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    Scott has had a some what dark past in his early days he grew up with a very normal life and family as he carried on through school he found the first love of his life in a girl named Jen and they later went on to marry at a young age they also had a child between them who's name has never being disclosed. Sadly this happy time in any persons life also leads us into one of the greatest tragedies that Scott has encountered.

    Jen was not feeling well one day and needed to go to the doctors she was a very independent woman she would often state to Scott that she was capable and would do things on her own and that she didn't need to be driven around and looked after every step of the way. Jen picked up the car keys and the got the child ready to go to the doctors Scott was telling her he would come and would drive her there but as always she would demand that she was fine and would go alone. Scott kissed the boy on the head and kissed Jen and told her that if she needed anything he was there for her. Unknown at this time this would be the last time Scott would see them both alive. Jen got into the car and strapped the child in as she would normally she then set off from the family home and headed for the doctors taking the normal route heading down the high street and out to the country roads as the doctors surgery was the next town over. The tractors were out in the fields collecting and bailing the hay. Jen was on the country roads and as she came around a left hand bend a tractor pulled out from a gate and the car slammed into the front of the tractor. Jen and the child were seriously injured, the ambulance service, fire service & police all attended and attempted to free the two from the vehicle on arrival of the emergency services they knew the severity of the situation and asked Jen if there was any one they could call for her she said with pain in her voice "Scott call Scott". Scott's phone started to ring with a number he didn't know he answered the call the voice on the other end was a male and he said "Hello is this Scott?" Scott Replied "Yes who is this?" the male voice replied "This is Officer Donald of the Staffordshire police your wife Jen has been involved in a road traffic accident we need you to come here." the officer at this point told Scott where they were, Scott picked up his keys in a hurry and left straight away racing there as quickly as he could a sinking feeling in his stomach not fully knowing what had happened but to have been called it must be serious. He arrived at a police car blocking the road Scott informed them who he was and he was shown down to the car. When they arrived at the car just off to the side of the road Scott seen Jen and she had lots of wires coming from every where and what appeared to be a paramedic attempting CPR on Jen his heart sunk when he saw this. He was now looking also for his son. He spotted another group of people and a white sheet draped over what appeared to be a child sized shape he asked hoping that the answer was not the one that came. He was informed that the child had sadly passed away in the accident. He dropped to his knees and broke down in tears at this but slowly moved his attention to Jen who was still fighting for her life. Sadly not even 10 minutes later the paramedics stopped what they were doing and she was also pronounced dead. Scott had in a matter of 30 minutes just lost everything that was meaningful to him. He finally was taken home by an officer and given months of support and help.

    A year down the line Scott enrolled into the British Army as an EOD operator and was trained in this craft and served in many different conflict zones around the world sadly he was always surrounded by losing people close to him he lost one close friend during his army days that he will never forget they all called him KP and sadly one day whilst out on patrol when the convoy had come to a stop a sniper round was fired and stuck KP directly in the head. Sadly to say KP was killed instantly and felt nothing but it was of no comfort to Scott who always to this day wishes that he was on the top cover of the truck and could have given his life for his friends. Scott carried on his career within the EOD and finally finished up and left due to just not been able to carry on where he was. It was at this point where Scott left the UK and headed oversea's to start a new life he found San Andreas and settled in there where he went on to apply to work as a State Trooper. Scott climbed up through the ranks within the State Police and has eventually made the rank of Commissioner the story leading to the current day has not been easy and we are sure the story going forward will not be easy ether.

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  1. Jamie


    Locking the suggestion now as it really is not a Dev suggestion which is what the point of this area on the forum is meant to be used for.
  2. Jamie


    This is not going to become a safe zone what needs to happen is pressure needs to be put back at the people that are making the place no fun to head to or just leave them to enjoy been the shit lords where they are sadly the place coming to town did brings some great opportunity. Again this is another example on the most part of Gangs that dont act in any realistic manner as they are not down holding the ground that they claim is where they are instead we find them trying to be the centre of everything. In simple though make the reports of the idiots grab footage of it happening on the report cause they dont act out as much when staff are around which is very sad. But safe zones just create even more of an issue if you witness someone stand there and just shoot into the air or something or take any little part of Roleplay straight to a gun please report them. The most effective way to report gunplay is sadly the forums as in game we struggle to gather the information required but there have been several members removed recently due to none stop bad RP and reaching for guns so the reports do work when used.
  3. Jamie

    Update TokoVoip

    It was posted on a bug report that this is already in the works thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Kony

    I thought someone replied to my post, but it was only you poking me ;-;

  5. This year is flying by now I cant even think where the last 6 months have gone nearly my B'day well closer than it was...

  6. Jamie

    Ban Appeal

    Thank you for the non bug bug report please file a ban appeal and also make a forum account along with joining the discord.
  7. @Ms Wickedz I am stopping when we hit 69 ok....

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      Ms Wickedz

      😜No keep going old man :P

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      Ms Wickedz

      Why the sad face ? Was  it me saying old man ?

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      Really? 😕

  8. Poke war bitches you got what it takes?

  9. Megan Fox ❤️ Or Scarlett Johansson 👍

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      Kailynn Smith

      For what?


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      Scarlett Johansson

  10. Katy Perry or Ariana Grande?

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