's story leads...........

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  1. Jamie

    Not able to post/update my profile on here.

    I will look into this it will more than likely be in the morning as right now it is late if you see any updates from you dont be alarmed that is just a test and your account is still secure.
  2. This should have already been done I will look and check again it will have to take place when you are not in the city.
  3. @Mia I will require a URL for your steam please. The paperwork shall be completed once I have this information. The new intern shall be making the Tea for the foreseeable future. Regards Alister Steling
  4. Thank you everyone for attending the funeral today. It went off without a hitch which was great. Some fantastic dramatic RP tonight. 

  5. Ok early morning fun shall we stream it? 

  6. Jamie

    Guns are too damn cheap

    Ok my 10 pence from the past. We have changed job prices in the past lowered them and people just start moaning as they can do nothing and cry all day cause things that they have always had they no longer can have. I would fully support balancing the Economy better I believe that we have the gun prices about right the illegal stuff maybe needs to rise a bit more still. But the job pay outs are the issue for me as is pointed out in what dimension would you ever get 3k for running a truck or a postal truck 3-6 miles I think the best way to move forward is a pain long winded way to test but you should be earning maybe $50 over the price of fuel per run for me. To explain my madness a bit better say a 3 mile run uses 3 units of fuel that 3 units of fuel cost $9 then the pay check for that run should be $59 this bringing the amount of money out there down. The only issue I see with doing this is that all expect two of our scripted jobs in the city are very low RP jobs we could argue that the meth and weed are slightly RP jobs I would be more inclined to call them circle jerking jobs. Taxi & Tow trucks are the only fully RP jobs in the city. So what would come of us lowering all the pay so there is less money for me I got feeling it would bring more people to be doing the jobs that are out there which are low RP jobs so what in fact we could be doing is reducing the RP as people have more need to go out and earn every 30 mins. On the flip though we would have a better balanced economy where the price of living and the job salaries were closer together. My idea's current for gun control is to recruit a few more judges into the city and you have to apply to a judge to get a firearms permit this meaning that a criminal background check will be preformed on the individual at this time. Should there be any violent crimes within the past 7 days on the history then the permit would be refused. I would also like to see permits not been suspended for an amount of days but instead you not been able to have the suspension removed by any party other than a judge again who would check the criminal background. Clearly Judges are not always in town but would this be an issue for some people yes they would find it an issue but then again when is there the ability to get a firearms permit 24/7 for as little as 2k. This would not stop the illegal weapons but as I stated before we look to drive the price of some of these weapons up again and maybe even move the black market dealer so everyone would need to find out where through RP and this could create more RP again instead of everyone dealing with an NPC we could create a Gun Trade more than currently. On the cars been locked we are working on a system where you must have the key to be able to drive the car once this is working correctly it should solve the issue of every car been able to be driven by anyone. You will need to have the key or will need to use a lock pick to be able to start the car and move it. There is still some thought that needs to go into this for example do we gift the cops that ability to be able to drive without a key in case of a road block I lean towards no. Do we give a mechanic job the ability to move them instead I would lean towards yes as then the Officers will be forced to call for more tow trucks to attend and help with any incident that happens which for me can only enhance the RP. All of this above is my opinion but is a direction that I would like to see the server head and I know the tourists are a pain in the arse some times but remember we were all new once. For every 10 bad ones we get through the station there is at least 1 maybe 2 in the batch that are decent so lets try to be nice to the new guys and welcome them in we want to grow the community.
  7. Another awesome night in the server the tourists did break me early on as I found a few trolls but once dealt with them then it was sound and I had some awesome times.


    @ClydePBaker I think it was you I was having beef with at the bank when you punched me in the face if it was that was a fun heated argument that was not overly violent well at least not Guns been used. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jamie


      Was good fun and you avoided jail was worth the RP.

    3. Castle


      I really liked that scene guys?

    4. ClydePBaker
  8. I think work should be illegal then I could play more video games how much better would that be. 


    Cant wait to get home to night and play see you all on stream at 6ish. 

  9. Sadly today we lost @Rimka he was stabbed by a dangerous man by the name of Pitt's Burgh. He is now locked in the state prison awaiting trial. The BCSO worked well together with other members of the community to catch this dangerous man. 

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    2. Jamie


      Jose got involved to and found his way to jail also with his crew :) took them on a ride down to the state.

    3. [P-52] Jack Haines
    4. James / Miles Campbell

      James / Miles Campbell

      Give Pitt the death penalty. The bastard deserves a bullet in the face. - John Evans

  10. I see that the rule was brought about your case thank you for the insight into that however I feel that it can be resolved with the outcome anyway with out and just RP. Please use the HR Department to log complaints I shall be keeping a close eye on these now. Cutter I have had many great interactions with you and please do make sure to make complaints and show me where they are going wrong we are trying to re-train and in some cases just dismiss we have a points system once they reach a level they are terminated trust me there are a few of them with points. You don't get informed so they don't get targeted as this would also be unfair.
  11. Please re check the HR thread I shall be looking into it as you do have a witness depending what is said from that will depend on what happens.
  12. Please note that the server rules clearly state that video footage is not used In character and the HR Department is In Character area of the department. So any footage submitted is watched in case of rule breaks from a server point of view. Corrupt always been shouted by members really is getting childish now please stop this.
  13. Thanks today to the EMS Department that was online and dragging my ass the hospital.... @RimkaWe can keep the pissed myself between us right?

    1. Rimka


      Yeah, of course just between us...

  14. Burned out today now it was fun caught a few had a few slip away from my finger tips but it was worth it to stay alive. See you all tomorrow going to get the handling finished this weekend I hope. Going to catch the ones that got away warrants are out....

  15. Jamie

    Sheriff Election?

    Indeed there will be one we just want to worry about the population of the server and other things 1st and will run that when we have all that in the right direction instead of threading everything thin and ending up not giving 100% to stuff. It will fail otherwise.