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    did you guys know that when you did the go so went to the. Thing? Yes. I would there.
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    Just thought I'd introduce myself. Some of you already know me, I'm Cordelia Fox. I'm an attorney at Fox Co. I like to ride my bike on the beach and take pictures of the sunset as well as practicing law. I cant drive cars very well so beware if you ever ask for a lift Loving the city so far. Spiritually I'm a writer and freelance IT specialist. I come from Spain but live in the uk and this is my first RP that doesnt involve dragons.
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    Proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FUqJ6wt6eb8_cbUjXNsbPgi96xiufiT6M8qNHswU7VM/edit?usp=sharing Available Positions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/177mkVzKLZYn6dPVNwZpUP3QJxXa1ES829XdOqsl2shM/edit?usp=sharing
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    Nice hike up the Nudist Camp!
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    Department of Justice I agree with Mr. Alabaster. People with more "serious" crimes are denied lawyers in cases where the police; at their discretion, think the criminal accused has no case. These are the cases where people should have lawyers. Also, denying access to an attorney is a violation of constitutional rights. Because judges are so infrequently in the city (rightfully so), I would propose a magisterial position. A magistrate could relieve some of the burdens of the judge. This individual can be appointed more frequently to individuals who are “level headed, open minded, take the position seriously, have a basic understanding of the judicial system, and are unbiased.” I know from my encounters with the police, who is fair and honest when speaking in terms of the law, as well as those who are not. Responsibilities of a Magistrate: Approve and deny search/arrest warrants (As of right now the police issue their own warrants) Set bail (Currently no bail system set in place) Approve sentencing administered by the various police departments Verify that the accused turned down or received representation Dismiss charges when applicable Preside over hearings if/when a judge is not available Possible other responsibilities: Issue firearms permits approve/deny expungement requests approve/deny DOB/Name Changes Just to touch on a few more points, I think the license suspensions restriction are perhaps too long, at least for the time being. I wouldn't mind seeing suspension times cut in half for expungement. My reasoning is, that most the repeat offenders are going to recidivate in a two-week window rather easily anyway. I am very impressed with the few who haven’t. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to expunge a record for someone who is a felon, especially in cases of repeat offenders. Also, drivers license suspension times are incredibly way too long in comparison to expungements. I would propose maybe a twenty-four to seventy-two-hour suspension on driver’s license. These adjustments would mean: The maximum time for expungement: 7 days, with room for negotiation The maximum time for drivers license suspensions: 72 hours
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    if u reading this u now got cheese touch LOL!!!!! 🧀👈