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Hi! My name is Buggy and I'm a radio presenter for an online radio station and a fanfiction writer :) I've done some RP in the past and GTA is new to me, but just a new medium to learn the controls of :)


My character is Lizzie Cunningham and I apologize to those who have already encountered her. She means well, I promise. She's from a small town and isn't used to a lot of stuff :)


Looking forward to playing with all of you!

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I just noticed this was a thing? I so wanna spend the next 10 minutes of my life typing a paragraph all about me! 😂


So I am Kian, I live in Cornwall, UK. I am 16 and aspire to be a police officer or prison officer IRL. I love gaming and basically meeting new people! I joined the USARRP community in November of last year. Since I joined I have met sooooo many new people, amazing people and not so amazing people but everyone has played a role in the way I am today. I joined initially to just be a horrible criminal and shoot people but on the way along I have made several different characters and became a Correctional Deputy all the way up to Correctional Captain. You will see me around a lot on my female character as Gina Tinks, the sister of Lina Tinks and Captain of the Detention Subdivision in the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. IRL I am bisexual, I see it as I like who I like and I couldn't care less about it 😂 


In my spare time I am also a DJ on SimulatorRadio, fun fact I was interviewed for that position by Jamie! 😁


If you see me in the Discord say Hi! 😃 I am nice, I promise 😂 



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I posted this by accident RIP

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Well Hello my name is Callum and I am 19 years of age I live in a town in Co.Meath Ireland where I have been living for the past 13 years. Origninally I was bron in a place called Sutton in the South West of london where my parents made the decision to move to Ireland when I was just about to turn 7. I use to play rugby and eventually gave it up and Video games took over my life. I am a very competative person and if anyone is better than me at a video game I will spend a lot of time trying to get better. I am an ex-amateur CSGO player where I played in ESEA Intermediate wtih friends that are doing really well today. around 2017 I started to play GTA RP and found a server called UKDOJ where I became a well knowing member of the community and Staff but eventually left due to issues within the staff team which led to me getting back into CSGO. I also was more recently an Esports Manager for an orginisation called uMx Gaming then due to reasons I moved onto a different org called Recognized Talent where there I was the Esports Manager. After long talks with the owner of uMx I had a fresh start and became the COO of uMx and we were doing really well but then 2 of our teams broke up which honestly broke me as I was really close with a lot of the players which aggrovated me and made me not motivated anymore.... which led to me leaving Competative video games and starting a fresh with some RP which I have been really enjoying.

All my characters : Callum White (Deceased) Jimmy White ( Got chased out of the city ) Nester Hades ( Doctor , EMS and soon to be BCSO ) Eoin Hegrity ( Cadet in SASP )

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