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    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KfhZikeh8ZLXemUiQs1aWG1_uiozYeRcNrxdoKKQE-Q/edit?usp=sharing I believe that we've included everything needed, but let me know if anything needs to be added, changed, or if you have any questions. If this gets accepted, I will make the club on the site.
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    You know what is cool, the number 7
  3. 3 points
    An accurate Photo of The Luciano Family... before it's end... Redone of an In-game picture though at a different location
  4. 2 points
    -me when they don't announce BorderLands 3 😒 😭
  5. 2 points
    Looks awesome can’t wait to see what you do with Life Invader!😊
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    Hey, I'd like to request a name change, due to the fact that in my passport I have a last name with a samll letter e Instead of a capital letter E, So "Bernie Eccelstone" with a capital letter E in the last name
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    Hippity Hoppity This is A Robbery
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    Hello, Myself and The other Founders, Would like to register our Mafia as an Official Organisation. I have took it upon myself to create a google document with all the necessary information required: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ckiSEk4k7QehvPth8qx1nIYZHF_-bikY0HtbR2e8o-M Though we do lack currently a third founder, we hope as time progresses we can have someone else claim the title of Underboss and the third founder. Thank You for your time & Have a good day, ~ Genovese Brothers
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    -me when i see sometime that is Driving at me to VDM me 😒 HELLO darkness my old Friend 😭
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    Character Name*: Michael S. Garfield Starting Bid Price*: $75,000 In-game screenshots*: Addt. Upgrades (with proof of upgrade):
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    The transaction has been completed in the game. @MichaelMotorcycl
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    Come join us Every Saturday @7pm CST to 8pm CST for a night of Scrap Picking, Metal Clinging FUN!!! Hosted by Yours Truly, Alex O'Connor! Weather you participate or spectate you will have a Blast! Tickets on sale! Participants- 10K Buy In Spectators- 1K Front Row Seating Spectators- 3K Up Close and Personal Spectators- 5K Designated Navigator(Waivers Must Be Signed) 1st Place Winner gets 50,000 Dollars!!!! Go a head and leave a reply on this event and comment the Ticket of Purchase! LOCATION: Behind the Casino in the fenced in dirt track Rules: 1. No head to head collisions 2. Vehicles Must Be Towed To and From Event(Participants Only) 3. ONLY PURE AMERICAN MUSCLE ALLOWED 4. Have FUN! 5. Once in side you cannot leave and enter without paying again. *Looking for Security Volunteers* (MUST HAVE A CLEAN CRIMINAL RECORD)
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    -me whenever anyone starts to yell ingame for an admin after I RP kill them
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    Why you gotta laugh at me homie cx
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    BOOOOTIFUL (ignore that dead body)
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    I will not be able to attend on December 5th or 8th because of final exams at college. My apologies.
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    Might not be able to attend because I am eating Thanksgiving Dinner with my family tonight, since we are leaving tomorrow.
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    I will be late as I work till 5:30. Sheeeit
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