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As of now I have been put on suspension for doing my job as per instructions of higher up.


Had I permitted an inmate, who's inside the penitentiary for felon in possession of a firearm, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, to escape. I'd receive no consequences.

Doing my job to stop this man from fleeing with the only weapon system granted to me with enough of reach to stop their escape before they had made it outside of the gate, I receive suspension.

Keep in mind, there is no knowing what he would and could have done to another employee at Bolingbroke, or a civilian given the chance.


I see no wrong in what I did, and would do it again any and everyday - rather than stand idle as a decoration.

This department has bigger issues, but those are not for me to bring forth. Some of you are aware of them already.


Many here judge me for my behavior, yet do the exact same or worse - but this is overlooked  because of the stripes on your sleeve; or the relationships you hold with those in-charge.


And with those words, I resign,

Sebastian Crowley

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