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I also got fail RP'ed by user 79 the only reason that i am stuck in this jail in the first place and down 35k in debts. Because he called the cops after he was already On the ground tied up and down, and he had no way to get to his phone... And he wasn't Valuing life when he was on the ground i threaten to shoot him he never handed over his things but he said no and he said "I will respawn anyways lol" over voice. While i was RPing him. Im not 100% sure what his name was but he was in the jail at the same time aswell. and he made me waste over 40 minutes of my life sitting in a jail because he did it.

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Posted (edited)

@Billy Junior Beefington Hey ur in the wrong section to report a player, u need to make a topic in the "Report a Player" Tab. You also need to follow the proper template as well thanks!

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