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The title I feel is a solution to a problem I am having and possibly others. I feel that the r p in the server is 100% gang and is getting old. And now that you can shoot on sight its 10x worse.  You are either ems a cop or in a gang EXCEPT FOR THE SELECT FEW that suffer the wrath of 80% of the city. I miss having fun interactions without worrying about a shooting kidnapping or stick up happening in broad daylight I front of 10 people at a known hangout( burger shot). Maybe if less people could be in known gang it will create more wide range rp.

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I think its a good idea on paper, but staff have said before they aren't for limited peoples rp. On top of that, it should be up to the leaders and higher ups of said gangs to encourage good rp. I think there is no issue with the amount of people in gangs... and I have made suggestions like this before based around the same topic-- and I always got the same response: "who are we (staff) to tell somebody they can't RP with their friends?" and it really set it into perspective for me. I think gangs aren't being serious enough about WHO they are recruiting and what that person can bring to the table RP wise, and thats just a community/mindset issue. 

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it would be good but i also feel like it will limit gangs if people just follow the ratio rule then we have no problem.

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