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The people vs Justin Little (Hee Hee Hoo Hoo)

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Plaintiff: The People


Defendant: Justin Little



Statement of Claim: 

On Sunday 08/25/2019 Mr Justin Little was arrested and charged with the following:

PC 187 (x5) | PC 664 (187) x4 | PC 207 (x5) | PC 646.9

Justin Little plead guilty to all charges. Justin Little was then put behind bars for life with no chance of parole. 


After Further investigation DA office is bringing new charges and is seeking "death penalty" for the defendant Justin Little.


PC187 x2 - additional two murders that were unknown before

PC 664 (187) x2 additional two kidnapping charges that were unknown before






New charges:

PC 187 - Murder (2 counts)  

PC 664 (187) - Kidnapping (2 counts) 

PC31 - Aid & abet (5 counts)  (Mr Justin Little trained a network of serial killers, only known confirmed person at this point is Tyler Black, he also instructed them to do the killing

US 2331 - Terrorism   (new charge, added to the case on 08/29/2019)


Witnesses List:


Charlie Brown

Roberto Hughes

Luka Kovacic

Natalie Sullen

Melba Huckleberry

Katherine Victoria Black

Pablo Escabar

Corey Vreeland (no longer with us, rip)

Jeremy Jackson

Francis Festerson (no longer with us, rip)

Julissa Montoya

Jonathon Jackson

Tyler Black






District Attorney Abu Ali Holmes



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Mr Justin Little wishes to represent himself in court.

He told me his wishes when I last visited him in prison to question him about more details regarding his crimes.

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Mr. Holmes you as a prosecutor have the write to amend any and all charges at any time prior to the beginning of the trial. This motion is of course granted ~Judge Warren

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Can I get any update on my court case? I understand the DA caused an issue but I'm already serving five life sentences without visitation or yard time so if it makes things easier we can just not add the charges since the death penalty probably isnt going to happen anyways even though it was requested.

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