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    I have been reading this thread every time there is a new entry and honestly it makes my day every time. Compared to some of you guys I am pretty much a newbie here having moved to this wonderful city back on Sept 21st 2019. This has been and I hope continues to be a great experience for me, the only RP i did before coming here involved Elves and Dragons. That said it has taken me some time to think about the right words to express my appreciation here so please bear with the overly girly slushy BS. Firstly, the first people that I met in the city @Meda for dragging me around on your bike showing me how to make money from weed. Spent probably 3 hours hanging onto a topless guy learning the ropes. @Ella and @Bren always have and always will be my favourite bad influences 💋. Always there to greet and help new people. You guys take so much shit and still stand up and come back, honestly both of you have balls of steel and I luff yew both dearly. @Sandoril I promise you I did not crash my bike a million times to have you come help me with that gorgeous Aussie accent 😉. Absolutely my first love!! Also my first case as a Lawyer where I sadly lost and called the judge a smooth brain because the injustice cut me deep. Honestly 5 hours of the best and most annoying RP since I have been here. Kane the charmer had me most definitely sucked in to his plight. @TatyrTot, @Charles Little, @juan_snow, @Oliver Little I love you guys. I live for our silly chases and the amazing excuses when we catch you robbing places. You make it all worth getting shot up by the asshat crims. @GopnikMedic You and Tessa made being a cop so much better when you invited me to ISU. You were also so gentle with Cordelia when you guys were tasked to arrest her. I appreciate you both and you make me strive to be the best detective out there. @Eclipse @MrRJWick My two favourite Brits. I love you guys You make my days every day! @raverie Always my favourite panini @Miranda hypothetically my wife. Love you girl ❤️ @notnotshake for always knowing how to make my knees weak Love you man ❤️ @Noghiss and @Trezopig you 2 will always be my favourite EMS. Now for the ones who have deeply effected me and are the reason I get on as much as I do! @Judge Declan Taylor I hate you and love you all at the same time. You were a big part of the cause of Cordi's demise and a Royal pain in the ass but you bought some of the most emotional RP I have ever had. You are a know it all asshat but I love that about you and I guarantee we will clash again and I look forward to it ❤️. Never change, You are awesome. @Jimmy John 'MERICA. Dude you are something else. Jimmy has saved my life with his "weapons of mass destruction" and made me laugh till I cried with his country music while I'm recovering at Pillbox. Not to mention one of my Favourite Cadets ever to ride with. Dude I loves you and I am sorry I forgot you in the first draft ❤️ @life4vice I am not even sure where to begin with you. When Cordi was taken down I thought she was done, I was so angry with you because I thought of all the judges you had my back. I didn't know where to go with her till you said you guys missed me as ADA. You gave me the balls to revive her, bring her back to her former glory and I appreciate that. Not only that Alexis loves you #CREW guys. Being in the UK its kinda quiet on duty in the daytime for me but Isaac and the others always make chasing you guys down and arresting you fun. When Issac had no pulse after stabbing the commissioner Lex was heartbroken and so angry with him but just had to save his life as you were left there alone. I love you dude! You are one of my favourite people to RP with and I look forward to what comes next! @TonyRiperoni The voice so smooth you could spread it on toast and dine on it forever. The first person to make me cry in the city and I doubt you'd be the last. A flash in the pan I will never forget. I was so happy when you found Reign even if you did break my heart. You will always be one of my favourite people and I want nothing but the best for you both inside and outside the city. Stay awesome ❤️ @Conrad Doge When Cordi went to prison I was legit upset to a point of tears. You were so kind, you drove me to the hospital blubbing and sniffling and just poured the most soul filling words out that made me feel so much better. You sir are beautiful man with a heart so big I am surprised it doesn't need a second spot in the queue. I let this game hurt me spiritually and you didn't make me feel stupid you just treated me with care and kindness and for that you will always have a special place in my heart. @Schwifty One of the reasons I may be going deaf LOL. You are one of my favourite inspirations. Your laugh is more infectious that Coronavirus and any bad day in or out of the city can be fixed with a "CreamPie" . Jason has taught Lex some valuable lessons of the removal of ropes from criminals so next time i deal with him I will take that "baccess" and take his damn rope. I love you dude FR ❤️ @MikeyGstrang Ohhhh man *takes a deep breath*, You know this is honestly the hardest of the lot. There are so many things I could say about you to show my appreciation but the words them self would not be enough. Aside from RP you are probably one of the closest friends I have made here. Your strength, passion and love for every thing you do and every one in your life has me in complete awe of you. You are the reason I stream, The reason I'm a cop and Mikey will ALWAYS be the love of Cordelia's life even if she is a massive fk up 75% of the time. You gave me the strength to carry on after Cordi was taken down and to try something new and all the RP with you is the best. Even when you are just joking about in the car when we are out on duty. Just seeing you in the city brightens up the toughest days of RP. Always and Forever My Cop God ❤️ I love you man ❤️ @WPGDiaz Diaz has always been an enigma. He acts like an Douchebag and then takes me aside and says "The only reason I am hard on you is because you are a good cop". I was told once by someone "he always knows what to say to bring you back" and I could not agree more. Capt Diaz is a moody, temperamental Douche but the one person I will always go to if I have a problem and honestly one of the only people I can get away with yelling at . And even tho he is a dick to both Cordi and Alex 80% of the time I will always have a special place in my heart for him. @Jamie There is honestly too much to say about you. My favourite northerner ever. Love you dude ❤️ Honorable mentions @Sam Smith @Brendita @Saquan Barks @Triston_Knox @Tabitha Knox @Isper @OnlySlays @Pris @Lucy Cole @Kokopoo @Hanna @GomBiaN @William Queen If I forgot you I'm sorry so many of you have made my time here wonderful it's hard to remember you all. Just know I love you anyways
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    Maybe have Civi Radio's with a range like so they can travel maybe 1/4 of the city then they are out of range so that Civ's can talk in a group and work a plan out and have look outs.
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    Don't even know where to start but here we go I guess: @MikeyGstrang - Mickey Montoya baby. I have known you for like over two years now but you are the main reason I got into RP. Saw you and the boys playing it so I'm like hey, I want in on this. Little baby sisters, Laura and Julissa Montoya came into town to reunite the Montoya family and the rest is history. Love you to death dude, you will always be like a big brother to me. @reakinghavok26 Julissa Montoya baby. Again, I have known you for like over two years now girl and we came in the city as those baby Montoya sisters. We used to always start shit even though you wanted Julissa to stay more lowkey and legal in a sense. You always calling me a "lil hoe" and being a pain in Laura's side but always cared about her baby sister at the end of the day. Still heartbroken to see baby Montoya be gone but never forgotten ofc. Now Laura is Avery's sugar momma so let's see how this goes. Love you to death as well girl, you always will be a sister to me. @[A-2] Roberto Hughes Roberto Hughes. Dalton, first of all change your profile name like smh dude lmao. For real though, first people I truly RPed with and got to know OOC when I first started off. We went through a lot with both Laura/Roberto and Lauren/Roberto but there was some great RP memories that were made. Dont stop being the amazing guy you are, much love. @Schwifty Kali Strongheart, Charles Lee, Jason Stathom. You have to be one of the most favorite dudes I've met through RP. Love your vibes and personality dude, that being if we RPing together or playing some siege, always a great ass time. Love you like a brother and so glad I met you. @OnlySlays Justin Little, Elliot Shaw, Justin Large, Moose McKenzie, Blake Shaw. Our first RP moment together was Laura buying Justin a hammer and we went on from there. So glad to call you one of my best friends tbh dude, love us RPing together. That being Laura and Justin just chilling and being all cute with each other, Elliot and Laura being completely toxic to each other as Laura gets arrested or in some other shit or now Alexa and Blake, Power DOJ couple btw y'all. Don't know what I would do without you in my life tbh, love you bum ass. @nyasuu @vlei @alex_G2G Paris, London and Seoul - Argo Sisters. Y'all bringing me into the Family was some great ass RP, enjoyed the shit out of it. The stuff we planned out and Laura always looking out for them to make sure they were okay was always fun to RP. Even after Laura leaving the family, there was some rocky roads but at the end of the day I won't forget the great times we had together. @William Queen @GomBiaN @Delano @Aloox @Kewin @StrictlyLogic and the rest of the Family boys, y'all keep being amazing, much love to you all. @juan_snow Juan fucking Snow. John, to this day I remember that night we went to the top of that bridge to parachute off after you were heavily intoxicated. That was some shit dude lmao. I just remember the times Juan and Laura were straight chilling through all the negative shit happening in the city and you having my back through it all. Much love dude. @WPGDiaz Mike Diaz. Dude, first of all love RPing with you when we get into encounters with each other. It being Laura being a shitlord after she is being detained/arrested or us having deep talks talking about Julissa and such. You were the one to really post me to apply for SASP and I am glad I finally went through with it, I have really have enjoyed that side of RP more than I thought I was going to ngl. You keep being an amazing dude, love you so much. @TonyRiperoni Hondoooo Gonzalez. Tony, we been through a lot with our RP but our paths always cross with one another. Hondo and Laura just have that friendship that will never be broken it seems. Appreciate you so much and thanks for always being there for me. You are an amazing guy, don't change, love you man. @GopnikMedic Luka Kovacic, Jonas Keiser, Max W (cant remember last name right now lol). Kyle, just want to start off by saying thank you for all you have done for me tbh man. You were there for me when I was at all time low with RP and such and helped me through a lot of it. By far best RP moment was making you and Mikey 10-50 so hard in that 10-80, purple haired lady got away and then I talked all that shit on twitter. Loved what Jonas and Laura had though, some great RP memories were made and I will never forget them for sure. As well your graphics like god damn, so good for screenshots. But for real though Kyle, much love man, thanks for everything you have done for me truly. @life4vice Taylor. I know you and I haven't RPed too much but the times we have, its always been a great time. Thanks for taking me under your wing for DOJ stuff as I jump into that side of RP and us just dm-ing each random emojis or having great talks. I see you as a true friend of mine, have nothing but respect for you and love you so much dude. @Sam Smith Sam fucking Smith. Alex, girl like you are such an amazing person. Thank you for always being yourself and being there for me lately through all the negative energy. You always get me to laugh when I really need to and I don't know what I would do without you in my life truly. Also thanks for always supporting me, love you girl. @Pölkadöt Jessica Zamboni, Angelina Blake. Olivia, you really an amazing woman, you know that? Like you truly have been there for me when I really needed someone to talk to that being me dm-ing you or us doing a dance party on one of our video calls. Don't ever change because you are truly one of a kind. Love you so much girl. @GlitterGlock19 Madison Skye baby. Heather, thank you and the others for bringing me onto the staff team, truly been such a learning and great experience. As well I love how blunt you are and just you say straight up whats on your mind. You're amazing, love you girl. @Brendita Lisa Star. Brenda, you are so fun to be around and always good RP goes down when you are around. Also some facts real quick, Laura totally doesn't have a huge girl crush on Lisa but I will leave it at that lol. Much love girl. @Sandoril Kane Worthmer. Dylan, not all the RP moments we have had together have been the most positive and such but we have had some really good ones. Your RP on all your characters is pretty amazing and I see you killing it in the BCSO so keep it up dude!! @Jamie Scott Johnson. Jamie, when we doing Laura's ride along with Scott Johnson, like cmon dude? lol. No but for real dude, thanks for being there for me when I need it sometimes and my spam of dm's and just taking them in. I know I am a pain sometimes but you take the time out of your day to talk to me, so thank you. Much love nerdddd. @Miranda Melba Huckleberry, Miranda Right. Lily, first of all, your RP, like amazing girl. Its always fun when I get into encounters with you with that me being on Laura and you being on either Melba/Miranda. From Laura giving Melba shit about dating Roberto and such or Laura and Miranda having a serious talk about some shit. Don't ever change, you are amazing, don't ever forget that shit. Love ya girl. @TatyrTot Natalie Sullen, Evelyn Moore, Olivia Adams. Tati, you just play straight goddesses here on the server tbh. Always a joy RPing with you but gotta say favorite moment is the day you, @OnlySlays and I played all night on shitlord characters, shit was amazing. I hadn't done something like that in a long time and I didn't and still don't regret it whatsoever either. keep killing it with all the SASP work you put in and being the Crew Mom of course. Love you girl. @Ricky Jones Ricky Jones, Reece Jones. Ricky, pretty much the kid who is my son. You are such a chill and amazing dude to be around. Every time I RP with you, its always a great ass time and great memories are made. You truly are something but I love you so much kid, don't ever change. @Lucy Cole @Terry Jenkins @Hanna Thank you three for helping me with staff stuff when I first started and y'all being great RPers ofc, much love. @John Sheppard Ghost. Dude we were literally just dm-ing each other this morning and talking about the engagement of you lighting me tf up at the sandpit when Laura had her shootout with Shaw. Always a blast RPing with you for real man whatever the situation is, much love. @Corygu Gary Bones. Now we haven't had too many engagements together but I got to you a little bit a couple days ago when I asked for a bandage when Laura was literally standing next to the front desk to check in. Just Laura being a complete shitlord as per usual. Glad to have you on the staff team though man and keep killing it with BCSO, much love man. There is probably a good amount of people I am missing but to everyone else I have had interactions with on the server. Them being short and sweet or us building a RP experience, y'all keep it up. Much love everyone ❤️ - Pris
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    So I really need some more clout. Please like my STATUS. Or idk what I’m gonna do tbh.
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    Please like or comment on this status to give me clout. Thank you!
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    Hello everyone! I'm here to suggest a small change in what's considered power gaming in the server when it comes to mugging locals. The other day I was riding around on my bike mugging locals while still on it when an admin informed me that this was considered power gaming. Of course I stopped once I was warned but it got me thinking, is this really power gaming? Should it be considered power gaming? I personally don't think so. When you're mugging from the back of a bike or even from inside a vehicle, the aiming gun animation still happens. It's obvious what you're doing & any cops that respond to or see the mugging happening, will know. Of course this makes it a bit harder for the police to catch the mugger, but I still think it's fair game as the server is based around realism & I know if someone rolled up on me in a car or on a bike & pointed a gun in my face demanding money or whatever else, I'd be handin' it to them or tossin' it in the window of the car! In fact, I'm pretty sure most muggings in real life take place from inside a vehicle, as that's only logical & gives the mugger a better chance of escape. Now I do know that it's possible to abuse this by driving off while the mugging is still taking place, this, of course, should be considered power gaming & should be punishable. However, my main point still remains, as long as you're parked on your bike or in your car, you should be able to mug locals without it being considered power gaming, especially on the grounds of realism. I hope this is a considered change! Thanks for reading.
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    Okay,okay,okay,okay I have alot of people to add as well @GopnikMedic For being one of the most genuine and brutally honest people, this guy has helped me along the way quite a lot and I think I speak for most when I say say. @Pris For being #Toxic. But no seriously, Pris is so down to earth. Although she will always hit you with sarcasm she is always approachable. @Flottki For not banning me back in 2017 @Cas For being the fucking best Undersheriff. @Mari and @Corygu for allowing me to take the steps to branch out into the CID. And before I make the big one, the rest of the community. Especially @minipunch for giving us this platform. @MikeyGstrang @Schwifty @Jr writer/Alonzo Harris @Dos @Delano @Tom @nyasuu @vlei @Kewin @goblinlord @Ricky1cky @twosipbrandon @Grim_Reaper @William Queen @Aloox @GopnikMedic (again) @Wuan2k @Hanna @Pris (again) @reakinghavok26 @GomBiaN @TEDDY @GoddessNextDoor @Hanna And I know I have missed so many and if you see that you aren't in this, It's because I couldn't find your website names. BUT I digress. The reason I tagged this many people in one foul swoop is because all of these fucking GOATS were what made The Family what is was, 2019 through now has been so fucking fun with Henry, and unfortunately most of us split our own ways in-character and I'd even pay to have that shit back. Thank you all for the fucking fun ass times with The Family, I wish we all hung out more IC or even OOC. Oh and throwback to The Family minecraft server KEKW. Much love to all of these guys, the rp we had was so so good, best times on USA for sure, in all of my three years of being here The Family is no doubt my most memorable experience and it really wouldn't have been possible without any of our members, both OG and newer.
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    First and for most I would like to thank you for taking the interest in reading this and getting this far now let me explain this idea and challenge. There is no prize there is no correct way to complete this it is simply a way to open up and explore different routes of Roleplay to take a look at another perspective. So this challenge as the title says means that you only have one life I shall explain further down when this one life would be over. It will open our eyes to a new way to roleplay and think about what is important when roleplaying and to value not only our own lives but the people around us too as every action always has reaction. I would advise anyone that is going to take on this challenge to make a new, but with that thought in mind take a notepad whether it be physical or digital or just a post on this thread choose a character name and create a past and backstory that is more than had a rough bringing up and now wants to become the biggest drug lord write it all down and lets share with each other the ideas and thoughts. During this challenge we will follow a very small list of rules along side the rules of the server the only person enforcing these rule will be you so not following is only cheating yourself, within the rules will be the injuries that will be critical and cause the spark of life to leave the body so avoiding these will need to be in the mind to give some fear and preservation to survival. Rules You must follow all server rules at all times. Your character CAN NOT survive the following. Any amount of Gun Shot Wounds to the head will kill you. Any Gun Shot Wounds to the neck must be treated with RP within 2 minutes or it will result in death. More than 5 Gun Shot Wounds to the body (chest/back/tummy areas) will result in death. More than 3 Gun Shot Wounds to the body (chest/back/tummy areas) that are not treated with RP within 3 minutes will result in death. Over 7 Gun Shot Wounds must be treated within 5 minutes or will result in death. Any Knife injury must be treated within the 10 minutes or the result is death. Any blunt force to the head from a bat/wrench must be treated within the 10 minutes or the result is death. All minor injuries are treatable but must be treated by EMS/Police or the Hospital if not please follow the rule below and kill the character. You must always be treated by EMS/Police if you are on the countdown to re spawn timer screen there is no re spawn if you need to re spawn that is the end of the life there is no New Life Rule just death. Your character must always stick to Roleplay and be as realistic with the story you are following and make choices based on that story. The rules above are very easy to follow and are not difficult it just sets out a standard and things to avoid, following your mind to avoid these things may see you making different choices in Role Play. The more of us that try this challenge the better and the more we can all grow in Role Play together. I challenge you to try this one life style of play will you accept post below if you do accept and share your story along the way. See you all in the server I will be taking part in this challenge I shall post my information down below once I have it finished. Love you all Jamie
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    Alright, Alright so you guys already know I had to do this after this started. Julz was always my feel good character and I am trying to get Avery to that point as well! If you are not mentioned, please do not be sad, I promise you since coming to USARRP, I have gained so many amazing friends and I could not even begin to mention everyone. BUTTTT here are some applications for some great people ❤️ @MikeyGstrang ~ In a way coming to this server is what made us get back on track, you will forever be my big Brother. Even though we have been friends for along time, being able to RP as Julissa really solidified our Brother/Sister Bond. You mean the world to me and I will forever be thankful to have you in my life! @Schwifty ~ Charles… My bestie! Who would have thought that RPing would lead me to gain an amazing Best Friend that I know I can go to for anything now. Heck in 2 days I am flying to go stay with you and Shay ❤️ Our RP back when Julz was alive was always fun and rowdy. We had so many good times back when we were in the family, and those continued throughout our RP. Then the fun with Ally and Charles has always been a good time! I am finally comfortable on the Radio thanks to you and Mikey! @Pris ~ BBG, you already know you are my day 1 home girl online. Since we met, we instantly hit it off and I am so happy to be able to call you my little sis. RPing Sisters was some of the best times I have honestly had gaming, the Montoya’s against the world. I could go on and on about you but I shall keep it short and sweet. Love you lil sis! @OnlySlays ~ JUSTIN! Man oh man, you really had to call me out there with those 6 flips, I WAS STILL NEW AND TERRIBLE AT DRIVING THANK YOU! But like everything you said, I couldn’t agree more. Glad I get to call you my Canadian Friend! @juan_snow ~ Juan, you were one of Julissa’s first friends and even when you were supposed to hate me and not talk to me. You always had her back! That is something I will forever be grateful for! Our friendship was unlike most in the city, and I want you to know you made RP really fun for me back then! Stay Crazy! #CREWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @WPGDiaz ~ DIAZ, oh what controversy we caused when Julz and Diaz were a thing. Ex Criminal with up and coming Officer. We had many fun adventures of RP, lots of crashing…. Oops… But always good times! I am glad to call you one of my friends Mike 🙂 @Meda ~ From Hot cop Ezra to Leo the Crew member oh and can’t forget those Coke Boy Days, our RP has always been full of fun times! I am glad it lead us to becoming really good friends not only inside the city, but outside as well! @Hanna ~ You have easily become one of my favorite people I met in the city just due to your personality. Thanks for always being there for me in the city and out of the city! You are an amazing person! Never change your beautiful soul! @nyasuu ~ PARIS GOAT! Since my arrival into the city you always took care of Julissa and I will never forget how happy I was the day I got asked to be in the Family and you, Seoul, and London were all so accepting of me and later on Laura. Our RP times were fun! ❤️ @vlei ~ Mady…. GIRL DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Haha, thanks for always chilling in TS with me when I was bored. Fresh into the city and I was already thrown into being in a bridal party! Always good time with Wonton Soup! Always here for you girly! 🙂 @William Queen~ I have always enjoyed our RP whether it be on Julissa, Avery, or Ally. We have always had some good times! I appreciate you and our friendship! @Jr writer/Alonzo Harris ~ FUZZ. I love that you are who you are and you take no crap from anyone! Thanks for always being someone I can argue and mess around with! @Dos ~ You are one of the main homies, and always will be! @GopnikMedic ~ Kyle, Thank you for your friendship and being around to bounce ideas off of and you were super helpful when I was first a Mod for the server To the rest in the Family, you guys were some of the first people I ever interacted with in an RP scenario. Between the city against us all, to parties every weekend, and then crazy meetings and operations. You all are amazing people, and I am glad we all got the chance to get to know one another! @Delano @Kewin @StrictlyLogic @Ricky1cky @twosipbrandon @Aloox @Wuan2k @GomBiaN I am missing some, but I don't know their website names! @Charles Little ~ While although you and I have only recently started to RP with each other, I can never forget my lovely PA when I am on Ally who wants to give everyone IcyHot! I am so glad that the city has allowed us to become friends! 🙂 @Lucy Cole ~ Upon my arrival into the City, you reached out to me and were always around in my streams and helping me! I will always be thankful for the kindness you showed me my first few weeks around, you are the reason I try my hardest to make sure everyone in the city feels included and wanted.. Because that is how you made me feel! @XDESTROYX_TTV ~ RPing with you has always been a good time! Alien dancing will forever be the best memory! You are always out in streams talking and hyping everyone up! Not to mention the amazing work you do! Never change the kind heart you have, and remember to SMILE ❤️ @Ms Wickedz ~ BELLA BAE! Between all my characters we have always had some of the best times! Nothing can ever top the love Bella and Julz had for each other! Avery and Bella are a close second though! You are gorgeous girly! ❤️ @Nick624 ~ Another one of my new friends! Welcome to the city!!! Keep staying awesome! To the rest of the server! So many of you are amazing people! and I hope you all keep up the great RP and having fun! ❤️ Love you all!
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    I hope all Crew and Outlaws step on Legos 😁
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    First off @life4vicethat was probably one of the nicest things someone has said to me in recent time and I honestly had no clue I effected you in such a way. Riding with you as a cadet back in city 2 made me realize the type of shit I was about to get into and I'm glad I did it. While my time in city 2 might not have been long it easily transferred when we started hanging out on Justin/Jackson. Who knew a cop and a serial killer would make such good friends. Then I watched you grow as SASP while I grew as the Gnome. Then Tyler came into the city and I let you into my mind and thats when the friendship got closer. Now we rock BCSO together, DOJ together and I honestly am glad that we started talking. @Pris You were the FIRST person I interacted with. I remember coming up to you and asking for a weapon of some sort since I didnt have a firearms permit. You got me a hammer and from then on I kept my hammer for the longest time and I think up until 1.0 ended it just stayed in my house. Not risking losing it. Then Mickey needed someone to use as a hostage so I said why not? Now look where we are at. You've become one of my closest friends and I appreciate the hell out of you. We talk daily and are super toxic to each other all day but always end the night with a simple love ya. @GopnikMedic What can one alpha male say to another alpha male other then thank you for taking a risk on me. You put the word in that propelled Elliot's career in BCSO to levels I never thought I would have achieved, nor deserved. To this day I still dont think I deserve where I'm at but I owe it all to you. Plus how bad ass was our shoot out at Cassidy Creek? @MikeyGstrang and @Schwifty while we may not be the closest I honestly appreciate the fact that you two have allowed me in some of your RP situations. Whether it was the fake hostage or running around as the Foreign Syndicate. Every encounter with you two always leaves a lasting impression and I'm glad you guys took a chance to invite me. @Hellrider214 What can I say about the fantastically strange Fisterson. It was you and I against the world, including the first person I got arrested with. while we may not be as close as we were I always value your friendship. @Cas You beautiful dutch giant I'm so glad we became friends. I love messing with you by shooting mountain lions on Justins old place or saying "Oh shit I'm getting off duty as we are about to ride together." You are a great friend Cas and I'm happy as fuck you came back to BCSO. @reakinghavok26 Our friendship honestly doesn't need words. From flipping your ambulance 6 times to watching movies together we always have fun. I can always tell when you're around because of your noises and the circles you run. Your constant energy that surround's you is, and always will be my favorite thing about you. Never change. @Miranda Our friendship started back in 1.0 when I was bet a dollar I wouldnt tackle you. Then you ran all the way back to Sandy SO to get on duty and tase me. That memory stuck with me and I wont forget it. You are such a fun person to be around whether its being toxic to each other or just by hanging around being upsetti spaghetti. @TatyrTot I saved you for last because you've had probably the biggest impact. You're the reason I joined SASP and the reason I didnt quit BCSO when I got transferred. From Natalie to Evelyn to just playing Siege with you I never regret hanging out with you. Even when we are quiet and driving around doing nothing I have fun. Natalie is a rock to Elliot like you have been a rock to me. I couldnt think of a better person to spend hours with yeeting trophy trucks off of mountains with. I cant wait to see what this years RP brings for us. To all of my BCSO/SASP/LSFD family thank you for wanting me to always be the best Elliot I can be. Even if I talk shit to everyone on twitter. Just wait for drunk Elliot. There is so many people that I could put here but then it would be to long. Sara, Paris, Hondo, Marc, Mari, Ricky, Tony, Sam Smith, and everyone else I constantly interact with. Never change and stay beautiful
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    Hope y’all are having a good day ❤️
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    me 1rtUvFgUOe7XR--i.mp4
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    Like dis post so I get more reputations pls I gots to beat everyone
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    banana banana meatball
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    Yes. Being worked on. No ETA at the moment.
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    Just ur daily Love Ur Face comin at ya
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    Happy birthday to me, finally closer to the end
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    There are hardly ever cops in Server 2. I spend upwards of hours on that Server just to have a few Officers stop in and take off after they're tired of every ones shenanigans. 4 Police and 4 EMS on server 1, one day and the queue was longer than there were people on server 2. I understand alot of shit goes down in server 2, and that's because it's being absolutely neglected. Businesses are being purchased by Server 1 normies, just to come over whenever they want cause they know they don't have to wait in queue. And since no cops are ever in Server 2, places can not be robbed making server 2 pointless alot of the time. I understand the RP is tremendous on Server 1, but if you're just going to neglect Server 2 day in and day out, maybe you should just shut it down. And if your Officers don't know how to divide and conquer, than I recommend more training. There was a time Roberto almost asked me to switch to server 2 cause no EMS were on duty there,I switched before he said anything to me and thanked me for switching servers cause he was about to ask me. That's called "taking initiative" and the residence of City 2 would really love it if your Officers showed that please. I did it as EMS, I expect nothing less from SASP.
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    i love aidan. like if u agree
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    🍒 #CHERRYCHELLA ft. Desmond Doss 🍒 Miss Cherry Taboo and her #taboobies will be performing this Friday at 6:00 PM PST. Desmond Doss will also be performing for the interlude! Cherry Taboo is a drag queen/music artist who's always wanted everyone to feel welcome. The goal with her music is to let people feel comfortable with being themselves, because she believes there is nothing better than that. In this performance, she will be accompanied by her two close friends, Ayesha Larue and Nefera Kosey. The concert will take place at the Sisphyus Theater, right above Vinewood Hills on Baytree Canyon Road. (The concert will run close to an hour in length, not counting features) There will be a raffle for a BRAND NEW red & fully upgraded Pfister Comet 1! Everyone is welcome to buy more than one raffle ticket. The raffle will happen after the concert is over. With the purchase of the VIP Ticket, you will receive a copy of her latest album personally signed by Cherry herself, access to the meet n greet that will take place after the raffle, an autograph wherever you want, and three raffle tickets. However, there are only 7 VIP tickets being sold, so make sure to ask Ayesha or Nefera to buy one before the concert begins! General Admission - FREE 7 VIP SLOTS - $200 Raffle Tickets - $50 BEWARE.. IT MIGHT BECOME VERY LOUD!
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    At this time the Department of Justice is going to be denying the request. We see no reason why we should entertain the thought of an expungement when your client willingly partook in actions leading to being charged multiple times with terrorism, attempted murder and jail break. We also see your client made no effort to change his ways after being released by the fact that even his last arrest is a violent crime.
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    Bruh its my Birthday
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    New Cover Photo because why not ((: @OnlySlays
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    Micro uzis pull out at an extremely unrealistic speed, especially when compared to all other weapons. Micro uzi should have draw time increased while switchblade should have draw time significantly reduced with an appropriate animation for being a switchblade. I'm almost inclined to say the draw time of the two should be swapped.
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    I have some friends that RP as criminals. Not really my thing, but I do have some suggestions on things I think would be cool for their Crim-RP (specifically drugs). I don't know how everything works, so forgive me if I speak in error or my suggestions are old news. LSD - Currently, my friend told me the only way to get this is thru home break ins. He also said he tried it and it was basically the same effect as Meth. GTA Online has peyote you can find and eat and it makes you "trip" by turning you into an animal. I don't think that fits into USARRP, but having a more trippy effect than meth should be the case for sure. ADD - Manufacturing of LSD - multi-process system similar to what my friends told me you have to do for meth manufacturing. ADD - LSD effect of getting extra health for a short amount of time. AKA you can last longer in a fight/shootout, but you will die once the effect wears off. Kinda how smoking weed gives you a fraction of armor, according to my friends. Overclocked health if you will. CHANGE - Cocaine - from what I understand, its currently one bag you get from somewhere, cut it and deliver. Cocaine, much like the other drugs, should be able to be manufactured in "mass". I have heard you can only carry one bag of cocaine at a time. Adding a plane/boat aspect to it would be even cooler. Such as having a couple of random islands with coca plants that can be harvested. Gangs/Druglords would then have to have air/boat operations in play to be able to get the materials to produce cocaine. ADD - Cocaine effect - A 2% chance to explode your heart, but while it lasts you are super fast and super strong (within reason) ADD - Manufacturing of Heroin - Highly addictive & requires stolen needles from ambulances/hospitals/house break ins to use. ADD - Heroin effects - Also, regarding the highly addictive nature, the more your character uses it, the more addicted you become. Such as after 3 consecutive uses, if you character does not use again for X amount of time, their health slowly trickles away....OR your character becomes slower at running/fighting/etc. The "benefits" of using could be something like, while you are high, no locals will refuse drug deals. So drug dealers would be tempted to use it, in order to increase their profits....but risk becoming addicted! ADD - Weed Bagging Tables for home/property purchase (think MMO crafting tables) - Currently there is only one place to bag weed and those of us that have our medical marijuana license are constantly a target if we go there to get our fresh buds bagged, so we can roll them into a joint. OR.... Make it where you can roll fresh buds instead of having to bag it first. ADD - different strengths of weed. The more time and effort you put into plants make them better/worse? Maybe a curing process that effects the strength? It would increase RP where certain people would be sought out for their different strengths of weed. ADD - Jefferys - the ability to put other drugs into a joint for RP/shiz and giggles purposes. ADD - Ecstasy Manufacturing - Just another drug with fun effects ADD - Opium - VERY similar to the way weed works in the city, but perhaps makes your character slower on top of the normal weed effects? In general, I think the addition of more drugs to manufacture, sell, indulge, find, etc will give people not only more RP options, but stop funneling all the criminals into one drug business. People can have specialties, corner certain markets and it would just spread the activities available in general. Hopefully my criminal friends will enjoy this post and agree!
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    I came up with this small list of cars that would be cool I guess to see in the server. I have attached a link to each car so everyone can see what it looks like Declasse Yosemite Drift Albany V-STR Nagasaki Outlaw Dinka Blista Kanjo Dinka Sugoi Lampadati Komoda 8F Drafter Gauntlet Hellfire
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    I feel that civilians should have access to radios where we get to set to a public frequency or type in a specific frequency. Police can monitor these frequencies as well.
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    Hummm.. where should I start @Corygu for showing me this server and to still endure me after all those months together, even when I can act Pepega LOL. You've made me learn a lot through the past months and I wouldn't be as good as I him without you man. Lots of funny moments and more to come. @OnlySlays for giving me the chance to join and grow within the BCSO. He's the absolute best Shawriff for this town and nobody could replace him @Travis Williams for being a boomer who keeps calling me a boomer, even if he totally knows he's the biggest boomer and one of the biggest pepega of BCSO lmao @Mari even though she likes to beat me with her flashlight, she's amazing and funny. Even though sometimes, she thinks I'm a vending machine for when she forgets to buy food LOL. Oh and sometimes yeah, she can be a meanie. @Conrad Doge I've started as a CO at the same time as this dude, and we had great and funny times together. Keep the good work man. @Pris We haven't encountered each other a lot, but you are always nice to RP with and always helpful when I need it. Hope we will be able to RP more and have more funny moments! Also, sorry for mag dumping you at the sand pit LOL @Jessie You, omg, always funny moments, even though you can be toxic as hell haha (I'm not better LOL), especially with Steele lmao. It's always fun when you are around or when we talk to each other. @Jamie Another good RPer on this server. I'm always having fun with you, lots of laughing when you are around and love to work with you man @MikeyGstrang Dude, that man is one of the best dudes in this server. I'm always having a good laugh when you are around and one of the best RPers on this server. Can't wait to do more RP with you bud. @Schwifty This guy, funny as hell. Especially when he does Jason Stathom, omg. I always laugh hard when he plays Charles or Jason. This guy right here, another really good RPer on this server and can't wait to do more RP with you. P.S.: Jason still owes me 30k, mf LOOOL @nyasuu No I didn't steal your purse okay and stop reaching LOL. Always funny to RP with you and lots of laughs when I see you around, even if you are a criminal scumbag hahaha. Not everyone is here, sorry if I forgot some people! For my BCSO family, lots of love and really enjoy every moments with you guys. Stay sharp and stay safe
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    Allright, I guess I should put some stuff here @OnlySlays For allowing me the chance to grow and be overbearing during command staff meetings(i'm 33, probably not going to change but at least i know it) @Jamie For letting me be not only your bailiff but your fellow boomer @GopnikMedic For jumping off the roof with me when tammy the hawk attacked me (I IRL was on the phone not paying attention while on MRPD roof) @Country for helping me with the in game stuff, your spreadsheets, and your old man voice @Ella for being the first criminal to be nice to me even though you punched me in the face @SaraBeara for being a goof @nyasuu for laughing at my dad jokes @Mari for legit running CID like a boss @Ghost for taking the leap with me to a new server, same for @AimLes, @zenmoz (thomas Vill), @vikky33#4106, @Jim Lahey, @ddjake, @Koolaid @Terry Jenkins and all his crips for being super funny @staff for giving me the opportunity to give back So many more to be honest, I really appreciate you all. I work a super stressful job and it is fun for me to be able to come home from it and have a bit of fun to say half the shit I'd get fired for if i said it at IRL work. It's a blast showing people as much IRL law and legal processes that I can. This has been a great community and I am happy to be a part of it you all have a friend in me and that is for sure. -Gary Bones AKA Bary Gones
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    Guys so like I need 8 more likes to get to 100 rep PLS HELP! Or like ill be sad ❤️
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    I can’t wait for Christmas 🎄👀
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    First year in USARRP coming soon!!
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    New to USARRP, but not new to RP. I love GTA RP, but every time I've tried to find a decent server to play on, I usually lose interest within a few hours. I gave up on trying for awhile but decided to give it one last go. When I found USARRP, I couldn't believe it! Finally, a solid server. This is post is just a thank you letter to the staff & owner! Keep up the good work guys!
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    I hope everyones doing alright, its easy to get swamped with bad thoughts nowadays. ❤️
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    FFC has seen it's fair share of host's and today is no different. I want to expand the event and make it where everyone can be apart of the fun What's different? Instead of having the fights every Friday we'll be having conferences where the press (Wheezel News) and members of the audience can ask questions. They'll be a max of 6 fights. 3 fights for the maincard and 3 for the undercard each fight will have 3 rounds How can you be apart of FFC? Fighter or not there's ways you can be involved with the event. If you're starting a business or already own one we'll help promote your business. in between the fights and the during the conference's we'll spread the word and get more people interested in the local businesses. If you're part of Weazel News you're more than welcome to film the conference's/fight and come up with creative ways to be more involved, such as but not limited to interviewing the fighters, record a documentary, put together a montage, there's endless potential. If you're an officer you can provide security during the event, escort the fighters to the arena and make the experience safe for all citizens. Paramedics/doctors can be on standby during the event to make sure the fighters are in peek condition and provide any medical needs to all citizens Streaming the event is always welcomed but if you want to take it to the next step like including transitions and having overlays feel free to DM me.(hdshow#3687) How will FFC work? This Friday (23/08/19) will have it's first conference. Wanna know who's the toughest? Who eats a bowl of nails without any milk? or you wanna play it safe and ask them about the weather. Whatever you wanna know, the conference is the best place to ask. Conference Rules: No Physical Violence/Assault. No Crowd Raids (Members of the Crowd Are Not Allowed On Stage Unless They Are Personnel, For Example Weazel News, EMS/SASP/BCSO Etc.) All Fighters/Spectators Will Be Searched Before Entering The Area Of Friday Fight Club. Now it's finally the time you fight, that is if you make it though the queue. Both cards (Maincard, Undercard) will consist of 3 fight and each fight will have 3 rounds, pretty simple. The conference and fight will take place in Vinewood Bowl 10PM BST https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com Showtime Rules: No Crowd Raids (Members of the Crowd Are Not Allowed On Stage Unless They Are Personnel, For Example Weazel News, EMS/SASP/BCSO Etc.) Fighters Are Not Allowed Any Sort Of weapons. If Weapons Are Used (Brass Knuckles Etc) Action Will Be Put In Place. Fighters Need To Jump Before Each Fight So They Have No Gum On Their Feet. All Fighters/Spectators Will Be Searched Before Entering The Area Of Friday Fight Club. (This Will Include EMS, Weazel News And Any Other Person(s) Given Permission To Go On Stage.) Prize: The prize money will be announced before the fights, Donations are welcomed but not required. If you have any questions regarding the event, donating or even ways to promote your business please get in contact with Hdshow#3687 or Lil Baby#5210 Please comment if you're attending FFC, it's important we know who's involved Spectator, EMS, MRPD,BCSO, Press, Fighter, Streamer (If there's any I'm missing comment bellow)
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    dont ask why clowns act the way they do 🤯 ask why u keep going to the circus 🤡
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    I am the Mole King I speak for the moles, give me thyne taxes or be riddled with poles
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    Good morning everybody, lets get this bread T_T 💪
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    Hello once again. I've decided to come back to RP after a very long hiatus. Some of you might remember me from the past, If not that's fine too 😄 . Anyway Im excited to meet the new people who joined this community in the meantime while I was away and experience the changes that the server has had. I hope to see some old folks and catch up with all of you! Happy RP-ing boys and gals, see you In-game.
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