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    The current fleet🏎️
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    I really love this server and the player base is for the most part very friendly and fun to RP with. However I will say that I believe there is a real problem when it comes to the overall economy and wealth distribution. At the moment, the only way to make any decent money is Meth, Go Postal, or maybe Fishing. All of these pays roughly the same when factoring in time and effort minus initial investment. The problem I am seeing is that there is SO much content available for purchase that will never be in reach of even players who dedicate hours and hours of grinding game play. The reason for this is because if you want to spend $150,000 on a really cool car then you have to work a long time for that. Most jobs will pay roughly around 40k an hour give or take. Thats fine when you are first starting out but once you have delivered 500 packages on go postal or processed and sold 500 Meth, you are a little burnt out. There is not really any progression or reward for dedication to a particular job. Some people will argue that you can buy businesses like Convenient stores or Gun Shops to make extra income. I have tried both of these options and the problem is that due to the 32 player count, the the only stores that will make any kind of good money are the ones located in Paleto which have been and will continue to be owned by the same people. It is Discouraging to work for days on end at the same thing trying to make money and never feeling like there is any growth or potential. What I suggest is that the more you do a job, the more it pays you. Just like in real life, if a delivery man works the same job for a long time, he will continue to be paid more and more for it. incentivize players to find a career they like by rewarding them for being loyal and persistent. If a person makes meth for a very long time, they will get better at making said meth and will be able to charge higher dollar amounts for the quality they are able to provide. As far as businesses go, locals should shop at stores as well. You are telling me they will supply the economy with thousands of dollars in drug money but not a single dime to a convenient store or gun shop? See the flaw here? I love this server and want to see it grow but believe that creating a system in which players can feel a sense of progression is very important in nurturing a healthy and long lasting community. I have many more ideas on how to improve the server if anyone wants to have a conversation.
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    All deputies are expected to attend, those that cannot please provide appropriate reasoning to a member of command staff OR post a reply to the above calendar entry. Thanks,
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    @Sterdaddy As a team, the Admins are working on the economy and figuring out stuff. As a person, I can tell you it is quite possible to make enough money to drive at least one car of your dreams, in a week and not having to grind for the rest of your game-play. How do I know this? Because that is what I've done. As was pointed out to you too, you can create your own jobs. Part of the RP is just that, RP! Example: Mia and Tony runs Life Invader. We pay every single person who help us $15k per event. Sure that is not a whole lot but it does bring in more than cash: 1. It establishes RP 2. It establishes interaction between people who may never otherwise communicate. 3. It establishes player reputation and visibility 4. It establishes activity outside of the norm. 5. It establishes a platform for you to actually develop your OWN company. (This is just off the top of my head) Recently there's been a few exploitations which lead to the economy being busted. Those are being dealt with and cleaned up. But here's another thing: Mia owns ONE car over 25k (55k to be exact). She does not sell drugs and she does not spend all her cash on weapons either; she's not grinded for over three months. So how DOES she make her money? 1. She stays out of jail. 2. She works on her company & connections. 4. She does not wreck her cars and spend all her money on insurance. 5. She does not drive stupidly expensive cars and she does not buy more than she needs. (who REALLY needs 12 cars and why?) 6. She does not own a stupidly expensive gun. 7. She does not drive like a maniac (well ... lol) and therefore she has never lost her licence which could force her into the illegal business. 8. She does not park her pricy car in 'hot-spots' where tourists or gang-bangers can trash it for the mere sake of it being there - so she spends no money on 'fixing up' stuff. 9. She does not waste money on upgrades on cars she won't drive all the time. Buying and selling illegal stuff is far more profitable, that is 100% tue - but then again, the risk is 100% higher too and let's not forget about the hospital trips at 2k a pop because people are afraid to call 911 in case the cops show up (and losing your guns etc each time. It all adds up) As for the 32-man player comment - Well, that is a thing, but there are 24 hours in a day and every day those 32 players cycle through the active time-zones. This means, again that if you set yourself up right (with the businesses you buy) you can have around the clock coverage. You own those companies. Did you advertise them? What incentives have YOU offered people to make use of your company? (Example: David owned the truckign company - he offered extra security + $x for people to 'grind' through his lot. He made enough money not to grind himself! Taxi drivers had 'taxi wars' for a while, and they pitted speedy transport against 'cheap fairs'. Fun, interactive AND profitable.) The realism part is in managing your funds, your time and your interaction. Nothing should come 'easy' (although it does already). You make a fair point about the economy being screwed at the moment, but it has nothing to do with 'too much content'. However, Just because the content is there, (like IRL) doesn't mean you are ENTITLED to it, nor does it mean you HAVE to USE it. Much like working for a boss vs entrepreneurship, YOU make the choices which will help build a community or destroy your soul. That is not on anyone. (I can give you ample examples of people who do not grind, who don't have a lot but who aren't short of anything really and are pretty active and interactive) Try to think outside of the box - Be creative in your approach - Have fun with it all and be sensible about your game-play. At the end of the day, it is about RP & Creativity, no? I am sure the developing crew will take what you have to say into consideration. Don't forget to check here what is being worked on https://trello.com/b/ZByNKQem/usa-realism-rp And by all means, use the #suggestions channel on discord to share those ideas of yours, they're always welcome! xxx Mia xxx
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    Breaking Maximov And Anatoly Out Of Prison With Mr Lahey, Ivan, Ted @Castle @Pepe Jimbo
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    Rudy Maple - Racer
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    Judy Moran ( I found Tanny IRL?) Judy Moran, who was born 18 December 1944, is known as the matriarch of the Moran family - a group of infamous criminals based in Melbourne, Australia. The Moran family were drug traffickers whose name became feared both publicly and amongst the criminal underworld. Judy's first husband, Leslie "Johnny" Cole, died during a gangland shooting in 1982. Her son, Mark Cole, was then murdered in 2000. She then remarried Lewis Moran and they had a son together, Jason Moran, who was shot dead in 2003. Her brother-in-law, Des Moran, was also shot dead in June 2009. Judy and three others were arrested on suspicion of the murder. The police alleged that Moran had hid the getaway car in her own garage and then disposed of it later, they had everything they needed on surveillance to finally see her spend time behind bars. During the trial, Moran's house was set ablaze in an arson attack and finally she was sentenced to 26 years in jail with a minimum service of 21 years.
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    “Hermod before Hel” by John Charles Dollman (1909) Hel: The Queen of Helheim Hel is a giantess and the daughter of Loki the trickster God and the giantess Angrboda. She is also the sister of the wolf Fenrir and the world serpent Jormungand. It was Odin the chief of the Aesir who threw Hel down into the underworld, Hel then made the underworld into her own realm and crowned herself Queen of Helheim. The entrance into Helheim The entrance into Helheim is guarded by a dog named Garm “Hell Hound” the dog is bound in the cave called Gnipacave “Gnipahulen” the dog is howling, everytime new people arrive. The dragon Nidhogg (old Norse “Níðhöggr”) will then be alarmed that new blood is on the way. Nidhogg will then suck the blood out of all the dead people who arrive, so they become completely pale. When all the blood has left their bodies, it is easier for Hel, to get them into her army of the dead. The army will one day attack and destroy the world at Ragnarok which is “the end of the world”. Hel will use her ship Naglfar, it is built with the nails from the dead.Hel is surrounded by a tall fence called Nágrindr “Corpse-Fence”, and it is a very creepy place to be. But not everyone will go to Helheim when they die, it is only those who died of illness, old age or was not brave enough in the eyes of the Gods that was sent to Hel. Hel lives inside Helheim in a big hall called “Icy cold and sleet”, her throne is named “sotte bed” and her bed is called sick-bed, and the curtains around it Misfortune. The dining table is called Hunger and the knife is called starvation.
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    Cruising & Taking five minutes to catch up before life consumes our time again! #DreamTeam #RelationshipGoals
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    Aiden Ellis-Snyder: "I am angry man I shoot people who cross me thanks for bribery very good."
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    Crossing Luciano's ambition in branching out is rarely good for one's health.
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    Takes a pack of Drina cigarettes out
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    Operation ArtaKia @Trevor Lahey @Leonpaul02 @Pepe Jimbo and John Smith
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    Some idiot jumped off the 24/7 and hit his head on the windshield
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    If i am correct and i think i am... the Admins have said that they are working on economy. not sure which aspects mind you... but i believe they are working on it
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    Vandalism is bad kids. Ha sike 🔥
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    Name: Lennos Hultman Unit Number: 223 When are you leaving: 7/07/18 When are you coming back: 19/07/18 Reason: I have to go camping with my family, sadly.