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There will never be a call that is the same can you think fast and put your training to action. If your answer is yes and you want to make a difference then apply to join now the Los Santos Fire Department needs you.

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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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The San Andreas State Police is always looking for committed well presented people to join its ranks and undertake a hard fought career in law enforcement along side our brothers in law enforcement in the Sheriffs Office.


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  1. The thing is though it can be classed as power gaming because 2 people can skin it at the same time and then another person can still see it and skin it. it just scuffs it and multiple people can skin it. just easier if you shoot one and you skin that one, other person shoots deer 2 and skins deer 2. just sounds like people want to fill there pounders faster...... oh wait.....
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  2. The prosecution would also like to add Ms. Morgan Porter as a witness for direct questioning.
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  3. Ok so as this really is not a suggestion I will not lock it but I am going to move it to another area of the forum now. The reason behind this and the only way I have applied it to players and I know other staff have too is through the fact people take huge jump and then drive off which as only slays say is the point where the vehicles don’t/shouldn’t survive. If you take a ramp in front of me personally and you land and then get out the car and limp ya ass off you will 100% be not getting banned I will 100% call you an idiot in character but out of character laugh at you.
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  5. @Hank Hilliams That View ❤️
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  8. @Bella Morte 🐯 🦊 🏔️ ☁️
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  9. @Bella Morte 🍲❤️ 🦊
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  10. @Bella Morte 🏠
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  11. @Bella Morte Still ❤️ this car thanks again!
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