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    New to USARRP, but not new to RP. I love GTA RP, but every time I've tried to find a decent server to play on, I usually lose interest within a few hours. I gave up on trying for awhile but decided to give it one last go. When I found USARRP, I couldn't believe it! Finally, a solid server. This is post is just a thank you letter to the staff & owner! Keep up the good work guys!
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    My first year on the server is coming up👀
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    You just have to learn them as you go. You'll catch on eventually. At first it's kinda tedious.
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    Seems USARRP server count is low, maybe others are having issues as well? *update* after trying several times, it finally finished. I guess Fivem's servers are just f***** today?
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    Anyone else having issues with Fivem today? When I logged off last night, everything was fine, but today it's trying to update & gets stuck on 'updating game cache' trying a few things now to resolve the issue. Will keep everybody updated.
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    New to USARPP, but not new to RP in general. Happy to be here!
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    Just link any good songs, artists or genre's you've been listening to lately. I've been stuck listening to the same stuff and trying to find something new I can get into. Thanks
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    Hello @Vonknauss Currently our system is set up where police will remove your weapons purely in role play (i.e. "/me removes pistol") and they have to make that clear to you as there is currently no easy way for them to take weapons from players at the moment. Sometimes police are a bit lazy and just type "/me takes weapon" when they should make sure (perhaps by voice) that you are also aware it was "taken". In the future police will be able to take items without having to do "/me takes weapon" and expecting the suspect to understand.
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    Make gangs whitelist only like back in the days. 3 strikes of clear rule breaks takes away your whitelist for a certain amount of time. And since you are no longer whitelisted your gang activity would be haulted until reinstated. @TheFawnXwhat do you think?
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    Mason Walker and I are tied in Age. 48 and going on 12 sometimes!
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    Looks like I join the minority here, 33.
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    Old enough to know better. Take advice from your elders and the wise..... (in my 30's )
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