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Okay so there is several parts to this petition and it involves a lot off action, you know? We gonna have big guns, lil guns, Uzi 9mm’s, 12 Gauge autoloaders, 45 longslides but no fazed plasma rifles.


the plan has 3 steps:

1. Kill each member in the Family, wiping it out.

2. Kill the crips, I don’t like blue or that little T dude.

3. Worship @Boonk Olee as the king and exectioner of everyone.


i need people to vote 1+ if they want to kill everyone.

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  • That's infuriating! 1

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Guest ArtaKia


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2 hours ago, Trash Queen said:

@Boonk OleeYou misspelled “Emily” as Boonk in point 3. Easy mistake. 💖 

Hmm this must be true, boonk is dead because taxi man smoked hiss ass... admins don’t disapprove of the plan, they want in!

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