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    Remember to smile lots everyone!!! ❤️
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    Remember that you’re amazing!!! ❤️
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    This is not going to become a safe zone what needs to happen is pressure needs to be put back at the people that are making the place no fun to head to or just leave them to enjoy been the shit lords where they are sadly the place coming to town did brings some great opportunity. Again this is another example on the most part of Gangs that dont act in any realistic manner as they are not down holding the ground that they claim is where they are instead we find them trying to be the centre of everything. In simple though make the reports of the idiots grab footage of it happening on the report cause they dont act out as much when staff are around which is very sad. But safe zones just create even more of an issue if you witness someone stand there and just shoot into the air or something or take any little part of Roleplay straight to a gun please report them. The most effective way to report gunplay is sadly the forums as in game we struggle to gather the information required but there have been several members removed recently due to none stop bad RP and reaching for guns so the reports do work when used.
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    Recently, I realized that you can't do a single emote in the vehicles anymore. I'm not too sure if this was done on purpose or not, but if it can be brought back that would be amazing. Not being able to put your hands up in a vehicle is a big factor to RP situations, for example, when you're put into a stop and the officer tells you to put your hands up, but you can't. Also, when you pull out your phone, your character use to look at it and have it out, but now when you pull out your phone it just stays stuck inside of your hand and your model doesn't even look at the phone. Therefore, if emotes in vehicles can be brought back that would be good.
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    @BJK1908 ❤️ Favorite person and got to walk Avery Down the aisle! Looking good with all that Pink ❤️
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    Seen it on other servers, you can do a command like "/th" and it allows you to escort someone whilst having the gun pointed to there head, dont believe this is a thing on the server and if it isn't then I would love to see it added!
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    @Astroo :) that is when you /report everyone involved as it is a breach of the one extremely important rule within the server...
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    ^ Exactly this. I don't necessarily think it should be a green zone and I know staff cant crack down on people without reports but its pretty damn sad when myself and other cops would rather buy 8-10 peanut butter cups and 3 Fanta's or 4 hot dogs and three waters because of the way we get treated when we arrive.
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    Happy 4th of July loves ❤️🤍💙
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    There is an unused motel in Paleto Bay. I am hoping that perhaps it could be another point in which you can live, while there is two in Sandy Shores and one in Los Santos. Paleto Bay is a part of the map that I hope to see more utilized in the future. I often will spawn there whenever I log on, and I spend a lot of time there with working and interactions. The location is in a beautiful part of the map, and it would be nice to see more people show up around there instead of swarming burger shot.
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    Mountain Tops is always the best !!!
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    I dont even have a cop character but I've gotten to the points I'll spend the ton of money at 24/7rather than deal with what is shitlord central anymore.
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    When 2.0 launched it paid a decent amount but people have to ruin things and we’re making a load of money since it was bugged, not sure why payout is low on it now but it might have something to do with that.
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    This year is flying by now I cant even think where the last 6 months have gone nearly my B'day well closer than it was...
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    There are two huge things I’d love to see implemented into the server. The first is an in-game character changer (unless I’m stupid and I just don’t know it’s in the game already somewhere). IF ALREADY IN THE SERVER, IGNORE THIS PARAGRAPH PLEASE! That way when we want to change characters we don’t have to completely relog. The second thing I’d like to see is less character damage taken. When I jump and land on the floor, I immediately take damage and have to get a first aid kit. I’ve also been tackled and then need a first aid kit. I just would like to be able to take less damage for smaller things (like previously mentioned tackling and jumping).
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    There is a way of fixing this. Simply, don't lock it as you are walking through the door. It isn't very realistic to start with and it also does cause it to bug out. The way you SHOULD do it is walk though the door, wait for it to close turn around and lock it with those keys you have! Works 100% of the time for me and although it slows me down it increases the realism for me!
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    Early birthday shenanigans: Thank you for birthday wishes from Justin M and gang Ash, you're wonderful company as always. Thanks for the ATV rides! James -- funny af! Sarah Moon - You are the woman Pablo G - I'm glad you listened Alexander Steele - Thanks for the wishes! Lahey and Smiley - Thanks for the 2k! Daemon S - for the sweet email wishes!
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    #We cuties! @Hank Hilliams
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    idk if this would ever happen but a bike shop or a garage at weed processing would be so helpful the amount of times vehicles thanos there is unreal and then you have to do that long ass run to grapseed or sandy, so either a garage to grab another car or leave your car in there or a bike shop incase your vehicle does thanos would be so helpful
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