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  1. Jamie

    BCSO Training

    Our Lt. Oliver will be running this training session all been well. Please make sure to sign up and if not able to attend get them excuses in the comments section at the bottom. This I'm sure will be another fun training session where we shall be teaching new skills to some and refreshing skills for others we are always learning from each other. Please remember to RSVP so we have an idea on numbers. Thank BCSO Command Staff
  2. This shall be reviewed and answered some time in the near future
  3. Jamie

    BCSO Training

    Please be ready to learn from this training session just like all the others. Come and show you are a team player and want new skills. Please comment why you can't attend if you can't. Thanks guys BCSO Command Staff
  4. Jamie

    Increasing Towing Pay

    Just people need to do what I do call the 1st one on the tow number and then get his mobile number and just give him a call and tell him where the car is and what it is. He comes out takes it and its a nice service. Thanks @Cutter McGavin was nice having a tow on the phone. Jamie
  5. All white list applications nailed. Football (soccer) match done. 


    Time to chill and feet up on this nice Sunday.


    Maybe see you in the city later. 

  6. Jamie

    Teamspeak channel for Weazel News?

    No not a chance absolutely no. There is no special treatment for any group. This is a section for server development this really is not a server development type suggestion.
  7. Jamie

    court Next court case?

    Yeah but when they are all on different time zones that is not going to work.
  8. All finished the new Fight Arena here's a quick peek. See you all there also a new skate park with it.


    Sneak Peek here the new Fight Arena

  9. Here is a sneak preview of some of the things to be seen at the new Fight night Arena.



  10. Just more or less finished up building a new arena for Friday night fight club. Make sure to sign up and there could be more RP now than just fighting :)

  11. The Jail Logs are public buddy.
  12. Had a great night playing on my cop tonight. Had an awesome bank robbery with Trevor tonight. Also had a fair few encounters with a good few people today it's been great. Stay safe guys love you all.

    1. [P-52] Jack Haines

      [P-52] Jack Haines

      And I gave you a tocket

  13. Good night everyone,


    Had an amazing night on Michael Fiddlesticks and people are not just robbing taxis they are using them its awesome thanks guys you are all amazing. xxxx

    1. Lewis | Alexandr

      Lewis | Alexandr

      Can't believe i spend 5 pound for a dab. Worth it tho

    2. Mr Monkey

      Mr Monkey

      Hot Pink Taxi Co. was formed last night since then the business has skyrocketed. lmao

  14. I need a taxi

  15. RIP Bert 
    A sad week this has been we lost our favourite criminal he is gone but will not be forgotten. He is our candle in the wind.