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Serious Lee

Saquan Poosh Bank vs. Officers: Kyle Lewis

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1.Plaintiff: Saquan Poosh Bank

Defendant: Kyle Lewis





2. Statement of Claim:  I Ferocious Lee with the L/O of KMA am filing suit on behalf of Saquan Poosh Bank. On Tuesday August 19th My client Mr Banks was being perused by 2-3 police vehicles when 1 officer Mr. Kyle Lewis made an unsafe and improper "Pit Maneuver" causing Mr Banks to be ejected from his vehicle. My client then with a rush of adrenaline and a fear for his life managed to make it to his feet and try to get away, only to fall due to injuries caused in the collision and was then apprehended. At no time was Mr banks transported to pillbox to treat injuries sustained and only small bandages were applied to an injured ankle, lower back injuries and a bruised right shoulder. Since the accident Mr Banks has been seen by Dr Chase Thompson and has received a note. My client is suing for Pain and suffering along with medical costs incurred.




3.Relief: $15,000






Plaintiff: Ferocious Lee with the L/O of KMA

Defendant:  unknown






Subpoena request all Body cam Footage for this incident.

Subpoena request for Police report with a timestamp of when the report was filed

Subpoena for Medical record costs relating to injuries.



Kyle Lewis @ unk

Saquan Poosh Bank @Saquan Barks

Charles Lee @Schwifty

Rob Carlos @ unk

Mikey Green @MikeyGstrang



Physical Evidence:

Dr. note will be provided shortly

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