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    Name: Nicholas Coleman Unit-number: [U-103] When you are leaving: 19th of March, 2019 When you are coming back: ~ 26th of March, 2019 Reason: I'll be away visiting family on the east coast for a week!
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    Bnok SHAQ OFORI, he lit af you gotta admit
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    hi guys. FFC will be hosted this week ok? 🙂
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    This Friday will bring yet another FRIDAY FIGHT CLUB! The PRIZES this week however will be much bigger than last weeks and will be only in cash. You should start arriving at 2:30 PM PST (city time), and it will officially start at 3:00 PM PST at the Vinewood Bowl again. We hope to have even more fun than last weeks! P.S. All rules will be explained on the day before the fighting happens. Credits: Papa Post - The FFC Banner
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    hey guys new around here looking to get involved
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    Hello, I'm Rick, I am a Lvl 2 Dispatch EMD for Regina Dispatch. I first got into RP with DOJRP(Yes, the one Polecat is in), and I got to Senior Operator II, and since I left them, I cant find a community to take me. So I am currently "surfing" for communities, looking for one that has dispatch. I may not be here for long, or I could get on the dispatch staff team.
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    Alright lads, the time has come to find out who the most lit person is on the server. Here is how we shall do this. Everyone put who you think should be nominated for the most lit person on the server under this post. Then I shall create a poll with those nominees for everyone to vote on who is the most LIT on the server.
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    oh wow,,, this is a powerful thread..... but i have to say... aidan is most lit on server :^) mini could only dream of being on ur level.
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    The police report is being requested if it was made. If there is no police report made then there is no evidence of there to be subpoenaed. However if there is a police report the prosecution is requesting to use it as evidence within this case. Prosecution is not questioning if the officer(s) should or should not have created a police report, however if there is a police report that exists regarding this incident, the prosecution is requesting to use it as the prosecution's evidence.
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    @Sneezy | Declan Taylor Im in on my other one its all good. I was having problems with my main anyways
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    @Sneezy | Declan Taylor please submit the evidence. You have 1 week to do so before the case becomes an outstanding litigation and will be decided based on what is on the docket.
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    I will be taking this case. @Aidan Biden, please tag Mr. Leeapolled so we can arrange a time for this case to be heard.
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    Ill just use my other one I been having problems with my main
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    Hello, I'm Brekfast, AKA Fabiano Marcotti, Fitness Guru. Met a few last night on the server. Fabiano looks forward to giving inspiration to you all.
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    Hey im James. im brand new to GTA RP and haven't played D&D in Years. im from Oregon, in 27, im currently going to collage to become a mechanical engineer..... cant think of anything else to say but im looking forward to having a lot of fun and creating some amazing stories with you all.
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    Oh and there's this one also. Forgot about this one.
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    Will do. Minipunch PM'd me about GFX for some logos for USARRP as well and I attached a couple quick logos I made while I had free time. Due to how the IPS Logo bit is in the stylesheet(s) any logo bigger than the set dimensions in the CSS would cut the logo off a bit. The two logos I made as an example are below. Bare in mind that these are true transparent logos.
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    Feel free to make your own introduction threads in the Lounge!
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    Rest in Peace Hanna Khoury ❤️
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    Name: Mateo di Nova Unit-number: 119 When you are leaving: Today 03-13-19 When you are coming back: 04-09-19 Reason: Need more focus on school, and I can’t afford to spend time on other things.