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3 hours ago, 3mma said:

Hi I'm Emma , IC known as Emma Davies , Amelia Davies and Filet Minyon.  I am 16 years old and I live in a small town in Wales and if you don't know where that is, its in the UK. I started gaming from a young age influenced by my cousin and brother as they enjoyed playing games like call of duty and grand theft auto.  I started out on a PlayStation 2 and slowly migrated to Xbox and have been there for 7 years.  as time went on I didn't enjoy Xbox as I didn't have many friends to play with so I started watching a lot of Twitch and found out a person I've been following for almost 3 years was trying out  GTA RP most know him as tuba.  so I saved up my own money and decided to buy my own pc. on April 2nd it arrived and I have been rping ever since that day. IRL I enjoy Football and Engineering.  I started playing football since the age of around 8 but that soon came to a halt when I was taken to the doctors after my parents got suspicious why I was drinking so much and feeling very un energized and losing a lot of weight at a rapid rate .  after being examined by doctors and a few tests we're carried out it was clear to see that there was an issue I was taken to the hospital immediately to be given  an IV drip and told I was being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  it has been 5 years since then and it has been hell but I've  tried my best to handle it and that's all I can do. ever since joining this community  I have been the happiest I've ever been and that's because of the people in this community.  ❤️ 

Welcome Nerd now get on duty more :)

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Hello everyone! I am Taylor, not necessarily new to RP or FiveM but new to this community.   I am in the US Navy currently on shore command. I enjoy playing but I also have a strong pas

This is a place to come in and say hi this is me. I will give you all a short bit about me.   Hey all I'm Jamie. I'm a Brit clearly the best. I'm one of the senior admin team on the server a

Hey all!   I'm brand new to FiveM and RP servers as a whole. Pretty excited to get to it and see what I can do. Still trying to figure everything out. This additional stuff that is added thr

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Hello, I am 18 and I do City RP as a hobby which I had done on Gmod for 6ish years until it got boring and the quality dropped lower and lower. I decided I would just check out FiveM and this just happened to be the first one I joined, I have subsequently joined others to check them out and this is on another level tbh. High quality roleplay where the only downside is that some people can be annoying sometimes or just mean for no reason but I guess you just have to take that on the chin and remember that you are playing the "game of life" and nothing really matters. I also support Newcastle United and play basketball a lot if anyone else is also interested in those two things.

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Hay y'all!  I'm sort of new here,  I started here a very very very long time ago, and probably not many people still here from way back when- but I have seen some familiar faces, and it feels good to be back!  I've been having a great time!  See y'all around!

 Thank you for your SERVICE!!!

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Hey folks, I'm new to the community and was referred here by an existing member. 


I've played about 15 hours in the city so far and am enjoying myself. I've been RPing for about 3 years now, mostly as a LEO, and love it.


Hope to see you out there! Cheers. 

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lmao well. Near 4 years being here and I haven't hit this topic yet. Anyways. My name is Andrew. I have had many characters here and have explored most corners of roleplay here. I love USARRP. It is my home, I joined at 13 and am currently 17. I love playing criminal and cop side of roleplay as well as having random throwaway characters. Couldn't be happier to call a place home.

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