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Make sure to get yourself whitelisted to get priority to join the server as well as limited server slots.
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We want you for the Los Santos Fire Department team

Looking for an exciting and challenging career? Want to make a difference in your community? The Los Santos Fire Department saves lives, you can too.
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Join the Blaine County Sheriffs Office

If you have ever considered a career in law enforcement or detentions, this is the time to act. The Blaine County Sheriffs Office is seeking to hire an unprecedented number of employees in the coming months. Expansion in both patrol operations and detentions is creating exciting opportunities for good men and women interested in becoming part of the winning team.
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Start a Gang or Organization

Let the competition know that you mean business by becoming a fully fledged Gang/Organization. Show others you're the real deal.

Department of Corrections

Are you ready to make a difference? Apply below to become a part of the great Department of Corrections team, not all criminals are criminals for life and with your help, they can become great members of society once more. All the information you need to change lives can be found below.
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    Your cover photo is disgusting and offensive.
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    You cheeky bastard.
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    This restraining order has been granted and Officer Walker is to stay away from Mrs Queen at all costs unless he is the only officer available then he may only interact with her on official police business. The restraining order above in section 8 and 9 detail what is going to take place as soon as I mark this case closed. I hereby mark this restraining order valid and is now active at the time of closure. Justice Specter
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    If Officer Walker is unavailable to attend tonight I will email him the outcome of the restraining order on him. Justice Specter.
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    Rest in Peace Hanna Khoury ❤️