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Meta gamed and power games by @tony mattada and a server admin drevv

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I was with Ivan izuray at the meth buy spot I went in my head to get my plate of dinner and I come back to tony matadda some guy in a Santa suit pointing guns at me telling me I’m a traitor and that I’m a scum bag for having friends that are crips and that he wants to “talk” to me and told me to get in his car I told him no I don’t have to get in your car he says I will shoot you then. I then walked up to his person and said if you want to shoot me shoot me then him and his friend kep telling me to putt my hands up I proceeded to tell them to shoot me because I was told I do not have to value my life. I then got a whisper from a server admin (drevv) saying I have to value my life when once aigan I was told that is not a thing any more I cep refusing to put my hands up then another person (drevv the server admin ) then walked out of nowhere and proceeded to tell me I have to put my hands up as well with a gun out pointed at me I proceeded to tell him just like I told tony before I came to the meth buy spot I dropped off my gun and everything else in my house besides the 450$ I had on my person wich was give to the guy in the Santa outfit after I was shot by all 3 people in the head first shot. To my knowledge drevv teleported to where I was and told tony where I was cause tony was salty I had crip friends and wanted revenge on me.  They attacked me with meta and power gaming because they thought I was a crip and want revenge because all the crew members besides tony and Juan got banned 

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