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Mitchell Spubkin

Refund Request

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Character Name:Mitchell Spubkin

Lost Items:Cash

Requested Refund (In $):6460

Time/Date of Loss:server restart 7/9/2019- 12:00pm 7/9/2019

Proof of Ownership (Screenshots/Clip):refund.thumb.png.f42016064892831d38031981f6b6f6f9.pngrefund2.thumb.png.d9da07e887cd0e1f4e0c4e54ddbab011.png

Explain what led you to need a refund: Upon leaving the server several nights now ive ran into the issue where my cash seems to dissappear im currently saving up for a office for phsycology and this is a major set back as i work constantly to make enough money to do so, the above picture is missing the inventory as to not incriminate myself because a patient thought it would be funny to place cocaine on mitchell without me knowing, i didnt notice until i began filling out this refund request and as you can see in the lower photo it is no longer in his inventory but either is the cash in question!

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