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General issues

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I know that you guys work as best you can however there has been a recurring issue the last few days. I will explain the one this evening as an example.

My bike Thanosed from under me I was literally sat on it when it disappeared. I was then thrown into the train tunnels miles away from where the bike thanosed. This has happened 3x today. To top it off for new people like myself until such incidents you have no idea how to go about reporting it. Then there is the issue that screenshots don't save. You take a screenshot and assume since it appears in the corner that it is squirreled away somewhere but alas it has not been thus losing any proof of the above issue.


I like the city I really do and this is my first time roleplaying a game that hasn't got dragons. I find it quite hard to get any progression in-game when I am basically working daily just to pay hospital bills from weird tunnel incidents and insurance claims for my bike. 

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