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Phillip M. Macoochie

Proposal - New Phone GUI

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So I have spent my morning working on a new phone GUI. I believe this would be easy to implement. I have separated everything in a PDF to make the process as easy as possible. I'm sure it would take some tweaking but I think this would work. It is much cleaner, more up-to-date, better readability and improved ease of use. I will attach the images below, let me know what you think or if it is even possible. Just food for thought I guess. I will also attach the PSD. (I will be tweaking these as well so there will be minor adjustments as well post this thread)






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@Phillip M. Macoochie


It looks pretty good! Definitely a little more "up to date" than the current design!


Now -- I am not going to be able to just slap this one on to replace the current one unfortunately, however I can probably still use the assets (like the icons, phone border, background image, etc) when the time comes to make a new phone (which is hopefully fairly soon).


Can you message "minipunch" on the Discord so we can talk about it more there?

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Yea NP, I can assist with this as much as you would like. Not sure how the game is "written" as far as code. But I would happily help you with it! I can also adjust the image sizes as necessary for you to make your life as easy as possible. Would just need dimensions.


I don't know how hard it would be to code, but perhaps when you choose to call/text emergency services have it choose between EMS/Police/Fire. I would happily design the interface. Also, I will be updating these periodically to get the best look possible.

Edited by Phillip M. Macoochie
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