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    Maybe have Civi Radio's with a range like so they can travel maybe 1/4 of the city then they are out of range so that Civ's can talk in a group and work a plan out and have look outs.
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    banana banana meatball
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    At this time the Department of Justice is going to be denying the request. We see no reason why we should entertain the thought of an expungement when your client willingly partook in actions leading to being charged multiple times with terrorism, attempted murder and jail break. We also see your client made no effort to change his ways after being released by the fact that even his last arrest is a violent crime.
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    Plaintiff: Rodrigo Black Defendant: BCSO Statement of Claim: On Friday 3/13/2020, Mr. Rodrigo Black’s estate was illegally broken into by the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. The warrant that was signed by Honorable Judge Shaw signed the warrant under no context of ANY probable cause. Saying this I and my client are calling for the resignation of Blake Shaw under the pretense of him having a direct issue with my client or potential other citizens in the state of San Andreas to further his connections with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office to perform illegal search and seizures for the department his related brother or cousin is currently leading. This is a clear cut decision for the following reasons: There was no valid search warrant for the estate of Mr. Rodrigo Black. Mr. Black's criminal record is minimal - with nothing constituting a search warrant of his estate. There is no evidence to conclude that he committed or was planning a crime worthy of an invasive search of his home. The basic principles of conducting a search with a search warrant were not met. Consent was not given or even asked for. There was nothing in Plain View - as the items were inside my client's estate. There were no Exigent Circumstances involving Mr. Black that would justify a search warrant to be requested. This is not a case of Hot Pursuit, and my client's vehicle was not even searched (Automobile Exception), meaning that this entire "operation" was a botched and abrasive illegal attempt to ruin my client's experience in the city. As per the exclusionary rule, any fines or prison time that were accrued by Mr. Black or his tenants must be compensated for. Illegally obtained weapons or money that were obtained during the raid must be forfeit from use in a court of law. Compensation Request: I am asking for my client the following: All seized items to be returned. (Legal and Illegal - as the acquisition of these items was performed in a way that does not reflect the integrity of the department) Understanding that the items seized were potentially listed as illegal in the court of law. We are asking the court for compensation rather than all of the items returned back. List of seized items to be compensated for Weed Buds = 1241 (1241 * 350) = $434,350 Packaged Weed = 181 (181 * 350) = $63,350 2 Scratched Pistols = (2 * 2,500) = $5,000 4 Switchblades = (4 * 1,500) = $6,000 Total Amount in dollars for items illegally taken: $508,700 Fiscal Compensation: Total Amount of Fiscal Compensation Requested: $50,000 - Breach of Police Misconduct Provision - $25,000 - Compensation for clear violation of the constitution's fourth amendment - $12,500 - Compensation for indirect libel and slander of my client's name and reputation - $12,500 Total Amount of Compensation (Seized Item worth and Fiscal Compensation) $558,700 Evidence Gathered: Operation Report https://docs.google.com/document/d/104JafalGeyUvSfM4pXoZYW-0otPqcmQfzB4XpJVfh7U/edit?usp=sharing Warrant Request https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3IoNyQ39yg0XYuNfgDvBny3Ju9SGPfP3KgUGFd_A0k/edit?usp=sharing Warrant https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BNH7Af_UVzoCOBsFMTTCu3UUdR6767rdELSDkylQSqA/edit?usp=sharing
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    Ricky Montoya - Name Change Petition Full Name: Ricky Montoya Date of Birth: 03/26/2000 Image of Ricky Montoya: Photo of Ricky New Name: Ricky Jones Ms. Montoya and Mr. Montoya would like to voluntarily terminate their legal rights to Ricky Montoya. Commission of a felony. Lack of access as a result of serving prison time. Being tried in connection to the kidnapping of Cordelia Fox, leaving parlous on the last name of Montoya. Known to Law Enforcement as an extremely dangerous individual, again leaving parlous on the last name of Montoya. Ricky Montoya leaves adverse on Laura Montoya and Justin Montoya, Laura and Justin are looking to expand themselves, they're looking to expand into real estate, security, construction, etc. Ricky Montoya leaving a parlous on the last name Montoya is not only stopping them for pursuing their dreams in real estate, security, and construction but making it out as everybody with the last name Montoya is a bad person. Laura and Justin and have been denied to certain career paths in a multitude of career choices' solely because of Ricky's connection to the last name. Ricky Montoya is an extremely dangerous person and to law enforcement, he is noted as an extremely dangerous individual. Laura and Justin are requesting Ricky's name to be changed back to Jones so they can proceed to live their life without interruption. Laura and Justin are loosing a multitude of different opportunities solely due to Ricky Montoya's negligence of the law and life.
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    This petition will be DENIED. There are no legal powers that the court nor adoption parents hold to force a name change on Mr Ricky Montoya. We suggest that Mr and Mrs Montoya review their adoption papers and consider revoking them if they feel strongly about the way their son is behaving. This petition is focused on the "damage to the Montoya name" which is a strongly societal view. I understand the adoption parents concern. However, from a legal and fair perspective this is simply not possible. Mr Montoya is of an age to change his own name on his own accord. As long as the parents stay away from crime or trouble this should not reflect negatively on their family name nor social reputation. In conclusion the court sees no legal requirement for this name to be forcefully changed and so this case will be locked and closed. - Hon. Reece Middleton
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    I just wanted to say, what great additions to the city! The RP possibilities & Revenue opportunities from both of these activities are great! The hunting is fun and profitable, as well as great RP. The Burger shot is good money, fun, a great hangout location & the food is actually useful and different than corner store food. The RP from this place just one night of hanging there was great! People were laughing and having a great time! I can't wait for more additions like this. Please keep up the great work on this great city!!!
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    updated the character backgrounds, why not? 🤷‍♀️
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    5 MORE DAYS! #Divorced #ReykaBangBang #HeyDoge
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    Bump the whitelisted REA job. Judges aren't construction workers it is ridiculous that a server with over 80 concurrent players relies on Judges to make doors. We should be doing actual DOJ work, not brain dead SBS door making that people use as an advantage to kidnap us. But hey I guess killing the economy is more important x
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    We need some clarity on hunting with others. Some admins have told me it is okay to share meat, and some have told me it's not. What is it? We need an official, public answer. I was told that the reason the hunting animation time was increased to 45 seconds was specifically so that people could share the meat without it becoming overtuned. Regardless, it should be okay to share meat with others. Hunting is a fun group activity, both in the server and in real life. A big part of the enjoyment of hunting is doing it with other people. And in real life, people SHARE the contents of the hunt. There is no reason that each kill should belong to only one person if a group is doing it. It's not realistic, and it's not fun. If you want to say it's powergaming, I disagree. It's powergaming if people aren't actively hunting and just taking the contents, sure. But everyone who is shooting the animals and is hunting actively should be able to get a cut. So why not just make it so that everyone has to be participating in the hunting in order to get the contents? That's the most fun and most realistic way to go about this. If for some reason you guys still decide to not allow people to share the meat, then please decrease the hunting animation time. Any comments on this would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Alright, who thought it was a good idea to raise the price of all the things inside of the 24/7? Right now, I'm buying ONE Gatorade for half the price of getting my car out from the garage, if I buy TWO Gatorade's then I could of paid to get my car out from the garage with that money. I know someone wants people to start going to a FAST FOOD place which is called Burgershot but there is a few people that don't want to go and hang around a place where it feels like people are screaming, like I want to get a something to drink and eat real quick from 24/7 and then continue with my RP. At least set the prices back to normal at the 24/7 or make it where the food and drinks get you full instantly because I ain't paying a fortune for just a sandwich and something to drink. Feels like this is something most people can agree with, we don't need the server to force RP on us, just because some people really want to be working at a fast food place and spend their time RPing by using something that was implemented. Let us provide the RP by ourselves...
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    I honestly agree with everything Molly said. She pretty much explains why it is absurd to just rationalize one deer to one person. It is not realistic. Molly also mentions “fun” in her argument, and let us be honest with ourselves, is not the whole point of the server to have fun with other people and not just by yourself? It is just pathetic to think how it is power-gaming when it makes a 100% sense to share a deer, even in real life. I really think hunting is an opportunity for everyone to have fun and make good enough money from a legal job. I understand why it can look like power-gaming and also that the admins are just trying their best. Although it needs to be considered that it makes no sense. At the end, rationalizing one deer to one person is not realistic since a deer gives way too much meat for everyone in real, it is not fun because no one likes to look at someones face while they are skinning for meat and fun, and lastly it is frustrating. Thank you Misty
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    100% agree. Should add hunting knifes to at least increase speed. Deer irl provide about 85 pounds of boneless meat as well. If at all increase the prices. Hunting is the only legal job that has decent pay. If it starts to suck even more then why even do legal things outside of real estate and starting a business which most people cant do. Help us hunters out I would love to go 100% legal instead of spending all of my rp time grinding for small amounts of cash decreasing mine and others rp.
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    I feel like something that is quite demanded is that we can store more than only 300k inside of a bought property/room. Imagine it being 100 dollar bills and then you want to store these cash in your room. You telling me that I can only fit 3000 bills in my place? I feel like that is way too low for being a room where I can store 50 guns and a whole lotta weed buds but can't store more than 3000 bills? Please fix this
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    We all know how annoying the locals can be, but that's especially true for the gangbangers. I think it'd be an awesome idea (I've heard about it before) if the city introduced white-list for gang members that make it to where the locals in your hood won't shoot at you if you're a white-listed gang member. Maybe even make it to where the gang members who live on Forum wear red (Bloods) & the gang members who live on Grove wear blue (Crips) I know that the City is putting up banners on Forum for the Bloods & changing the graffiti on Grove for the Crips soon, so this is just another idea to make things even more immersive as far as the hood goes. Just an idea though! What do you guys think?
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    Respect the drip F/E
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    Not sure if it's a bug, but I don't see a reason why motorcycles shouldn't be allowed to have a topspeed upgrade. The fact that my fully upgrade hakuchou drag can't even hit 130 while a crown vic can doesn't make much sense. If it would make bikes too fast, make the upgrades only give 3-5 mph per upgrade, so that a drag bike can realistically outspeed a car from the 90s
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    @GomBiaN Failure to respond will nullify your right to make arguments regarding properties. As a result all joint properties, accounts, vehicles or any article joint owned will be granted to Anastasia Reyka Roge. Failure to respond and we will count this as a non-contested account and the divorce will be processed regardless of whether or not you are ready to sign or move on. Furthermore given your current legal predicament you have SEVEN days to respond and sign.
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    Please make this happen !!!! As a criminal we have no way to communicate to each other then call or text. I think radios would build so much more RP . Also allow us to communicate during certain situations
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    I don't know about most people, but personally, I use RV's as storage units. & sometimes I can't even remember what some of my vehicles are until I take them out. It would be awesome if we could manually enter text beside our vehicles in the garage. For example, (RV - Weed) or whatever you'd wanna type in so you could remember what was in each vehicle & whatnot. Not sure if this is possible, but would be cool!
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    After reviewing this case numerous times, I am seeing that the Plaintiff's case against the Defendants is one of "excessive force" used by police officers, however, you above mentioned that the Plaintiff's rammed the police cruiser. This level of force is without a doubt justifiable and due to the known presence of lethal firearms in the area the use of force mentioned was completely justifiable. Even without the presence of subpoena evidence your statement of claim itself gives me more than enough reason to make this deliberation in the favor of Defense. Due to this factor, I will be closing this case and advise the plaintiff(s) to refile for the accused "act of negligence toward Jackson Smith". In any future cases, please ensure you include what you are filing your relief for. I have noted in this case you have filed a relief of $50,000 with no actual reasoning/claims. I have revised the Subpoena Request and have noted the actual reasons from it. With the case being closed the Subpoena is no longer valid and will require a refile for any future cases. The court will not be awarding any parties in this case. Have a fantastic rest of your day. - Hon. Reece Middleton CLOSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE, LOCKED
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    Currently, a Pilot earns approximately $400+ per successful round-trip flight. You're tasked with getting a jet-powered aircraft filled with passengers to an outside airport and back in one piece, while sustaining no injuries to any of the passengers. Causing such forces you to forfeit any money earned from that entire flight. If you are ever convicted of an felonies within the state, it is mandated that your Pilot's License (and Firearm's License) be revoked. With the better aircraft you are given to complete a flight with, it takes approximately 6-7 minutes to complete a round-trip. After 2 successful flights, you are either going to have made less than, or just about match what a job at BurgerShot would net you. BurgerShot pays you $1,300 every 10 minutes, and this isn't including any of the profit you can make by actually making sales with customers. After having completed 2 trips as a Pilot, you will quickly realize that you spent $1,500 for a license that can be quickly revoked by even an impersonation or battery charge, spent more time making ends meet than a fast food employee, and will come out no further on top than one. Please make piloting a more worthwhile job than it currently is. I'm tired of landing a dual-engine jet on 200ft of runway at Grapeseed Airport for pennies.
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    i agree with you. you guys are hardly around as it is. judges getting kidnapped while out doing a door and screwing over many other people waiting. Put the door responsibility on realtors.
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    RP is not one sided, just because gangs are mostly predominant in the server doesn't mean they can own a color and carry it out against civilians. It's dumb and unrealistic to do that. As a gang member we need to make a concrete assessment of people and not harass them over a color. If you see the person openly disrespecting your set or rolling on your block wearing your gang color then that is when you as a gang member are in the right to say something about it but in all other places if someone freely chooses to wear or have their car painted a certain color they are at liberty to do so.
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    I think that the new hunting animation time is something that should be reverted or changed. Currently, the gathering is near instantaneous, which I assume is to try to get people to stop sharing kills. I get why you guys are doing this, it could be considered powergaming to share them. But I raise you this point: a big part of the fun of hunting is to do it with people. There is so much satisfaction in being with people and sharing the goods of the kill. That is how hunting is in real life as well. So how about instead of making it nearly impossible to hunt together by reducing the gathering time so that no one can share it, you reduce the amount of goods rewarded when other people are nearby or when multiple people gather from one animal. This way, solo hunters are rewarded for hunting by themselves, but group hunting is still an enjoyable and roleplay-friendly activity. Hunting shouldn't be a free-for-all where everyone is fighting to get the kills. It's not immersive and quite frankly, it's unfun. Please let me know what you guys think! Bring back group hunting!
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    Just really thankful & grateful for USARPP in general. The owner, the staff, the players. I can't stress enough how USARPP is literally the only good non-whitelisted RP server that I've been able to find.
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    new banner and pfp hype
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    Now that this invisible car glitch is going on, there is alot of $50 from wallets being removed. Its so irritating needing $50 to take out your car, and if u don't have $50 u need to go beg some random poor dude on the street or search a car. If your RPing as a legal person and your missing $50 you cant go search a car, then you've done something illegal. Nobody on the server wants this atleast 70%-80% of the server don't wants this on the server or doesn't car about it. But for the new people coming into the server for the first time, almost spending $400-$500 just because your car is invisible is annoying. Just please remove this $50 to take out your car thing. It just ruins the fun of RPing. I know that everybody gets annoyed when they have to run all over to the garage just to take your car out then to find out that you don't have that $50 so you have to run all back to a street with someone on it to ask for money, acting like a homeless man. Major WeirdChamp
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    Actually this is very possible 'cause I've seen it before and I've played on places that had this where there would be a level system where gang members would have to do certain things to gain the "respect" of the npc gang members and once you've reached a certain level they wouldn't attack you. (I've seen this work pretty well when there's limit to how many actual players (criminals) can be in a situation because of how messy it gets for the police considering they would have to deal with like 10+ npc's apart from the players). Overall a great idea for the criminal roleplay and it also challenges cops to be more coordinated and careful on how to engage certain areas.
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    That’s cause the people who made GTA are clueless all you have to do is look at the road signs and traffic lights. Why would you ever have a stop sign and a light at the same straight over junction with only one road joining.
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    The purchase menu at car dealerships should be adding another option for it to deliver to your garage instead of spawn at the front.
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    I am often quite lazy and like to stay in the county. We should definitely get an insurance place in the County it would save us county people having to drive all the way down to the city every time we lose a car or something
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    would be absolutely perfect that if you get disconnected because of internet problems or just a random game crash that you can have 3 minutes to get yourself back in queue and you'll have the first spot. because you could've been in the middle of a huge RP scenario and then you crash and have to wait for like half an hour to get back when the scenario is already over,
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    I was talking with a couple people about a bigger pay out for banks. After that I remembered that the union depository is right down town near Legion. It's the biggest bank in the state and I think it would be fun for everyone if it was possible to hit it and make a large amount of money from it. The max amount of money from a normal bank is 120K I believe, so if the union depository was added to the list of banks it could be harder to hit, maybe add three doors to lock pick and more stages for hacking? Possibly even adding a Thermite stage to it since there is a big metal door that lock picking into wouldn't make sense. The pay out could be like 350K max and maybe 200K at the least? A requirement could be added, saying that at least three people need to be present to rob it, and 6-8 officers need to be on duty. The cool down timer could be double the time for normal banks, so 6 hours instead of three, this would make it harder for people to abuse the bank.
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    Is it possible to add some sort of caution light system on Tow trucks? Similar to emergency vehicles but Amber in color and maybe see if we can prevent locals from acting crazy and running over tow drivers constantly.
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    i like the idea but because of the pay out i think it should be only able to be hit once every restart
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    its crazy out here!
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    Well Hello my name is Callum and I am 19 years of age I live in a town in Co.Meath Ireland where I have been living for the past 13 years. Origninally I was bron in a place called Sutton in the South West of london where my parents made the decision to move to Ireland when I was just about to turn 7. I use to play rugby and eventually gave it up and Video games took over my life. I am a very competative person and if anyone is better than me at a video game I will spend a lot of time trying to get better. I am an ex-amateur CSGO player where I played in ESEA Intermediate wtih friends that are doing really well today. around 2017 I started to play GTA RP and found a server called UKDOJ where I became a well knowing member of the community and Staff but eventually left due to issues within the staff team which led to me getting back into CSGO. I also was more recently an Esports Manager for an orginisation called uMx Gaming then due to reasons I moved onto a different org called Recognized Talent where there I was the Esports Manager. After long talks with the owner of uMx I had a fresh start and became the COO of uMx and we were doing really well but then 2 of our teams broke up which honestly broke me as I was really close with a lot of the players which aggrovated me and made me not motivated anymore.... which led to me leaving Competative video games and starting a fresh with some RP which I have been really enjoying. All my characters : Callum White (Deceased) Jimmy White ( Got chased out of the city ) Nester Hades ( Doctor , EMS and soon to be BCSO ) Eoin Hegrity ( Cadet in SASP )
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