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If you have ever considered a career in law enforcement or detentions, this is the time to act. The San Andreas State Police is seeking to hire an unprecedented number of employees in the coming months. Expansion in both patrol operations and detentions is creating exciting opportunities for good men and women interested in becoming part of the winning team.
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Department of Corrections

Are you ready to make a difference? Apply below to become a part of the great Department of Corrections team, not all criminals are criminals for life and with your help, they can become great members of society once more. All the information you need to change lives can be found below.
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    To The Superior Courts of San Andreas, After further review, the District Attorney's Office recommends that the disbarment petition for the lawyer Jackson Drucci be Approved. Sincerely, ADA Avraham Makowski
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    l doneitagain.mp4
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    Whos excited for the new city?? going to so awesome I love the community and server so much! 😁😁
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    Heads up, I'm at work all day on Saturday. From Monday I will be on a 2 week business trip in Egypt until 8th July. and from the 9th July i'm on holiday in South America until August. By which I imagine 2.0 will be out. So have fun with the server and everything, and i'll see you all when i'm back maybe ❤️ , TJ.
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    This case will be moved to Sunday at the same time
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    see when u do clownery, the clown comes back to bite 🤡
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    Happy fathers day all them dads out there!😃
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    I'm Back, I missed you all 😉
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    Everyone up to this comment has been added.