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  1. Maybe have the ability to name Vehicles. I find myself pulling out my Walter White vans multiple times.
    1 point
  2. Has there been such a thing in RP to make an sell your own alcohol like drugs basically? im always for ways to get cash lol
    1 point
  3. guess whoz back. back again. captain snipers back. tell a-- this is your only warning
    1 point
  4. I have been reading this thread every time there is a new entry and honestly it makes my day every time. Compared to some of you guys I am pretty much a newbie here having moved to this wonderful city back on Sept 21st 2019. This has been and I hope continues to be a great experience for me, the only RP i did before coming here involved Elves and Dragons. That said it has taken me some time to think about the right words to express my appreciation here so please bear with the overly girly slushy BS. Firstly, the first people that I met in the city @Meda for dragging me
    1 point
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