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Appreciation Thread

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On 1/16/2020 at 9:58 PM, Zhorique said:

Why am i doing this? Lets start off here


@Monkey03 - I do kinda regret giving you the kill of Hennifer, but it was worth the banter and i know you would praise it, we've had some banter and i've gotten banned because of you ape.

@Jamie - Probably the most down to earth person in this community, James is fair as you can get and i've learned alot from this man and he clearly deserves more respect and recognition on his contributions to this community. I wuv you daddy Jamie.

@TEDDY - The first time i met Teddy was a long time ago, You were the one showing me around and teaching me the way of the community. We played together for probably 10-14 hours a day just messing around with the pink stupid jesters man. Aw man how i miss the old days, anyhow luv u tool.

@Trevor Lahey - Still a bitch ❤️

@Pölkadöt - Where do i start with the spitting of image of Hennifer, i do appricate you, but im still kinda bummed out that you killed my baby Janet. All the different characters you made in the start when you joined this community taking Hennifer to the barn on several occasions, good times but jeeeesus fak u.

@GoddessNextDoor - I should have left you on the sidewalk where i ran into you the first time ❤️


@Trash Queen - Probably turned into my bestest friend in this community, but all in all you just want to be my friend because of my money :(



softy ❤️

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Just really thankful & grateful for USARPP in general. The owner, the staff, the players. I can't stress enough how USARPP is literally the only good non-whitelisted RP server that I've been able to find.

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This server is great and so are the people who make it that way! Love ya'll! PEACE LOVE AND POSITIVITY



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Posted (edited)

Mad props for the RP today yall!!  Wish I knew yall's forum ID's


Dr. Phil McGraw

Ast Sherrif Gary Bones

Attn David Tindell 
And you... Judge Reece


Great sport and great rp as well
Fabio James!



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@John Sheppard

On 1/15/2020 at 8:49 AM, John Sheppard said:

For my BCSO family, lots of love and really enjoy every moments with you guys. Stay sharp and stay safe :)



You went from the light to now being on the dark side... ❤️ ya SGT. Tree!!! 



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