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    Jamie Burns

    Jamie grew up in a place he just about remembers although can't place a name on the location. He remembers that he had a brother and a sister that he lived with along with his parents Mother and Farther. At the age of 12 there was a accident and at this time his family was ripped from him and he was left alone in a large world with just him self to fend for and fight for.

    He found himself fostered with new parents shortly after this although he found it hard to accept his new surroundings he did settle in the end and carried on his school life until he successfully finished out his education. At the age of 16 he left home and went and to start travelling the world he visited many different places and stopped at many different sights. He managed to see 7 wonders of the world. He learnt to have compassion for people and all of the travelling helped him further with accepting the loss of his loved ones at such a young age.

    At the age of 22 he came across a small town by the name of Paleto Bay he was not sure about this desert type country town in the United States Of America but he was running low on income at this point and needed to find himself some work to do in order to carry on living the lifestyle he had become used to where he could just pick up and leave when ever he wanted.

    To start with Jamie found himself walking the streets looking for things to do. He noticed that the EMS department seemed to be low on members so he spoke to a tall man who was eating a Taco by the name of Logan Ryder (Fire Chief) Jamie offered his time and services and was quickly trained and took part in many different duties from helping a man he meet on many medical calls named Blackie Chan to Blood drives to help keep the blood bank filled for the citizens. He progressed up and through the ranks fairly quickly started to feel accepted and liked the place he found was starting to feel like this is a place he should call home. Finally Jamie managed to progress all the way up the long ladder in the Fire Department to the new dizzy heights of Fire Chief. It was at this time that he also took on some moon light shifts as a Deputy this sadly was some what of a turning point for Jamie the work load became too much and he slowly started showing signs of mental illness. It was at this time Jamie stepped down from all his positions and took a 2 month break travelling again he climbed mountains and swam in sea's even walked part of the coast of England.

    After Jamie's break away he came back to the city and quickly felt at home again. He approached the local sheriffs office about becoming just a regular Deputy again ready to protect and serve as he always had done in this town. Again his drive and determination seen him climb up the ladder of the sheriffs office to his current position within the BCSO as captain. Jamie actively tries to keep the department corruption free although it seems a near on impossible task.

    Lets see where the rest of Jamie's story leads...........

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  1. Jamie

    Gang Gang

    I liked the idea of this. But it was never that they couldn’t be a gang it was just to become a recognised gang you had to apply. We can’t walk around the server telling groups of people they can’t be all hanging out together and calling them self the family for example. I am interested in hearing what you think making this happen would change the way things are in the city though. My example for a gang that is not really a gang is the swedes Lenny and crew.
  2. Jamie

    Tow Trucks Towing Tow Trucks

    It kills me when I look at some guy with a tow truck sticking through the Cab it ruins the immersion so hard for me. Sadly I can't control the floating cars that kill me too but this can be controlled and looked after hence it is done.
  3. Jamie

    Tow Trucks Towing Tow Trucks

    It is not the fact that you are towing a tow truck it is the fact that the cab of the one on tow is inside the cab of the truck that you are driving that is not realistic at all.
  4. Jamie

    DOC Prison Check Channel Idea...

    This is a suggestion that you need to pass to your command staff the idea of the suggestions here are things staff and devs can bring. What you are asking is policy which is your command staff please speak with them over it.
  5. Jamie


    This is locked as the topic is clearly just out of control thank you for the suggestion we shall talk about it at the next staff meeting. Please don't open a new suggestion of the same thing if you do it shall be deleted. If you carry on making them you will have the privilege to post on the forum without approval removed this is the only warning I am giving.
  6. Jamie

    Appreciation Thread

    @Ash I would like to thank you for all the help and a lot of the work that has gone into the website/forum I could not do all this and keep bringing more things with out you I love you Bro.
  7. Jamie

    Suicide RP/Extreme RP

    It’s not a case of punishing someone as this very well could be them reaching out for someone to talk to for very real issues within their own lives but they will be addressed. You have to remember that sometimes people find a way to get the people to talk to and this can be someone’s way to talk to a stranger they don’t feel judged by and express their issues and concerns. So shutting it off could hurt people also.
  8. Jamie

    Brad Smith vs SASP

  9. Jamie

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    I would also like to mention that the SASP does not have an officer Lewis Gomez with the call sign U-22 nor do we use the call sign U-22 so another part of information that has been submitted and approved that is yet again incorrect. I shall have the State Police Council contact the DOJ and announce them self taking the case on once I have agreed terms.
  10. Jamie

    Suicide RP/Extreme RP

    This is the stance that we are looking at currently. It may not be nice to be involved with and it is a real life issue but there has to be a time and a thing we say no to what is allowed to be done within the server. It will not be moved to extreme RP we all have issues in everyday life. This been said if you feel the need to walk away or not deal with that type of RP you are more than welcome to break character or use the OOC to say I can't do this and will be walking away. It is more than understandable that you need to remove your self if you feel uncomfortable with the situation your in. Before long if we are to move all things that disturb people in Real Life then we will removing robbing people and hold hostages because it can cause distress. I know some of you will not like this stance on things but there needs to be a part where we can not restrict the RP out but if people are doing the RP over and over it will be approached by staff and asked to stop.
  11. Jamie

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    Judge J S. Clark, I have just been looking at recent cases and this has popped to light I believe this is a case of excessive force from a officer on duty unless I am mistaken then the whole of this claim currently is incorrect and would need to be submitted as the claim is not against Sgt Harris it is against the San Andrea's State Police and if such a claim was made against the State Police I have received no notice of this case nor has the Director of Emergency Services who was the stand in Commission prior to my appointment. I am could sit back and enjoy this but I recall a similar case where a Deputy was been claimed against and it was turned in court that the case was not with the defendant but the department that the defendant was employed by I am not trying to insult your position. I just am trying to save having officers taken away from essential duties to attend court more than once. Kindest regards Scott Johnson Commissioner San Andreas State Police
  12. Jamie

    Combat Logging

    Roborto makes good points here. Sadly how can a script say it was a combat log? A script can see that a play dropped connection. Why should someone that has fallen have to get healed before leaving the server all this will lead to is more suggestions and complaints that the injury systems is borked and requires more work. Which to some degree getting 3 scrapes from a simple fall or trip is kind of crazy but then again it is all dependant upon method of injury if you fall on a set of stairs good chance you will cut your self. Would you need to go hospital probably not but can it add to the RP yes is the simple answer. If people are combat logging please report it using the player reports or using /help or /report in game we have a list of people that are suspected of it and are been watched all you are doing is aiding us in getting rid of these people that are not wishing to loose things. A script would cause more issues that good and create more people crying that it wasn't a combat log and it was simply a crash and then make more refund requests cause weapons or cash were unfairly taken.
  13. Jamie

    DA Office Garage

    Yeah so the one is for like our police cars like you see at MRPD and the other is a civ garage that I believe you need to be on duty as ADA or DA for.
  14. Jamie

    LSPD and BCSO

    Looking at the replies I don't know what other people are thinking but I know my thoughts and that is that if I want to run something in the county I need to tip my hat and let the BCSO know and I know the same is been extended most the time back the other way sure sometimes its gets missed and we all get mad when it does as when something goes wrong it can lead to us all been spread thin but that is life. The most important thing in all of this is that we all know we are equals and are there to help each other out cause end of the day there is no need to have any one think hey I am county I am better or I am state I am better and maybe some of the newer people have come in with that in mind but sadly that comes from when the BCSO was created as I believe from memory that State was closing applications and all would apply BCSO and then state would hand pick from BCSO and that time is long gone as we all know now. New no experience is accepted into both departments the choice now is Green or Tan really which uniform do you like best which is using the structure you understand and can work within which is why departments are different if all were the same it would be boring and leave no identity to them. I would like to think that all the Boys and Girls in the BCSO feel they are better than SASP and wear it with pride and the other way round the same thing. But and a massive BUT all have the understanding that we are the same we do the same job we look after the same people its Law enforcement personally I enjoy having Deputies in the city helping out and sometimes I like to be in the county. Tonight was one of the moments that to me proves even though some in here are saying there is a divide or one is looking more than the other. Tonight for me a 10-80 was heading towards Senora Road from the city and additional units were requested from county as we were coming towards them and two road blocks against a tow truck later we had one out on foot running after the bravery was shown that they would out their vehicles in the way and their lives to protect others from harm. It was beautiful to see.
  15. Jamie

    LSPD and BCSO

    I am in for making the Army fuck all the cops.
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