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*OPEN DISCUSSION* Using the term "Government"

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I already submitted this in game however I would like to broach the topic here...


/report 104 I admit that I had said that I would probably be talked to by the "government" up until this point I have heard tons of people say that an have never heard an issue. I understand talking about "deportation" is un cool yet I have never heard about problems talking about the "Government" in general. I am sorry if I have missed a rule somewhere and dont know where to begin if I have. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks -Frank Petite




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I for one took total offense to you even mentioning the government and me reporting you!

John Ram is 100% against reports and will not report anyone due to in game shit. You saying what you said right then was bullshit. When in real life do you talk to your friends and then go say something about being talked to by the government. EVERYONE in game knows what the government is and to even bring up the government in any RP situation is BULLSHIT! I am so done with the in game mentions of government, deportation, and bodycams.

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If that is how everyone else feels I agree,


I would just like a point blank answer from the "Government".  I have heard time and time again in game about those using that term, even officers and have yet to hear any official ruling on it. 


Again if I am wrong I accept that and that is my bad.


I will own up to any wrong doing I commit and I will admit when maybe I am wrong.


Let me know if there is anything I can do.

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