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Showing content with the highest reputation on 06/09/2021 in all areas

  1. I think there should be an option to sell in Bulk. Press E to sell Fur (1 second per fur) Hold E to sell all Fur (0.8 second per fur) Some people would sell in bulk to have it over with quicker. Some people would sell them one-at-a-time to take their chances more with RNG.
    3 points
  2. Burger shot drive-thru about to hit different.
    2 points
  3. This thread is like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going and... 🐇🥁
    1 point
  4. Cannot hear someone from the other side of the new drive-thru window- just wanted to make it known. Outside cannot hear inside and vice versa. Tried doing it through our eyes as well, did not work.
    1 point
  5. This is a very simple thing to add but i think it will give people a reason to go and they can enjoy the island while making money. i will love to see this added i have seen a lot more people fishing again recently lets give them a new scenary to enjoy.
    1 point
  6. Thank you sir i came up with it all by myself XDDDDDD
    1 point
  7. Burgershot drive-thru is being looked into. Dont get your hopes up though
    1 point
  8. I don’t think controlling the size of a gang will help with the cities issue. As stated before in your post this rule change has opened the flood gates for people to do what they want. Also @TrashPrincestated the leaders of these gangs pushing for quality rp out of their people. @TrashPrincecan attest for me that me and Bobby both push for our people to have good rp. Now with that being said people can only be fucked over so long before they just don’t care about rp. The servers administration need to become more strict with the rule breaks that are happening in the city. They need to have a u
    1 point
  9. The BRZ being added is awesome. However, when I go in to get the rocket bunny kit, only the skirts and bumpers are available. This combo without the fenders looks very... different. Can we get widebody fenders added to match the rocket bunny kit? That would be really awesome! Thanks!
    1 point
  10. But I, manifested this Failing's how you grow and learn your lessons, kids Take the worse and try to make the best of it 'Cause when you fail, just know it's a test and if You can learn to pick yourself back up again And train your brain to not be such a pessimist It's okay to make mistakes, just don't forget that There's a high road but I skip the exit when I'm lost
    1 point
  11. Lol hi guys isn't this gif so funny pls like my post & follow me for more content lol x D :)))
    1 point
  12. like this comment or you're lame
    1 point
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