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Weston Campbell

Department Of Aviation

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was curious if there was a way to implement a aviation department? I've been in the city for a few weeks and I've already logged over 170 flights and have monitored the activity in the airport and the sky and I feel like their is a whole community of pilots thats not regulated and is causing problems at the airports and in the sky.  I would love to be apart of the development of the DOA and actually make it a little more enjoyable for the aviation enthusiast that are living in the city.  Like I said I was just curious, I freaking love this community and the people in it!!!

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I haven't gotten my pilot's licences yet, so not sure how bad the traffic is, but I would love to have to call in to ATC, get clearance to land, etc. I'd add to the RP for sure.

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As long as helicopter jobs were added I'd say yes. With the current airfield selection congestion would a nightmare for pilots. If you add helicopter sightseeing tours (Checkpoint based task), supply drops on designated helipads or personnel transport to designated helipads It would create a much larger area for jobs and less congestion. Until we have that, a department of aviation would serve no viable RP basis to even be created.


Just my 2 cents

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