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Expungment of Charlie Brown

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Photo Identification




Charges Being Expunged


VC 23109  Speeding $500 Robert Hughes 08/14/2019

Two Weeks of Not Being Arrested

According to the San Andreas State Police he has not been arrested within the past two weeks.



According to the San Andreas State Police he has no active warrants.


Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community

Mr. Brown is a outstanding citizen who spends most of his time running a local store. He sells fire arms legally to other citizens and teaches them how to protect them self's. He is constantly on alert and does his best to ensure the saftey of the city and those who live within it.


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Do i need to provide the cash before or after this is accepted?

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The San Andreas Superior Court will be accepting this request for the expungement of the following tickets: #T47941284 and #T44244384. The court will be imposing a fee of $500 total for this expungement. Once the money is paid out, the expungement will be processed.



Hon. Christopher M. Luttrell, JD


San Andreas Superior Court

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