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    Hello everyone! I'm here to suggest a small change in what's considered power gaming in the server when it comes to mugging locals. The other day I was riding around on my bike mugging locals while still on it when an admin informed me that this was considered power gaming. Of course I stopped once I was warned but it got me thinking, is this really power gaming? Should it be considered power gaming? I personally don't think so. When you're mugging from the back of a bike or even from inside a vehicle, the aiming gun animation still happens. It's obvious what you're doing & any cops that respond to or see the mugging happening, will know. Of course this makes it a bit harder for the police to catch the mugger, but I still think it's fair game as the server is based around realism & I know if someone rolled up on me in a car or on a bike & pointed a gun in my face demanding money or whatever else, I'd be handin' it to them or tossin' it in the window of the car! In fact, I'm pretty sure most muggings in real life take place from inside a vehicle, as that's only logical & gives the mugger a better chance of escape. Now I do know that it's possible to abuse this by driving off while the mugging is still taking place, this, of course, should be considered power gaming & should be punishable. However, my main point still remains, as long as you're parked on your bike or in your car, you should be able to mug locals without it being considered power gaming, especially on the grounds of realism. I hope this is a considered change! Thanks for reading.
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    Easy fix for a big issue. I know sometimes I fall off the map because I think that part of the map is good and loaded in but I find myself falling through the map on my car forever.
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    lol @Daelements - call the profession Veterinarian when you sign in as a black market surgeon.
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    I love the idea here, would like to add that the lsd at the time is very unrealistic, irl, you take a tab or drop of lsd, in an hour you start to feel effects that last 12 hours. In the server as of now, you take an entire vile (which irl would make you go insane) and the effects hit in like 30 in game seconds and last 15 in game minutes. I mean the minutes on the clock on the bottom left, so not even 15 real minutes. I feel considering the current rarity of LSD, it should defiantly effect you for a full 12 in game hours based on the clock on the bottom left.
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