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Tow Services Suggestion

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Hey everyone, I'm quite new to the community but I hope to help out as much as possible!


I believe there should be a van or pickup truck, etc made available to the Tow Services job. These could be used simply for repair calls and such, giving players more options and RP variety. This would also reduce the monotony of having to drive the same huge truck every single day to those of us who genuinely enjoy working as repairmen/tow truck operators. I know it's not a huge suggesiton, but I believe creating further variety in what the base jobs offer would help us newer players have real options and choices to make in terms of what we plan on bringing to the table in terms of roleplay.

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I love this suggestion hopefully it goes through having a van like AAA for roadside assistance instead of just a big tow truck for minor things would be nice since have such a big towing community.

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